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Coloring Contest Results!

Posted 10 May 2021, 21:43:11 CDT by Provie


The results are in!

After a staff vote, we are proud to announce the winners of the Companion Coloring Contest!

Treasure Dragon by RexAraneo

Iridescent Dragon by uzkost

Cake Batter Ferret by Uzkost

Sizzling Sunburst Snake by mewhaku

Raspberry Souffle Capy by Hawkins

Congrats to the winners!! All five new companions have been added to the Companion Shop for 25 Treats each!

Winners will be recieving a copy of the companion they created, and a brand new item, a Custom Item Token!
Our Custom Items System is still a work in progress. but for now, these tokens will allow a member to have a custom item made for them by a staff artist, which can either be unique, or distributed in shops. Turn in the Token via Claims and we can get the process started!

Everyone who participated will recieve the Coloring Contest Crayons Award! 

All prizes will be sent out shortly!

Event reminder!

The Mysterious Orbs Event will end on May 20th, 2021 at Midnight Site time, so grab those orbs! Reminder that in order to obtain tickets, you have to turn in the orbs via claims by attaching them to the submission. You don't need to turn in all five at once! Member can also earn a bonus ticket by advertising the event! 

Neckwear and QoL Updates!

Posted 24 April 2021, 19:11:59 CDT by Provie
New accessories

We have some fun new accessories at the Clothing Shop! There are some new necklaces and collars!





Quality of life updates

There have been some general Quality of Life changes made to the site in recent updates! As always, a big thanks to andie for updating the site!

  • Adding Traits upon submitting a MYO and Design Updates is now fixed! Going forward, please add in the traits when you submit a MYO or Design update!
  • There is now a confirmation for clearing all notifications!
  • Inventory sections are now collapsible when you are viewing your inventory!
  • Character Bookmarks are now sortable!



Coloring Contest

The Coloring Contest Ends on April 30th, 2021 at Midnight Site time! Get those entries in before it closes! After the contest closes, please allow a few days for the staff to make their final decisions! 

Dungeon Doggos Items

The Dungeon Doggos prize shop has closed, and the items have shuffled off to other shops, including the Clothing Shop, Apollo's General Store, and the Seasonal Trader's Shop. Some items have been added to other season's stock, so if you can't find something you're after, make sure to check when the season's change!

Open Adoptables

There are current Six Open adoptables! Here's a roundup of the currently open adopts:

282_CtS3nDLmdu.png SNIL-013 - $20 Flatsale - Click here for Sale post

319_wXFWCbmwcO.png Pup-220 - Auction ($15 starting bid) - Click here for Sales Post

322_SLdzloKrfj.png Pup-223 - $10 Flatsale - Click here for Sales Post

323_vMCmGKvpga.png Pup-224 - $10 Flatsale - Click here for Sales Post

325_eAoK5Q2OMR.png Pup-225 - $10 Flatsale - Click here for Sales Post

That's all for this news post! Thanks for tuning in! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there, thanks for supporting Puppillars! Keep an eye out for our next event coming in May!

Coloring Contest!

Posted 27 March 2021, 13:04:22 CDT by Provie


Companion coloring contest!

Time to dust off those crayons! By popular demand, we are launching our first Companion Coloring Contest, giving everyone a chance to participate in creating a color for a companion that will be used on site!

Contest rules
  1. Only registered members of may participate
  2. Staff members may not participate in this contest
  3. All entries must use one of the provided images as lineart
    1. Minor lineart changes are allowed, such as adding small things like horns or sunglasses
  4. All entries must have black lineart, be unshaded (like the other companions of the species provided), and be a transparent image, preferably in .PNG format
  5. All entries must be submitted at their 200 by 200 dimensions, if your entry is chosen the staff will resize it for the site
  6. Members may submit a maximum of five entries
  7. Members may share their entries on our Discord server or personal galleries with credit to
  8. All entries must be submitted via the Companion Coloring Contest Prompt
  9. All entries must be submitted by April 30th, 2021 at midnight site time
  10. Winners will be decided by staff vote, and the amount of winners will be based on how many entries are submitted.

