Site News

Temporary Changes!

Posted 21 December 2020, 22:21:23 CST by Provie

Hey everyone! Posted a short announcement in discord, but will post here as well:

You may have noticed that a few site features have been temporarily removed, such as the Gallery and the Sales page! The amazing Andie is hard at work upgrading our site's PHP so they can return. Because its a big upgrade, and due to the holidays, these might be down for a little bit. In the meantime....

  •  The open Sales (Two cute snailcats!!) will be reposted at a later date
  •  Any art that needs to be submitted to a prompt, you can submit using a dA link, imgur link, or discord link
  •  We have some Guest Artist adopts coming out shortly, which will be posted as a news post!
  •  The lore and tutorial pages are all consolidated on the same page for the time being
  • Mementos will be MIA temporarily, but will be restored when the fixes are made
  • Comments are temporarily disabled

Depending how quick this can be figured out, we will extend the bonus for Chance's Gacha Generosity, and may have to postpone some stuff, but will try to do some more fun stuff like Streams and maybe a discord event in the meantime.

Thank you all so much for your support!!! Hope everyone is having a safe and pleasant holiday season!

Chance's Tidings to you!

Posted 29 November 2020, 17:55:20 CST by Provie


The gacha pup is back!

Everyone's favorite gambling enabler is back! Chance has re-opened his Gacha shop and has some awesome new Gacha Capsules for sale. Each capsule contains its own pool of items, with the items getting rarer as the capsule rarity goes up. Each capsule has the chance to win MYOs, with varying odds, through other treasures such as special Chance Themed items can also be found exclusively in these capsules!



A must have for any Chance Fan!!!

Chance's gacha generosity bonus

For the month of December, the rewards for Chance's Gacha Generosity have been doubled! This month is a good time to rack up some extra treats and Gacha Tokens to try your luck at Chance's shop! Since December is the season of giving, doing gift art for others will net you that nice bonus! Enjoy making some Puppillar giftart this month!

The prompt can be found under General Prompts!

Guest artist applications open!

As another special treat for December, we have opened up Guest Artist Applications! We are seeking two guest artists to make two adoptables each, one Puppillar and one Snailcat, to hopefully be posted during the month of December, or early January. If you are interested, please check out our Guest Artist Tutorial, and then submit an application via the prompt, which can be found in General Prompts! Guest Artist applications will close December 7th 2020, at midnight site time!

Open adopts roundup!

There are two Great Snailcat adopts still open!

Punk Snailcat by Remy - Open for OTA!


Yarn and Spots Snailcat by Provie - Now accepting Art offers



Grab them while you can!


We hope these little updates will tide you over a bit this winter! Things in the world have been crazy, so we haven't been able to get out as much new content this year as we have hoped, but we have been glad to put out some new stuff, and are looking towards 2021 for even more awesome things to be added to the site! Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement with Puppillars!!

Galleries/Awards & more!

Posted 21 October 2020, 21:08:42 CDT by Provie

We have some amazing new features rolling out, and some stuff to look forward to!


Our gallery is now on site! A HUGE thanks to Mercury for creating this awesome extension, and to andie for getting it set up on out site! With this, we have taken our final step to being completely independent from Deviantart! This means that going forward, it will not be required to post art to Deviantart, and required to submit to our on-site gallery

The gallery submission process is similar to dA's interface, where you can add a title and a description, but also has awesome additional features such as being able to list collaborators, selecting the prompt a piece is for, and being able to list characters featured in each submission, which will add the image to the character's on site gallery! Gallery submissions can be favorited and commented on by other users as well!

In order to submit to a gallery, simply head on over to the Gallery and click the blue plus sign next to the gallery you want to submit to, and work from there! For any images submitted to the gallery, you will still have to submit to any prompts to receive rewards, with the exception of treats, which are bult into the gallery.  The old Treats Queue prompt has now been retired! You may now use the link to the gallery submission on site in the URL field on any prompts!

We look forward to seeing everyone's submissions in the future!



