Coloring Contest Results!

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The results are in!

After a staff vote, we are proud to announce the winners of the Companion Coloring Contest!

Treasure Dragon by RexAraneo

Iridescent Dragon by uzkost

Cake Batter Ferret by Uzkost

Sizzling Sunburst Snake by mewhaku

Raspberry Souffle Capy by Hawkins

Congrats to the winners!! All five new companions have been added to the Companion Shop for 25 Treats each!

Winners will be recieving a copy of the companion they created, and a brand new item, a Custom Item Token!
Our Custom Items System is still a work in progress. but for now, these tokens will allow a member to have a custom item made for them by a staff artist, which can either be unique, or distributed in shops. Turn in the Token via Claims and we can get the process started!

Everyone who participated will recieve the Coloring Contest Crayons Award! 

All prizes will be sent out shortly!

Event reminder!

The Mysterious Orbs Event will end on May 20th, 2021 at Midnight Site time, so grab those orbs! Reminder that in order to obtain tickets, you have to turn in the orbs via claims by attaching them to the submission. You don't need to turn in all five at once! Member can also earn a bonus ticket by advertising the event! 

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Congrats all!!

2021-05-11 07:04:55

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