Neckwear and QoL Updates!

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New accessories

We have some fun new accessories at the Clothing Shop! There are some new necklaces and collars!





Quality of life updates

There have been some general Quality of Life changes made to the site in recent updates! As always, a big thanks to andie for updating the site!

  • Adding Traits upon submitting a MYO and Design Updates is now fixed! Going forward, please add in the traits when you submit a MYO or Design update!
  • There is now a confirmation for clearing all notifications!
  • Inventory sections are now collapsible when you are viewing your inventory!
  • Character Bookmarks are now sortable!



Coloring Contest

The Coloring Contest Ends on April 30th, 2021 at Midnight Site time! Get those entries in before it closes! After the contest closes, please allow a few days for the staff to make their final decisions! 

Dungeon Doggos Items

The Dungeon Doggos prize shop has closed, and the items have shuffled off to other shops, including the Clothing Shop, Apollo's General Store, and the Seasonal Trader's Shop. Some items have been added to other season's stock, so if you can't find something you're after, make sure to check when the season's change!

Open Adoptables

There are current Six Open adoptables! Here's a roundup of the currently open adopts:

282_CtS3nDLmdu.png SNIL-013 - $20 Flatsale - Click here for Sale post

319_wXFWCbmwcO.png Pup-220 - Auction ($15 starting bid) - Click here for Sales Post

322_SLdzloKrfj.png Pup-223 - $10 Flatsale - Click here for Sales Post

323_vMCmGKvpga.png Pup-224 - $10 Flatsale - Click here for Sales Post

325_eAoK5Q2OMR.png Pup-225 - $10 Flatsale - Click here for Sales Post

That's all for this news post! Thanks for tuning in! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there, thanks for supporting Puppillars! Keep an eye out for our next event coming in May!


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