Mementos have been moved over to the Awards System! For this one, a huge thanks to tgi who created this extension, and of course the amazing andie for setting it up on site. All Mementos have been moved onto the new system, and should already be reflected on your account (you may have noticed some notifications of item removal and award granting)! If there are any awards missed from this transfer, let us know in the comments below or on Discord, and we'll fix it asap!

With this new system, we are going to work on adding some more Awards to the site, including some fun general awards for people to work towards! If you have any suggestions for Awards, feel free to let us know in the comments, or on Discord!



Lore pages have been slightly reorganized! The Lore Pages extension now features Categories for our pages, which can bee accessed on the Encyclopedia, but we have also added some Quick Links to the Info dropdown as well, so you can quickly jump to each of these categories! As far as info goes, we have also moved info about Guest Artist Opportunities to our list, accessible under our ARPG Tutorials. Guest Artist applications are currently closed, but any openings will be posted to the news, so keep an eye out!



We have been working behind the scenes on our next big event, so look forward to some fun activities coming your way soon! Besides our big event, we are also planning a small activity on our Discord for the week of Halloween! If you're not a member of our Discord, now is a good time to check it out! The activity will be fairly simple, and won't involve making any art, and is just meant to be a fun casual activity!


That's all for now! Things have been changing and improving pretty quickly on our site, and likewise I hope there have been improvements in all of your lives as well. 2020 has been a wild ride, but we have all been doing our best to stick it out, and I am proud of each and every one of you for keeping going and hopefully trying to make improvements on your own lives! I'm always grateful for all your support, and want you all to know that you have my support as well! My DMs are always open if anyone needs me! - Provie

Introducing Snailcats!!!

Posted 13 October 2020, 20:49:05 CDT by Provie

The cat's out of the bag!

Hi everyone!!! Big exciting news today, with the introduction of our first Subspecies, Snailcats!!!!! 


This is Jasper, our first NPC Snailcat!

Snailcats can be used in our ARPG, just like Puppillars, and co-habitate the Puppillar world! To introduce them better, we have put together a handy dandy guide on Snailcats,  just like we have for Puppillars!

Click here to see the snailcat guide!

One of the exciting things about Snailcats is that Snailcat MYOs will only available for purchase using our ARPG currency. All MYO levels will always be available in Apollo's Shop, including a special One Time Free Snailcat MYO, so that each member can start out with one free new friend (or start out with one free character if they are new)! So go claim your free friend today!!

In addition to the MYOs, Provie has also created four Snailcat Adopts in order to celebrate the new subspecies! Each has a startind bid of only $5!



Click here to check out the auction!

Now that the (snail)cat's out of the bag, we'll tell you a secret, the special prize for completing all three prompts for the Garden Event will be a Super Rare Snailcat MYO! So if you want one, you have a little bit of time to squeeze those entries in! If anyone is interested in an extension on the event, let us know in the comments, and we'll see if there's enough interest!

We have been sitting on these babies for a WHILE! Remember the snailcat racing from last year's carnival? We hope you love these new friends as much as we do! We look forward to everyone's creative designs!



Two more small news items!

First off, in order to have some Magic Potions in circulation, Chance has a stock of both Mini and Major Magic Potions in his Gacha Shop,  available for purchase in Gacha Tokens! If you need Gacha Tokens, remember you can earn them by doing gift art for others and submitting it to Chance's Gacha Generosity, which can be found in our prompts section!

Second, there's currently an issue where we can't price shop items for 0 treats, which means we have temporarily priced the Welcome Gift and Free Snailcat MYO Shell at 1 treat each. If you would like to grab either now, we can refund your treat through claims! Just submit a claim and we will dispense 1 whole treat. Sorry for the inconvienience!  This issue has now been fixed! If you purchased a "free item" before it was fixed, you may still send a claim for a refund!

Auctions and Comments!

Posted 9 October 2020, 20:56:02 CDT by Provie

Hi everyone! A few brief announcements for you on this Friday night! Hope everyone had a good week, and is looking forward to a fun weekend! 


Comments are here!!

