18 May 2021 (1 year ago)

I decided at some point that each of my chars here will represent a different emotion in their masterlist art. For no reason, really, it just kinda happened... owo So ye, LIST:

Isa: Grumpy/Pissy
Zarita: Impassive (orrr Unreadable/Aloof/Blank? Not necessarily stoic, but just kinda... generic. I know it looks like she's smiling, but. fdgkljdf She's got a pretty realistic doggo mouth, so her tongue lolling is her generic face, aight? xD Maybe her emotion should be "GENERIC DOG" idk)
Ferero: Terrified
Arti: Chill/Relaxed
Buttercup: Flirty (alt: confident)
Merlix: "Happy" (will change when he grows up)
Warren: Content? (Kinda just had to go with the art he had- maybe I'll think of something better after I flesh him out more)
Qiang: Shy (alt: nervous/anxious)
Tangkai: Playful
Photon: Tired (alt: meticulous)

To-be-made: Emeura (happy/exuberant/lively/vivacious), Ruthysot (smug)


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