Puppypillar/Snailkitten Tutorial

Created: 8 April 2021, 16:06:32 CDT
Last updated: 9 February 2024, 11:27:21 CST

Welcome to the Puppypillar and snailkitten Tutorial


what is a puppypillar?

Puppypillars are a subtype of our main species, Puppillars, and are "baby" versions of Puppillars. Their appearance differs from fully grown Puppillars and they have more limited and different traits. Puppypillars are fully-fledged characters as-is, but can also "grow up" into Puppillars if/when their owner decides to do so! For more general informaton about Puppypillars, see our Puppypillar Species Guide.

What is a snailkitten?

Snailkittens are a subtype of our secondary species, Snailkittens! They are baby versions of snailkittens, and differ in appearance from their adult versions, namely in the fact that snailkittens don't have a shell. Snailcats are also fully-fledged characters with masterlist entries, but they can also "grow up" into snailcats if/when thier owner decides to do so. For more general information about snailkittens, see our Snailkitten Species Guide.



How do I obtain a puppyPillar or snailkitten?

There are a few different ways to obtain a Puppypillars/Snailkittens:

  • Standard Breeding: Commissioning a staff artist to create a Puppypillar/snailkittens (or up to two of whichever) based on two "parents".  For more information, see our artist customs page here!
  • Raffle Breeding: We will occasionally host free to enter raffles where the winner of a breeding is drawn at random. The staff artist will create a batch of Puppypillarsor Snailkittens based on two "parents". The owner(s) of the parents will get first pick from the batch, and the remainder of the batch will be raffled off
  • Adoptables: Occasionally, puppypillar or snailkitten adoptables will be available for sale or raffle! These don't have any "parents" and are unique in design.
  • Customs: Members can order  custom Puppypillar or Snailkitten through our Artist Custom System!
  • Raffles or Events: Occasionally we will offer puppypillar/snailkitten breedings or adoptables from the arpg
How do I grow my Puppypillar/Snailkitten?

General Growing Up Rules

  • All Puppypillars/Snailkittens have an assigned rarity, and the adult design can only use traits of that rarity or below
    • For puppypillats, you may use items like Upgrade Tickets, Special Potions, and Magic Potions
  • All adult growth designs must be recognizeable as the original Puppypillar/snailkitten design, some tweaks may be added but it must look like it could be the grown up puppypillar/snailkitten
  • You may design the adult design yourself, or commission a staff artist to design them for you via Artist Customs

The Puppypillar/Snailkitten growing process is done via Design Updates, a full tutorial can be found at our Design Update Tutorial!