Thanks to the awesome work of andie and tgi comments are now live on our site! This means that you can now post comments on news posts, trade listing, and user profiles! This will be super awesome and give us a lot more flexibility with activities and events, and also help us to not rely on  deviantart for things like adopt sales!


New sales section is here!

Speaking of sales, we have a new Sales section,  which will be home for all our adoptable sales/auctions/OTAs going forward! This section works just like the news section, and has comments enabled as well, so it will be super easy to run all things adopt there!


Legendary auctions live!

As mentioned in the last news post, the custom Legendary Puppillar Auctions are live! The customs will be done by Startail and Monte so bid away! The auctions will end 24 hours after the last bid!


New shop items!

The result of last weekend's items stream are now available in the shops!

Three new bandanas are available in the Clothing Shop:


Six new companions are available in the Companion Shop

And these two fall gourds are available in the Garden Shop:


(these two items are available to purchase using treats!)


More new items coming soon!

The item art stream last week was super fun, so Provie is hoping to have more in the future! Keep an eye on the discord for any spur of the moment streams, and in the meantime, please use the comments to suggest new items of any type! 

Thanks for reading!

October News Roundup!!

Posted 2 October 2020, 13:30:00 CDT by Provie

Happy October everyone! We hope everyone is staying safe and staying warm as Fall approaches (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway), we have a bunch of updates, both big and small, so figured it was about time for a roundup! 


Garden event coming to a close soon!

We hope you all have been enjoying the Gardening Event! The event will be ending on October 15th, so get those entries in. I know I've said it over and over, but the bonus prize for completing all three prompts is gonna be really fun! The Garden Shop will continue to accept Garden Points until November 1st, and afterwards it will re-open as a permanent shop where the items will be available for treats, and more items will be added as time goes on!

After the event we will be releasing a significant feature, related to the bonus prize, so keep an eye out for an announcement after the event ends!


Site updates

First all, I would like to give a huge shoutout to andie and tgi both of them have been very amazing when it comes to bringing updates to the site, Andie is our main website person, but TGI's help has also been very important as more extensions have been added to the site! Thank you SO MUCH to the both of you, from the bottom of my (Provie's) heart.

Here are some great updates that have been added to the site:

  • Members can now edit their profile to add an Avatar and links to Discord, Instagram, Archive of Our Own, and Toyhouse!
  • Masterlist character pages have gotten a lot of improvements:
    • Trade Offer Status and Gift Art Status are now represented with Icons on the character page
    • Gift Art Status can now have "Ask First" selected
    • You can now add a Profile Link to your character, which will appear as an icon on their page
  • MYO Slots are now Useable from your inventory, and will automatically convert to a MYO slot of the correct rarity!
  • The News Link on the layout, now highlight and displays a little bell icon when there is a new news post!
  • On the back end, Auto Watermarking is now helping the admins process stuff with less steps, sometimes we get tiiiny watermarks which is funny and fine
  • Trait Search is fixed, as well as being able to view the Masterlist as a guest/without being logged in
  • We have made some changes to the Navigation Layout, the Info Tab now has some quick links to All Items, All Traits, and All Info Pages


New Lore Page organization

Partially related to site updates, but big enough that I'll give it its own section since theres some additions to the entries as well! We now have an amazing landing page for all of our Info Pages, right now there are three categories, Basics, Tutorials, and Lore! It is reccomended that you read these tutorials and lore, as they will benefit your Puppillars exerience, and expand our world for you!

Here are some new and updated things for everyone to poke around in on our info pages:

  • About Us has added sections for Staff Roles and an Affiliate section, which we will be adding onto soon! If you have a closed species and would like to be added as an affilliate, message Provie !
  • The Start Guide and FAQs have been expanded a bit to add first steps for new or returning members, as well as the start of adding some FAQs! If you have any ideas of things that should be added to the FAQs, please let us know!
  • A Puppillars Species Guide have been added with some basics about long dogs! 
  • The MYO Tutorial has been updated with some clarifications (Masterlist images should be Transparent, credit is by dA name) and edited to reflect that MYOs are useable!


Item art stream soon!