All winners will have their re-colored companion added to the site, with credit given to them in the item description.
The recolored items will be added to the Companion Shop for a price of 20 treats, and the person who created it will get a copy for free!

Winners will also receive a Custom Item Ticket, which can be used in our forthcoming custom items system!

In addition, all participants will get 10 treats per submission, awarded at time of submission, and a special Award for participating!

Click here for the Lineart for Coloring

Click Here to See the Prompt

Adventuring is Here

Posted 12 March 2021, 16:57:46 CST by Provie

Adventuring is here!

The time is finally here, after a long time of mentioning it was coming, Adventuring (and Questing!) is finally here! Adventuring is an always going on activity, where members can complete explorations of some fun areas at their own pace, working up to fully exploring an area to get a special Achievment! We have worked diligently on this feature for a while, and I would like to give a special thank you to crow and Phoenix who helped come up with amazing concepts and ideas for this feature!


Adventuring areas

With Adenturing's Launch, there are two areas for your character to explore, the mysterious Glowshroom Forest, and the peaceful Patchwork Meadow! Each location has its own selection of exclusive items, and a list of events to complete! 

Quests to complete 

Along with Adventuring, we have a Quest system that follows the same basic formula, but with a few twists! Quests are multi-step challenges that each member can complete only once for some exclusive prizes! To start us out, we have one open quest, the familliar Dungeon Quest: Beast!

Visit the Adventurer's Guild today to get your ADventuring Liscence and start going on adventures!

More Updates for March!

Posted 8 March 2021, 09:03:10 CST by Provie
Here's a little roundup of some smaller pieces of news!!


Quality of Life Updates

There are a few small updates we have that will make everyone's life just a little bit easier! We are always keeping an eye out for Lorekeeper updates and working on implementing them in order to make the site better and better!

Account Search! You may have noticed a new button at the top of the inventory page, this is a useful tool so you can find any items on your account, whether they be in your inventory, your character's inventory, or held in a design update/prompt/claim etc. Account search is a really useful tool if there's something you could have sworn you had, but can't find!

Click here to try account search!

Updates to the Item Database! There have been some updates on the back end which have made some improvements to the Item DB, but these updates have cleared some old info out, so we recently went through the process of re-adding and updating info on all of our items. This will make things like how to obtain the item and if there is a specific use for it! 

Click here to browse the Item DB!

Masterlist Image Updates! Re-uploading Masterlist images has been on hold for a bit while Provie was working on Dungeon Doggos, but re-uploading the Masterlist images will be resuming soon, which will update older Masterlist images to the new system where the owner of a character will be able to see the unwatermarked version of the image! We will be reaching out to members if we can't track down original files for things such as MYOs, but if you have a Puppillar that you'd like us to update as soon as possible, please reach out to Provie and we will get that updated!

Click here to browse the Masterlist!

Support Puppillars

We are so grateful for every member of Puppillars,  and wanted to open up some more official channels for members to support us! We have created an official info page on the ways you can support Puppillars, some of which are old, and some of which are new!

As always you can support us by purchasing adoptables or customs, or just spreading the word about our site! New to the ways to support is Provie's new Ko-Fi Tip Jar,  where anyone who wants to can contribute a tip! Tips aren't an obligation, but are a great way to show appriciation and encouragement, and are very much appriciated!

While we sell adopts and customs at Puppillars, we always strive to be flexible with how people can obtain characters so they can have fun with our site! A lot of hard work behind the scenes goes on to create features and events for members, we volunteer our time to create a fun place where people can find community and entertainment, so any sort of contribution is greatly appriciated.

Click here to Check out the How to Support Us Page

Reminders and misc

Super Rare MYO coins have been added to Apollo's General Store! Previously, these stocked in limited quantities, but now they will be available more readily, at the price of 1000 Treats!

Click here to go to Apollo's General Store!

Open Adoptables! There are currently 3 Snailcat adopts open! We have an amazing Guest Adopt from PromptoBeans, as well as two new Common Snailcats by Provie, open for OTA! We may have some more soon, so keep an eye out! If you run your own species, we are also always open for Guest Artist swaps with other species!

Click here to view the open adopts!

