[Event] Mysterious Orbs have appeared!

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Things have been quiet in the neighborhood since Alabaster's Big Dungeon Doggos game, the weather has gotten warmer, Pupps and Snailcats alike have been going on adventures, and everyone has generally been in good spirits. With the warm weather, many Pupps have been spending lots of time outside, including Pembroke, when one  day out for a walk, he came across something strange, a mysterious blue orb resting in the grass! Pembroke had never seen anything like it before, so he carefully scooped it up and brought it to his friends. No one knew what it was, even the wise Alabaster, but soon enough he heard from others who had also found some of the strange orbs! It seems a mystery is afoot!

Mysterious orb Scavenger hunt

For this event, members will participate in a scavenger hunt to find five Mysterious Orbs throughout the site! 


The orbs will appear on various areas of the site, to find one, simply click the orb when it appears and it will be added to your inventory! At any time, you can check your progress on the scavenger hunt by clicking this link

Some things to note:

  • The Orbs will not be hidden on Character Masterlist Entries or Member Profiles
  • Do not share the locations or links to any of the orbs with others, or give hints to others. This is considered cheating, anyone found doing so will 
  • Please be respectful of other people's experiences when discussing the scavenger hunt, including discussing how "hard" or "easy" a location may be, since everyone will have a different experience!

The scavenger hunt will go until May 20th, 2021 at Midnight, at which time the orbs  will no longer be able to be collected!


mysterious raffle

What are these mysterious orbs? Well, its a mystery, but we can reveal one thing! The Mysterious Orb items can be turned in via Claims , by attaching the Orbs you wish to turn in to the Cliam, for one Raffle Ticket each for an exciting Mysterious Adopt Raffle! The raffle is open now, but the adopts to be raffled off will be revealed on May 21st 2021. The raffle will close on May 25th (so there's a nice preview period), and the raffle will be drawn on the 26th!

Members can also earn a bonus raffle ticket by Advertising the site and the Event via social media, simply submit a Claim linking to your advertisement to claim this bonus ticket. With this bonus, members may earn a maximum of six tickets for the raffle.  


Click here to view your scavenger hunt progress

Click here to view the raffle


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