To start out spooky season/fall, Provie will be doing an item art Stream on 10/3 at 3pm site time (CST), through Discord! She will be drawing new items and companions, and taking suggestions for them, all new stuff will have a Fall or Spooky theme! Come and hang for a chill time and enjoy some art and hangs! Make sure you join Our Discord if  you haven't already!


200 puppillar raffle!

WOW! Time flies, we already have 200+ amazing Puppillars on our site! Thank you all so much for supporting us as we have grown over the year or so we have been open! To celebrate this milestone, we will be raffling off some pre-made Pupps, and Auctioning off TWO Legendary Puppilar Customs, for uppillar #150 and Puppillar # 200 respectively! 

The Pupps up for raffle are:


To enter the raffle, simply submit a claim requesting a ticket! One ticket will be available per member!
The raffle will close for entries on October 15th at Midnight Site Time!

The Auctions will be posted soon, and artists for the Auctions are TBD, so keep an eye out!


What we're working on next!

A New Event!
We are working on a new event we are hoping to launch at the end of October! Since we are coming off the Gardening Event, this one will be small as well, but we have a few new fun things planned. We will also be releasing a smal site feature to go along with the conclusion, so be ready!

Chance's Gacha Shop!
Are Gacha tokens burning a hole in your pocket? We are working on opening Chance's Gacha Shop, will have Capsules for sale at different rarities, with varying prizes. Our current push here is adding items to the site so theres a lot of fun stuff to round out the capsules, so they can truly be a surprise each time! There will be a few items exclusive to Chance's Gachas as well!

We will be adding an extension to our site soon that will allow members to comment on news posts, trading post listings, certain pages, and on user profiles! This will be a great step forward to our site, and both expand what we can do with events and make it easier to host adopt auctions right on site, rather than on Deviantart! We will be making an announcement when this is live!

Thank you all so much for your support and participation! Puppillars would not be as awesome as it is without our amazing members, and we strive to bring more fun content for you guys!

Let's Clean Up This Lot!

Posted 2 September 2020, 14:45:00 CDT by Provie

As you're walking down the street to your favorite bakery, to pick up your favorite treat because you deserve it for making it through the week, you see a younger Puppillar pacing in front of a very dirty lot. The lot is covered from head to toe, from ivy growing up the side of an abandon shop , glass shards all over the ground, crushed soda cans strewn about,  some shoes left abandoned, and a pile of tires leaning over precariously. The young puppillar is talking to themself about how to even start cleaning up this mess.

You've only made it a couple of steps past them before starting to feel pretty bad for this pup. So you turn back around and decide to ask why they wanna clean up this lot. The puppillar jumps up, startled. "Oh, sorry I didn't even see you there.... Well I wanna give my grandpa a store so he can enjoy and share his hobby of gardening with everyone! And this lot is perfect, but needs a lot of work, I'm not sure I can do it alone.

Your heart melts for this pup, and you volunteer to help them with this huge task, since no pupp deserves to hold such huge task on their shoulders alone, certainly not this pup doing something so sweet for thier grandpa. Before you know it you're texting some friends to come over and they text their friends and soon you have a small army to help clean up!

And you set to work on this little lot to make it look nice and to encourage others to do the same with nearby lots!


How Can You Help?


This event is prompt  and claim based, and members will recieve Garden Points based on the prompt they complete! The event will have three phases, and each phase will have a new prompt released! Members who participate in all phases will recieve a special prize at the end of the event, so make sure you participate in all three! Once a prompt is released, it will be available for the remainder of the event.

Members may claim one extra point per day by using the Claims Feature, simply submit a claim saying you are claiming a garden point!

The prompt will change for each phase of the event,  and can be found here with all instructions! Each completed prompt will earn 10 garden points!


Prize shop:

For this event, we have a prize shop, hosted by the lovely Pupp and his Grandpa! They will be providing lovely garden themed items for anyone who helps clean up the lot! 

The prize shop is located here!

August 16th News Roundup!