Dungeon Doggos Prize Shop Closes on April 15th! As a reminder, the Dungeon Doggos Prize shop will remain open for a month, so use those points while you can!

Thanks for tuning into these lil updates! Hope everyone is having a safe and happy day!!

Dungeon Doggos Conclusion

Posted 8 March 2021, 13:39:15 CST by Provie


The final battle is just as exciting and chaotic at the table as it is in game, but Alabaster takes it all in stride, making sure everyone is able to have their say and their time in the spotlight, even with everyone providing wildly different solutions to the final battle. Alabaster resolves all these with ease, whether its intimidation, sneaking around, convincing the beast to be friends, or straight up fighting. As the battle neared its close, a hush fell o the table as all the players waited on Alabaster's words with baited breath...

"The battle is long, but with everyone doing their best, the beast is bested! It backs away, watching the adventurers carefully as they help themselves to its treasure." Alabaster says, moving the beasts token back on the map. He reaches into his bag, bringing out little "treasure" tokens for everyone to keep. "The beast nods slowly, it has a lot of treasure, surely it can let some go. In fact, maybe this is for the best, it means that it can start collecting more again. The adventurers take their fill, then take their leave from the castle with much celebration!"

Thanks to everyone for participating in Advanced dungeon doggos!! 

Raffle conclusion

The raffle has been drawn! The winners can be seen on the Completed Raffles Page, but the winners are...

AcuteExposure has won Pup-210 - The Fighter

Oboe has won Pup-211 and SNIL-015 - Ranger and Companion

mewhaku has won Pup-212 - The Rogue

SmellyMouse has won Pup-213 - The Bard

bonnbonn has won Pup-214 - Mindflayer

Hawkins has won Pup-215 - The Wizard

Congratulations to all the winners!!!
Winners can find the alternate images for their new characters in the Event News Post!

Event shop Schedule

The event shop will remain open until April 15th 2021, so grab those items while you can! The raffle ticket has been removed from the shop since the raffles are over. If you have any leftover raffle tickets, you may turn them in via Claims for 10 event points! Once the Event Shop has been closed, current event point totals will be zeroed, so make sure you use them before they're gone! 

Click here to head over to the Event Shop!

A special award

Everyone who participated in the event is eligible to claim a special reward,  the Blank Character Sheet, via claims!


Continuing the adventure...

Missed the event, or perhaps want to re-live the adventure? The story of Advanced Dungeon Doggos has been adapted into a Quest that any member can try out! It will be a little different the next time around, each of the chapters will be a prompt that can be completed with either art or writing. Quests can only be completed once per member, and each Quest has exlusive prize(s) at the end!

March Updates

Posted 1 March 2021, 09:25:00 CST by Provie
Hi everyone! We have some new updates for everyone that we have been working on this past month!


Behind the scenes updates and bug fixes

This month andie has been hard at work installing some new tools for the admins, most notably some fun tools that we can use for upcoming events!  There have also been some bug fixes, including the "Gift Writing" not showing up on Masterlist, profiles displaying a bit oddly, and other small things across the site. 


Some new features

Along with the behind the scenes updates, there have also been some shiny new features added to the site, incuding addtions to the homepage and a more official affiliates section!

If you take a look at our homepage, you'll notice some new stuff there for easy access, including the most recently added (or updated) characters, and the newest gallery entries! There's also a link to our Starting Guide, and our new Things to Do page, which lays out all the activities members can participate in, including any details and deadlines! Now it's easier to keep track of when events end, and what activities arealways going on!

The updated homepage also inlcudes the new Affiliates section! This includes links to some amazing other Closed Species sites, so plese check them out if you are looking for some new stuff! Out of the current affiliates, I (Provie) am a member of all of them, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask me! If you have a Closed Species , you can apply to be an affiliate of our website via the link on the homepage.


Welcoming the seasonal trader

To start out the new season, we are welcoming a brand new NPC and shop with the Seasonal Trader's Shop! Marcus, the seasonal trader will have different goods depending on the season , including new items, and old favorites. Currently he has his Spring Stock, so check it out when you get a chance!

