How to Support Us

Created: 12 March 2021, 22:15:25 CST
Last updated: 2 January 2023, 22:24:16 CST

There are many different ways to support Puppillars, we are always glad for any sort of support people would like to throw our way! There's no obligation to support us in any of the specific ways below, but its always appreciated! If you are looking for ways to support us, here are some suggestions!

Being an active member

First and foremost, just playing our ARPG is an amazing way to show your support and love for  the site. It always makes my day to see people participating and enjoying themselves! We create events and features for people to enjoy, and love to see people interacting with what we've created! Furthermore, we always love to see feedback about what people enjoyed, or didn't, or what people would like to see in the future!

Click here to view our Things To Do Page!

Click here to leave Feedback via the Questions and Feedback Prompt!

Purchasing Adoptables, MYOs, or Customs

A great way to support the site, and get yourself a nice character to use in the ARPG to boot, is to buy Adopts (when available), MYO slots, or a custom! We try to be varied with our adoptable and MYO sales, so people can obtain characters without having to spend money, but seeing adoptables sell for USD encourages us to create more! Purchasing adoptables helps to support the staff member posting it, or even folks like guest artists, who we love to uplift as well!

There's a little something out there for everyone, whether its seeing an adopt you connect with, getting a MYO so you can design your own character, or getting a custom character designed for you!

Click here to view the currently Open Sales!

Click here to purchase a MYO slots via The Nuggie Shack
Nuggies can be purchased via Prompt or our Ko-fi page!

Click here to read information about Customs!


Commissioning Provie or the other Staff Members

If you want to support us, but don't aren't in the market for a new Puppillars character, you can also commission a staff member, most of whom regularly have commissions open. Get some cute art and support us at the same time!

Click here to see Provie's Commission info

More commission links coming soon!


Leaving a Tip in The Puppillars tip jar

If you are looking to support us, but maybe have a more limited budget, or want to leave a tip and don't necessarily want anything in return, leaving a tip is something that is also greatly appreciated! Through Ko-Fi, you can leave a Tip starting at just $1 (USD) ! Anyone who donates gets the Token of Appriciation Award! Anyone with a Ko-Fi account may also follow the page to keep up to date on any posts, regardless of whether or not they leave a tip!

Click here to visit the Puppillars Ko-Fi page!

Sign up for a ko-fi membership

Members may also join our Ko-fi membership if they wish to support Puppillars and get some awesome perks, such as an exclusive Discord role and channel with previews, an exclusive site rank, art and ARPG rewards, and more! There are three tiers, with the lowest being $3 per month. More details can be found on the link below!

Click here to view Ko-fi membership tiers!


Spread the word about the site

Some of the most valuable support, such as 'being an active member' above is completely free! Telling your friends about the site is a great way to support us and help grow the site! We are always excited to see new members join, and gaining more members means a more active community! So if you know someone looking for an ARPG to join, suggest Puppillars!

We are very grateful for all the support our members give us! Puppillars is a labor of love for Provie and the other staff members, so any sort of support is really encouraging as we work on more items, features, and events for Puppillars!