Welcoming Puppypillars!

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Update 5/26: The winners of the raffle have been drawn!

Congrats to AcuteExposure , 4sparkles, Mouse , PrincePoke and RexAraneo !


The pitter patter of little paws can be heard around the area, small grub-like baby puppillars have appeared! It turns out those mysterious orbs were Puppillar eggs! Our researchers have done their best to analyze the eggs, and our new Puppypillar friends, and will be publishing some of their findings about the magic behind these cute lil guys soon!

More information about these cuties can be found on our new Puppypillars Guide!


Puppypillars are now available!

With the launch of Puppypillars, they are now available to members! There are a few different ways to obtain Puppypillars:

  • Standard Breeding: Commissioning a staff artist to create a Puppypillar (or puppypillars) based on two "parent" Puppillars
  • Raffle Breeding: We will occasionally host free to enter raffles where the winner of a breeding is drawn at random. The staff artist will create a batch of Puppypillars based on two "parent" puppillars. The owner(s) of the parents will get first pick from the batch, and the remainder of the batch will be raffled off
  • Adoptables: Occasionally, puppypillar adoptables will be available for sale or raffle! These puppypillars don't have any "parents" and are unique in design.
  • Customs: Members can order  custom Puppypillar through our Artist Custom System!

The entire process is detailed at our Puppypillar Tutorial!


Mysterious raffle Adopts revealed!

Speaking of ways to obtain a Puppypillar.... the Mysterious Raffle is open until May 25th at Midnight Site time, and the following brand new Puppypillars are being raffled off in celebration! No new tickets may be obtained, but you may still turn in tickets for the raffle with your Mysterious Orbs until the raffle closes!

Thank you so much for participating in the event and for advertising the event! Without furthur ado, here are the Puppies! Click the masterlist numbers to see all the full details!

Pup-228 - Lunar Pug


Pup-229 - Honey Boba


Pup-230 - Crybaby


Pup-231 - Star Angel


Pup-232 - Pink Tux

Get those raffle tickets in while you can! And keep an eye out for a raffle breeding in the coming months for another free chance to get a Puppypillar!


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