18 May 2021 (3 years ago)

I'm a very character-driven person and can't just collect cute little animals for the fun of it. (seriously, I've tried to just make aesthetic chars just for fun, but I have no chill. help.) Thus, all of my characters here have an interconnected story/plot! Basically everyone is connected to my homegirl, Isa, in some way. She's a huge jerk that you love as a character, but would despise in real life. Aka my fave. But yeah, she has a house that a chunk of my chars live in, and a lot of others are her "clients" that she provides various magic-related services for. Anyway-

As you may have guessed from me just leaping straight into char junk without any information on myself, that's pretty much all I like talking about. C: That and all of its related things like character design, worldbuilding, ect. I'm always looking for new, outside relationships for my characters, too. So if you peep someone's profile and think your oc would have some chemistry with them (as friends, rivals, ect), you should totally hit me up. It can just be a vague thing, like them both liking fishing or something- bam, fishing buddies! One keeps up with all the new video game releases and the other works at the Pupps-equivalent of Gamestop? Bam, casual nerd acquaintances. It doesn't matter if I know you well, how long either of has been on this site, ect- I just like the idea of chars having these small connections. It makes the world (Pupps overall, and also my own worldbuilding) feel more vibrant and "lived in." I love it; I'm all about it. Also, one thing about me (wtf, ew)- I'm hella corny and passionate about this junk, so. Yeah. Hi.

But yeah, I need to update my characters' (TH) profiles more to reflect which ones are actually more fleshed out. I'll get on that. I have a little page on my Pupps worldbuilding that mostly just lists the locations I've made up, and where each of my characters live. It's got some WIP-y stuff in it, but here it be if you want to check it. And... Yeah, I guess that's enough rambling for this profile. Peas!

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