Posted 16 August 2020, 16:36:00 CDT by Provie

Hello all! We have been working behind the scenes to update some stuff and add some new stuff to the site! Here's a roundup of all the things goin on!!


Design update guide added!

The Design Updates Guide has been updted and added to our site! Most information (including the pricing in treats  and rules) have not changed, but a detailed walkthrough of using the new system has been added!

Check out the updated guide here!


New companion and Clothing items!

Over the last few weeks, we have added some new companion and clothing items to the site! And we hope to continue the effort to build up out item database! Provie likes to seek out suggestions for new stuff on the Puppillars Discord, so if you have any ideas or items you would want, keep an eye out.









Updates to Lorekeeper!

Since Lorekeeper's launch, the community has been creating some amazing new features, and generously sharing the new fearures with everyone! As updates have been coming out, andie has been amazing at being on top of them and adding them to Puppillars in order to make  our site able to do more.  A number of these updates have come from Mercury and I we would like to extend a thank you to them (and all of the other Lorekeeper contribitors) for creating some great new things and sharing them for all! Thank you!!!!

Here are some of the amazing updates that have been added to the site:

  • Trade Listings! From the trades page, anyone can add a trade listing that others can view! Any discussion of details will still need to be handled via discord or other means of communication (there's a field for how you want to be reached), and then the trade can be made via normal trading means on the site!
  • Character Inventories! You can now attach Accessories, Companions, Collectibles, and Food Items to your Puppillar, which will be viewable from thier masterlist page, and as a special fun bonus, Companions attached to characters can be named as well!
Minor Masterlist policy Change

After considering how robust the Lorekeeper Masterlist feature is, we have decided that a good use of the Alternate Images feature is to allow members to upload alternate views of thier character, such as versions with and without accessories!

If you have a pupp that has an accessory, and would like to have the image without accessory on the masterlist, you are welcome to Submit a Claim to add the additional image! For the URL, link the image you would like used, and in the Comments, please include a link to the Pupp's Masterlist Entry and the dA name of the artist! In most cases, for Pupps with accessories, the owner was given two files, one with, one without, so I'm sure people have these images on hand! If you don't, you can check with Provie on Discord and we will do out best to track the image down!


Thats all for today, we hope you enjoy these new updates!!!

Lots of Little Updates!

Posted 28 June 2020, 18:50:25 CDT by Provie

Hello all!! We have a little pile of fun updates today! More things have been moved over to the site (furthur freedom from using eclipise...), some useful info has been added, and we have a small new feature!


Welcoming a new staff member!

Monte has joined the staff team as an Admin Assistant! We are hapy to have her aboard, her enthusiasm and encouragement for the species has already been such a great thing for the staff, we are excited to see it carry onto her role in an official capacity!!


New Feature: Chance's Gacha Generousity!

Craving some Gacha-pup tokens? Well, Chance has a fun new oppurtunity for you! This new,permanent Prompt allows members to submit Gift Art for a chance at bonus Treats or Gacha Tokens! In addition, the Prompt will be expanded slightly during Art Fight, where all gift art for a member of Puppillars counts, not just Puppillar art! Gacha-pup tokens will be used in Chance's shop when it opens up!


More stuff moved to site!

We have new info posted to our site, the Mementos Page now has a list of all current mementos and how to claim them! For now, most Mementos should be up to date, but we hope to have some new ones out soon for people to work towards! If you have any suggestions for mementos, please use the Suggestions channel on our Discord, or our Questions and Suggestions Prompt!

Official Customs information has been moved to our site, and now has a prompt for people to order customs! The customs rules and info has been updated a bit, so please read it before ordering! We even have a prompt just for putting in orders for Custom Pupps!

MYO purchasing has now moved to the site as well! MYOs will be purchased through the MYO Shop (Paypal/points) prompt, which will open and close as MYOs open. With this opening, there is ONE Legendary MYO slot available, once it has been bought the prompt will be edited to reflect it.

Make sure to read all the details in the prompts or pages listed above before submitting!

To browse the new prompts, please look here!


