[Open] Maikia Guest Set!

Posted 2 weeks ago :: Last edited 1 week ago by Provie

Happy Saturday!!! We have some adorable new Guest Adopts today from the amazing Maikia !!

Both adopts are Flatsale, prices listed under each adopt!
Click the masterlist number to see the full trait list!


PUP-225 - $10

Pup-226 - SOLD - New owner Nhrive

Comment below to claim!

Please follow common courtesy! 
Only claim what you can afford | Do not edit claim posts 



Nhrive Avatar
Nhrive Staff Member

I NEED Pup-226! I'll snag them owo

2021-04-24 19:31:16

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member

thank you for claiming! the artist will contact you shortly for payment details!

2021-04-24 19:37:44

Nhrive Avatar
Nhrive Staff Member

Perfect <3 Thank you!

2021-04-24 19:43:04

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