You may notice some items removed from the main shops, some items have been sorted into Marcus' seasonal stock, where it works thematicly. If you missed out on any of the items, don't worry, they'll be back when the time is right!

Adventuring incoming!

We've been teasing adventuring for what seems like forever, but I'm happy to announce that our Adventuring System will be launching on March 15th! The adventuring system will be a fun permanent activity, so get excited! You may have already spotted some unreleased items  in the item database, so there are some cool things to look forward to!


event reminder!

The Dungeon Doggos News Post has been updated with details on the event ending, but i will also reiterate the info here as a reminder! All chapters of Advanced Dungeon Doggos have now been posted! The event will remain open until March 14th, 2021, so get those replies in! Anyone who reaches the end of the story (posts at least once on each chapter) will recieve a bonus of Two Raffle Tickets for the adopt raffle, which will be rolled on March 15th!

I've been blown away by all the participation in the event, everyone's replies have been so fun and creative, and its been really fun seeing some amazing new members, and old members around the group and discord server! Love you all! - Provie 

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Posted 28 January 2021, 21:00:37 CST by Provie

Update 3/1: The Raffle has been rolled! The result can be viewed here, the winner is Shrike! Congrats!!!
We will be keeping all the suggestions made her in mind as we continue to grow!


Puppillars is now two years old!!!!

Another great year of Puppillars on the books! The past year has been a wild ride, but we're so proud of everything that we have accomplished in the past year! In general, 2020 was a tough year for a lot, and we're happy to help bring some fun and joy into our members lives! As the years go on, we hope to continue to provide more fun stuff for everyone to do!!


Milestones from this past year!

The biggest milestone from this year is launching our website! Even though the website is a recent development, it's gone through so many great upgrades and changes since we launched in May 2020, including Masterlist Improvements, Automating Shops, and our awesome gallery!

Another big milestone has been launching our first subspecies, Snailcats! These pals are the purrrrfect counterpart to our main species, Puppillars!

We have 39 members on our website! Many of our old members were successfully migrated, caches and all, and we have some fantastic new members as well! We're glad to have you all!

There are now 218 Puppillars on our Masterlist, as well as 15 Snailcats!

We now have 414 items on site! There was a big push this year to create some amazing items for everyone to collect, with more to come from our upcoming events and features!

Even with the big focus being on the website, we were able to have 2 big events this year, our Pride Event and our Garden event! Along with our current big event, Advancec Dungeon Doggos, we hope to bring you some more great events this year!


Looking back and looking forward Raffle

To celebrate Two Years of Puppillars, we are having a fun and simple raffle for everyone, with the prize being a Custom Puppillar with a rarity of Super Rare by Provie ! Members may earn up to two tickets by commenting below with the following for one ticket each:

  • Comment with one happy thing about the group!
  • Comment with one thing you'd like to see  from the group in the future!

Raffle tickets will be added by staff, your comment will be replied to when the raffle tickets have been awarded!

All participants will also recieve a special memento! 

Entries for the raffle will close February 28th 2021 at Midnight Site time!

Advanced Dungeon Doggos

Posted 28 October 2020, 20:04:29 CDT by Provie
Update 2/28/2020: Chapter 5 is now available!
A special bonus of Two Raffle Tickets will be awarded to everyone who makes at least one post in each chapter!
Chapter 5, and the other chapters, will remain open for two weeks, closing March 14th at Midnight Site time.
The Adopt Raffle will be Rolled on March 15th, so get those tickets in!


Welcome To advanced Dungeon Doggos!

Alabaster's library has always been a popular place for readers to hang out and discuss books, but over the years its served well as a community center where puppillars gather for club meeting and games.  Eventually, the legendary Puppillar started to take an interest in some of the games, and as an extremely well read puppillar, makes an excellent dungeon master. With the weather getting cooler, now is the perfect time to hole up in the cozy library around the gaming table! Alabaster has been hard at work on a story for all the puppillars out there, and everyone is welcome at his table!


How to get started!

To participate in the event, each member must fill out at least one Character Sheet for one of thier Puppillars/Snailcats (or an NPC/Raffle Puppillar if you don't have any yet). The character sheet is similar to a character meme for people to fill out, and inlcudes an area for a portrait, some simplified stats, and some info to help nail down your character.

