Dev Logs

Our first Devlog!

Posted 2 weeks ago :: Last edited 2 weeks ago by Provie

Hi everyone! Welcome to our introductory dev log! We will be using this category for our smaller updates!

andie has been hard at work with a lot of updates and fixes to the site!

Bug Fixes
  • Firstly, the profile bug has been fixed! All profiles will now properly display!
  • We have an update on the bug with wishlists showing a 404 page, its not completely fixed but only the "Default" wishlist is being effected, so if you create a new wishlist you can use that as normal!
New Features
  • The news page now has a sidebar listing all news headlines on that page, and dev log headlines on that page!
  • We have added a Safety Deposit Box feature! This will allow you to add objects to your SDB from your inventory to keep them away from the main inventory for safe keeping if you feel like it!
Coming soon
  • Fetch Quests, Collections, and Dailies have been added to the site, but we will be building these out furthur in the next few months, and moreso in the next year! For now, Fetch Quests is running in a temporary state, feel free to try it out but please be aware that we will be changing it eventually!