Guest Artist Info

Created: 19 October 2020, 10:03:56 CDT
Last updated: 6 July 2023, 10:45:34 CDT
All guest artist openings will be announced via the news page!

Please check there and keep an eye on it to be aware of any guest artist openings!

Interested in making some adoptables for Puppillars? Puppillar Guest Artists will be able to create and sell a set amount of adoptables for the group, which will be official adoptables which can be used in our ARPG. In most cases, Guest Artists will be able to use Common and Rare traits for their adoptables. Guest Artists will keep 100% of the proceeds from the sale of their adoptables! 

A typical guest artist set will be two adoptables, but different guest artist calls may have different amounts, themes, or may be specifically for a certain species. All details will be available on the form for the specific guest artist opening!


How to apply

When applications are open, we will post the link to a google form for that specific Guest Artist opening! The form requires examples of past designs, so please be prepared to share some. Personal designs are welcome as examples! There is no restriction for previous guest artists reapplying, with the exception that your previous guest artist set must be completed (only art wise and being posted, they don't have to all be sold), though if there are many applicants, those who have not had a chance to do a guest set may get priority in order to give more people the chance.

Being a member of our site is highly prefferred, but we will consider applications from non members (though typically in a guest artist opening cycle, we will give members priority). Interested parties can apply by using the same google form.


Guest artist swaps

Guest artist swaps are always open! If you are the owner of a closed species, and would like to do a Guest Artist swap with Provie (where you do a set for Puppillars and Provie or another staff member does a guest artist set for your species) please reach out either via Discord, Toyhouse, or Twitter and we can work out the specifics!