Puppypillar Tutorial

Created: 8 April 2021, 16:06:32 CDT
Last updated: 12 August 2022, 17:05:16 CDT

Welcome to the Puppypillar Tutorial


what is a puppypillar?

Puppypillars are a subtype of our main species, Puppillars, and are "baby" versions of Puppillars. Their appearance differs from fully grown Puppillars and they have more limited and different traits. Puppypillars are fully-fledged characters as-is, but can also "grow up" into Puppillars if/when their owner decides to do so! For more general informaton about Puppypillars, see our Puppypillar Species Guide.


How do I obtain a puppyPillar?

There are a few different ways to obtain a Puppypillars:

  • Standard Breeding: Commissioning a staff artist to create a Puppypillar (or puppypillars) based on two "parent" Puppillars
  • Raffle Breeding: We will occasionally host free to enter raffles where the winner of a breeding is drawn at random. The staff artist will create a batch of Puppypillars based on two "parent" puppillars. The owner(s) of the parents will get first pick from the batch, and the remainder of the batch will be raffled off
  • Adoptables: Occasionally, puppypillar adoptables will be available for sale or raffle! These puppypillars don't have any "parents" and are unique in design.
  • Customs: Members can order  custom Puppypillar through our Artist Custom System!
  • Raffles or Events: Occasionally we will offer puppypillar breedings or adoptables from the arpg


How do I order a Standard Breeding?

General Standard Breeding Rules

  • All Standard Breedings will be based on the designs of Two "parent" Puppillars, if you are interested in a Puppypillar based off one "parent" or more than two "parents" you may order a custom Puppypillar via  our Artist Custom System (the price between both options is the same)!
  • Parentage and which puppillars enter a breeding together does not have to be canon to your characters, and is not reflected mechaniclly in the ARPG in any way
  • All breedings require permission from the owners of both puppillars involved 
  • Puppypillar ownership is determind by who pays for the breeding, in the case where there are two puppypillars and two owners both contributing to the cost, the owners will decide between themselves who gets which puppypillar
  • All Puppypillar designs will be based off the parent Puppillars, and will have a rarity based off the parent with the higher rarity, capped at Super Rare
    • Requests for traits and/or specific design elements cannot be accomodated, due to the nature of the breeding, if you atre more particular, consider a custom!


Standard Breedings can include up to two Puppypillars, at the rate of $15 per Puppypillar.


Once you have decided on the parent Puppillars, you will submit to the Puppypillar Breeding prompt using the following form (also located in the prompt itself:

Member(s) Involved in the Breeding: 
Paypal Address(es) of who is paying:
Parent Puppillar 1:
Parent Puppillar 2:
# of Puppypillars:

Once the order is placed, Paypal Invoice(s) will be sent out, once everything is paid, the artist will start work on your Puppypillar(s)! 


How do I grow my Puppypillar?

General Growing Up Rules

  • All Puppypillars have an assigned rarity, and the adult design can only use traits of that rarity or below, however, you may use items like Upgrade Tickets, Special Potions, and Magic Potions
  • All adult growth designs must be recognizeable as the original Puppypillar design, some tweaks may be added but it must look like it could be the grown up puppypillar
  • You may design the adult design yourself, or commission a staff artist to design them for you via Artist Customs

The Puppypillar growing process is done via Design Updates, a full tutorial can be found at our Design Update Tutorial!