Click here for the character sheet and instructions on how to fill it out!

How to participate in the adventure

Throughout the event, parts of the story will be posted on the Dungeon Doggos Hub, and members will be tasked with responding to the Chapters with what thier character would do in order to advance through the story! Members will recieve a base amount of event points for each response, and bonus "inspiration" points for responding using character info from thier character sheet.

Chapters will be released every week, on Sundays, and after being released, each Chapter will remain oprn until the end of the event on March 7th, 2021

Click Here to view the Dungeon Doggos Hub!

Bonus prompt!

As part of the event, we are also running a bonus prompt to earn some more event points. Simply draw or write about your character participatng in the game, either in character or out of character! For this prompt, you will earn Event Points equal to the Treats value of your piece!

Click here to see the prompt!

prize shop

You can spend your Event Points at the Event Shop to purchase all manner of fun gaming items, or raffle tickets for our Raffle Adopts!!

Click here to see the Event Shop!

Adopt raffle

As part of the event, we are having an Adopt Raffle, which will be drawn after the event is concluded! Our artists have made some awesome DnD themed adopts! Raffle tickets can be purhcased in the Event Shop! 

To add your tickets to the Raffles, please submit a Claim, adding the ticket item(s) to the claim, and adding the raffles you would like the tickets to go through as a reward by selecting Raffle Ticket as a Reward and selecting the raffle you want to add the ticket to. Please also list the tickets requested in the comments so staff can double check!

The Adopts are as follows (click the character code under each to see the masterlist entry!)

Pup-210 Fighter  by Provie | Pup-212 Rogue by Cedar (alt image)

Pup-211 Ranger by Nhrive | SNIL-015 Ranger's Companion by Nhrive
These two come as a Pair (alt image of them together)

Pup-213 Bard by tgi | Pup-214 Mindflayer by Nhrive

Pup-215 Wizard by tgi (alt image)

Random Encounters

As a fun extra for the event, there will be some Random Encounters popping up in our Discord Server! This will operate similarly to the Haunted Server event from last October, where some companions will ne Popping up in a special channel in the server. Members will have an opurtunity to win the companion by posting in the channel! Keep an eye out during the event and bring home some friends! To make sure you are alerted for new Random Encounters, don't forget to give yourself the Server Events role on the Discord! 

Companions and QoL!

Posted 17 January 2021, 20:12:05 CST by Provie

Hi everyone! Some small updates for everyone today!

New companions!

There are some new companions in The Companion Shop! Make some friends with some Capybaras, Shrimp, and Ducks today!





Quality of life improvements

With the upgrades and fixes to the site, there have also been some great Quality of Life updates added to lorekeeper!

  • You can now see your currencies on the Shops page, and in each shop!
  • When creating MYO slots, you now select the artist/designer's On-site username from a drop down list, rather than having to use dA name. For non-members, you can still use the Designer URL and Artist URL boxes!
  • You can now set a Gift Writing Status, just like with Gift Art, that will display on your character's masterlist page and can be utilized in the search. Just like Gift Art, you can select Yes, No, or Ask First!
  • You can now add a Content Warning to Gallery entries, please utilize it if needed!
  • The Auto-watermarking system allows the Owner of a charcater to view the unwatermarked version, so no more waiting on someone to send the separate files, though artists may still send bonus images/larger images, etc, at thier discretion!
    • Please note, that older masterlist entries have been manually watermarked, so the feature doesn't work on these images currently.
    • Provie is currently currently working on slowly re-uploading all the masterlist images she can find. If you are interested in having an older pup re-uploaded, please feel free to DM her on discord and provide the un-watermarked images. These re-uploads will also include uploading acessory/non-accessory version, if those can be found as well!
Open adopts roundup!

Here are the currently open adopts we have! Please read the individual sales posts for full details!

259_TbxgauELZb.pngSNIL-007 - Currently OTA - Sales Post Here


SNIL-008 - Currently OTA - Sales Post Here


Pupp-206 and SNIL-012 - Currently OTA with $15 buyout - Sales Post Here


SNIL-013 - $20 - Sale Post Here