September News!

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Hi Everyone! Welcome to September!

August was a busy month for me, so things have been a lil slow over the last month, but there have been some amazing guest adoptables and some new updates!

Fall seasonal trader

Marcus has all manner of spooky and fall themed items in his shop, including the ghost companions from last year's Haunted Server event! More items will be added to his shop this season, so keep an eye out, and if you have any suggestions, please share them in our Discord Server! These items will be available until November 30th, so grab them while you can!

Click here to visit the Seasonal Trader's Shop!


New Lore Page

One of the main new updates for this month is the introduction of an important lore page, The Puppillars World! This page provides a great basic overview of the world, the magic of the world, and how puppillars and snailcats fit into the world. There have been a few updates to this page over the last few days, and it will eventually get some graphics to spice it up, but the information is considered complete! If there is anything that seems to be missing, or if you have any questions about the world of puppillars, please feel free to ask on our Discord Server!

Click here to read the Puppillars World


Project and other updates

The Puppypillar Raffle will happen sometime this month! I was hoping to have the puppypillars done last month, but wound upsuer busy, so I will be working on the batch of 5 puppypillars, 4 of which will be raffled off once the winner of the main raffle, Oboe, has thier pick of which one to keep! Apologies for the delay!

Guide and Lore Updates are ongoing! The major update is the Puppillars World Update, but I plan on continuing to chug along with more updates and adding graphics to the guides. Keep an eye on our Discord Server, as I might occasionally post polls on what I should work on next!

The Masterlist project will be starting up again soon! The bug mentioned in a previous news post ha been fixed, so I will start adding in extra images ad re-uploading images soon!


Coming Soon...

Spooky season is approaching! Things have been kinda slow on Puppillars, but we have a few spooky time themed activities coming up soon! October will have some fun stuff in store, including the return of Trick or Treating and the retrurn of the Haunted Server game over at our Discord! We also have some adoptables planned.... but more on that is to come. :3c


Currently open adopts

There are three adoptables currently still open from this round of Guest Artists! Take a look and perhaps take one of these cuties home with you!


Bioluminescent Beach by 4sparkles
Click here to view the sales post


Funnel Cake and Roller Coaster by Hawkins
Click here to view the sales post

That's all for this news update! Thanks for tuning in!



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