Terms of Service

Created: 16 May 2020, 22:58:45 CDT
Last updated: 6 April 2024, 22:36:00 CDT
By joining our group or registering at pupillars.com, you agree to the below terms and conditions. This Terms of Service are subject to change and updates as staff sees fit as the group grows. All staff decisions are final.

Last updated: 4/6/2024

1. Credit where credit is due
  1.  Puppillars an ARPG/species concept must be credited towards creator,  Provie (Provie at Toyhouse / provieprovie at Twitter). This means not claiming the concept for the species as your own, linking back to the group when possible, and/or crediting provie as a designer when posting designs on Toyhouse.
  2. All designs made by official artists, guest artists, and MYOs must credit the original artist, even if they have changed hands. They don’t have to be credited each picture you draw of them, but having the designer properly credited is common courtesy!
  3. All art recieved of characters must be properly credited! If you did not draw it, please link back to the artist that made it, once again this is common courtesy.

2. Puppillars are a closed species
  1. Only official Puppillars/characters registered on the masterlist can be used for group/website activities
  2.  All official Puppillars/characters must be approved by staff either via the creation of an adoptable by official/guest artists or an approved MYO
  3. All official characters, including official adopts, guest artist adopts and MYOs will be uploaded to the  Masterlist for recordkeeping. All entries on  this masterist will have credit to the designer and artist, as well as link to the current owner.
    1. All characters on site are eligible for re-designs, in the case of re-designs, all older versions will stay on the masterlist and retain the credit of the artist/designer
  4. Puppillars does not police characters that may be similar in nature.

3. We are a welcoming group
  1. Anyone 13 years of age or older is welcome to join our group, but repeatedly breaking the group Terms of Service may result in a temporary or permanent ban or removal from the group and website.
    1. Due to COPPA regulations, we cannot allow members under the age of 13, though any youngsters are welcome to join when they are of age
  2. Respect other members, the group will not tolerate hateful remarks of any kind, harassment of users or staff, or general drama-mongering
  3. Please keep things appropriate, please do not submit NSFW artwork of any kind to the group or website, and be mindful of your language in comments and discussion. Puppillars strives to keep a PG-13 and under setting.
  4. Please do not make disparaging remarks about the pricing of adopts or results of events or raffles. If you have constructive feedback you may contact the group  or a staff member

4. All business must be conducted in a professional manner
  1. Please use common courtesy when purchasing/bidding/offering on an adoptable. Only claim or bid/offer what you can afford. Limited holds may be negotiated and are at the discretion of the individual artist, but anyone who does not pay for their adopt in a timely manner may have the ownership revoked
  2. Be clear when claiming, bidding, or offering on an adoptable. If you are bidding, please respond to the last person on the bidding chain. When claiming or bidding, please read over your comment before posting and avoid editing or hiding comments.
    1. If you have to make an update or edit to a bid or offer, its recommended to add a new comment in reply to your previous comment!
  3. When trading or gifting designs, please keep good records. Please abide by the resale terms and resale value of each individual Puppillar as shown on their masterlist entry. For example, MYOs obtained during a free MYO event may only be traded or gifted, not resold
    1. If a character/MYO is being gifted, you may use the transfer option on the masterlist page, if it is being traded however, please use the Trades feature in order to keep the best records!
  4. When buying adopts, each individual official or guest artist’s Terms of Service still applies, so please make sure you are familiar with and respect the artist’s Terms of Service

4. Keep things fair and organized!
  1. In order to receive the group currencies (treats etc), awards, or items, all members must be registered at puppillars.com and link an approved alias account to their account
  2. When responding to activities, please use any provided forms  and follow any instructions laid out by the prompt or page
    1. For events, please make sure to read the rules for each event, because they can vary. In most cases, in order to earn Event Points for gallery submissions, they must be submitted to the related prompt as well as the gallery
  3. Play fair, anyone found cheating or gaining an unfair advantage is subject to temporary or permanent bans. If you find something exploitable, please report it to staff via the Bug Reports feature!

5. Promise of staff responsibility
  1. Staff has an “open door” policy. Anyone can come to staff members with questions, comments, or concerns, as long as they are presented in a courteous manner. The ask staff channel on discord, Provie's Discord DMs, and our contact e-mail are always open.
  2. Staff will do their best to reply to activities and events in a timely manner, but please respect that the staff have lives outside of deviantart and Pupppillars. Gentle reminding is welcomed, but any rudeness will not be tolerated.
    1. Please wait at least 3 Days/72 hours before "bumping" a submission or asking staff about it, this includes inquiries in the Ask Staff channel on discord
  3. Staff will treat each member with respect and fairness. No member will be favored over others.
6. Hosting of images
  1. By uploading images to Puppillars (either through the Masterlist or through the gallery) you agree to allow Puppillars to display the image on our website through the aforementioned means
  2. All Masterlist art and Gallery art will be displayed with credit, as required in the upload fields