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Sunny and Jack

Ohh, Jack, you're always so GRUMPY! I know what will help, hey would you tell my pal a nice joke, maybe that will make him smile!

Sunny and Jack's Prompt: Lots of Laughs!!
Tell a funny joke in the comments below to make Jack Laugh!

- All submissions must be comments in the reply to this comment!
- As stated above, please comment a joke!
- Once you comment, submit the link to your comment to the Trick or Treat 2021 Prompt!

Angel and Devil Mask + One Raffle Ticket
Angel and Devil Mask

2021-10-01 09:18:49 (Edited 2021-10-01 10:07:49)

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What fantastical, marvelous invention allows you to see right through walls?

A window.

2021-10-31 14:51:42

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What do you call a snailcat when it has as many legs as a puppillar?

A caterpillar!

2021-10-26 15:37:22

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What do you call a witch's garage?

The broom closet!

2021-10-24 11:53:53

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What do you call birds who stick together?

Vel-crows! :D

2021-10-07 15:44:00

Oboe Avatar

Who is the mathematic devil's worse enemy?

The acute angel!

2021-10-07 12:34:54