Pride Raffle Extension

As 2020 is still 2020ing, we have decided to extend the Pride Raffle until the end of July! Remember, tickets can be earned by sharing the raffle, or by drawing some Pride Art (and Pride related gift art can also be used on Chance's Gacha Generosity!)


Magic Reminder

Magic is here! Reminder that anyone with a Super Rare or Legendary Puppillar may claim magic traits for thier Pupp! More details here!

Hope you are having a good day! Thanks for your continued support of Puppillars!!!

Pride Adopts Raffle!!

Posted 2 June 2020, 22:25:34 CDT by Provie


The Pride Raffle is here!!

We have some amazing new adopts from our staff, all being raffled off for pride month! We hope you enjoy them! See the bottom of this news post for all the traits for these adorable pupps!

Raffle Rules

  1. Only Members registered on may enter
  2. Both members and staff members may enter the raffle
  3. Members may earn as many tickets as they can via the methods below
  4. Entries will Close on July 31st at 12:00 site time (CST)


How to enter the raffle

We will be using Lorekeerper's built in Raffle system for this raffle,  each Puppillar will have its own separate raffle "bucket", and all tickets for the raffle must be claimed on site!

You can earn tickets to enter by:

  1. Earning tickets by submitting Pride Art to the Pride Prompt! One ticket will be awarded per Puppillar drawn in an event piece, and these tickets can be used by submitting a claim with a link to your inventory and which Pupp you would like to enter for! You may include multiple tickets in one claim, and designate multiple adopts to enter for (as long as the amount of tickets lines up!)
  2. Members may earn One Ticket for sharing the raffle, either this news post, or the post on deviantart, on any sort of social media. To claim this ticket, submit a claim with the link to your post!

Once your claim has been approved, that means your ticket(s) have been added to the raffle(s) of your choice!

Details on the Pupps!

Lesbian Punk
by Remy and Provie
Six Legs - Common
Bug Feelers - Rare
Dog Ears - Common
Back Spikes - Common
Non-Dog Tail (Lion) - Rare
Heterochromia Eyes - Common
Head Hair - Rare
Denim Vest - Accessory
Mini Magic: This Puppillar can grow flowers where they walk

Rainbow Wings
by Phoenix
Six Legs - Common
Nubs Feelers - Common
Dog Ears - Common
Wings - Rare
Dog Tail - Common
Neck Mane - Common
Heterochromia Eyes - Common
Mini Magic: This Puppillar projects a rainbow behind it as they fly

Nonbinary Moth
by tgi
Six Legs - Common
Bug Feelers - Rare
Dog Ears - Common
Wings - Rare
Dog Tail - Common
Head Hair - Rare
Mini Magic: This Puppillar can grow Toadstools where they walk

Trans Pizza
by tgi
Six Legs - Common
Nubs Feelers - Common
Dog Ears - Common
Nothing Back - Common
Dog Tail - Common
Pizza Collar - Accessory
Mini Magic: This Puppillar can summon a full pizza once per day

Bi Corgi
by Nhrive
Six Legs - Common
Bug Feelers - Rare
Dog Ears - Common
Wings - Rare
Dog Tail - Common
Head Hair - Rare
Glitter - Rare
Mini Magic: This Puppillar can instill confidence in others with thier motivational speaking

Cool Ace
by Provie
Six Legs - Common
Nub Feelers - Common
Non-Dog Ears (Bat) - Rare
Back Spikes - Common
Reptile Tail (Dragon) - Special
Colored Sclera Eyes - Common
Cool Shades - Accessory
Cool Spiked Collar - Accessory
Mini Magic: This Puppillar can make broken Jukeboxes (or other music playing devices) work by hitting them

Genderqueer Star
by andie
Six Legs - Common
Nub Feelers - Common
Dog Ears - Common
Nothing Back - Common
Dog Tail - Common
Neck Mane - Common
Mini Magic: TBA


What's This? Magic?

You may have noticed that these awesome Puppillars come with an extra perk, they all come with one Mini Magic Trait! Magic will be premiering fully soon, but consider this a chance to get some of the first official puppillars with magic traits!!! Hold onto those magic potions and get em ready!