Happy July! Raffle, Art Fight, and More!

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Looks like Aspen has busted out the crayons again in honor of Art Fight! July has some other fun stuff in store though, so let's jump on into it!


Art fight 2021!

July means Art Fight, the online art exchange/brawl where people draw for each other! In honor of art Fight, we will be encouraging participation by offering some bonus incentives over at Chance's Gacha Generosity! For the duartion of Art Fight, you may submit ANY art for other Puppillars members, even if the art is of a non-puppillars character, and the Gacha bonus of 2 Rolls on the loot table will remain until Art Fight Ends! Even if you don't participate in the official Art Fight, you may still participate if you do gift art for Puppillar members!

Click here to see the prompt details

July puppyillar raffle

Puppypillars have comfortably found thier place in our ARPG, and it's about time we host our first Puppypillar Raffle! This raffle is free to enter, and will work as follows:

  • Each member can claim their free ticket via Claims, simply submit a new claim and select the raffle ticket as your reward
  • The raffle will close on July 31st at Midnight Site Time
  • One winner will be drawn, and will be asked to provide two parent puppillars for the designs to be based on
    • The parent puppillars may be your own, or one can belong to another member with their permission
  • Five puppypillar designs will be created based on the parents, and the raffle winner will get their pick of which design to keep
    • In the case of one of the parents not belonging to the winner, the owner if the other parent will also get to pick a design to keep. In this scenario, an additional Puppypillar will be created for the raffle
  • The remaining puppypillars will be raffled off in a new raffle, where each member (besides the winner of the initial raffle and any second parent owner if applicable) can receive one ticket for free

Enjoy the raffle everyone and good luck! You can view the current tickets here!

Donation shop

You may have noticed a new shop on our shops page, the Donation shop! If you want to do any spring cleaning, you can donate items from your inventory, and they will show up in the shop for members can pick them up for free! Keep an eye on this shop, staff members may occasionally drop some goodies in there as well! Enjoy the donation shop, and good luck grabbing some fun stuff! The shopkeeper is currently in the works, so keep an eye out!

Click here to visit the donation shop!


Staff and Site changes

To start off this section, we would like to give a special shoutout to tgi , who has recently stepped down from being staff. During his tenure, TJ has made some amazing adoptables and items our site, and we appreciate all his hard work! Thank you so much TJ, you will always be part of our Pupppillars family!

As always, we are always working on improvements for our site, as many people have seen, we have recently added Birthday Verification to the site, which sis required going forward. This is to enforce that all members must be 13 or older. As announced on our Discord Server, anyone who verifies their birthday on the site is eligible to claim a free Welcome Box item. If you haven't already, feel free to subit a claim requesting your gift! 

There have also been a few improvements to the site, including a revamp of how sales posts will appear, which we will be hopefully utilizing soon!

Coming soon!

Thanks to everyone who applied to be a Guest Artist! It was hard to choose from the applications, but we have selected five guest artists, BLACKDOGZ , Hawkins , Pooka , Oboe , and 4sparkles ! Their guest sets will be posted when they are completed, so keep an eye on our Sales page for some cute new pupps and snailcats!

More site improvements are always in the works, but one of the features we are working on is being able to verify your account's alias through different sites. You will be able to manage your Aliases via your settings, and choose a primary alias. The sites that will be available to use are: deviantArt, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitch! Once these changes are made, we will make sure to make an announcement!

Thanks for tuning in to the news! We hope you enjoy all this cool new stuff! Hope everyone is having a safe and happy summer so far!


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