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Hi everyone! Today we have three awesome adoptables from the owners of Fanteles, andie and Inkcess !They have generoisty donated these designs to go towards the costs of our servers for the nexy year, so please send them some love! Fanteles is also having a big event right now, including a MYO Event, so its worth checking them out!

And now... for the adopts!

All three adopts are available for Flatsale of $10 each, and as a special bonus, eavh buyer will also get a Bean Style art peice from Provie !
Click the Masterlist number to see the full trait list!


Pup-223 - "Blue Fern" by andie - SOLD new owner AcuteExposure


Pup-224 - "Feelin Blue" by Inkcess - SOLD - new owner uzkost

SNIL-021 - "Dino Plushy" by Inkcess - SOLD new owner Rabenmorgen

Comment below to claim!

Please follow common courtesy! 
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Rabenmorgen Avatar

SNIL-021 - "Dino Plushy" please!

2021-04-17 18:41:27 (Edited 2021-06-05 17:52:27)

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member

You got it! Will Message you right now :)

2021-04-17 18:45:32 (Edited 2021-06-05 17:52:27)

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