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[Plot] Something's Amiss in the Puppillars World...

Posted 27 December 2022, 13:35:07 CST by Provie
update 1/21: 

The participation threshold has been met for this step's reveals! 

Rover Wagstaff and Jake Barker are now on the masterlist!

Rover's Journal has been updated!

The Plot Step Story page has been updated with an interview between Rover and Jake!

The next plot step will be posted on Feb 1st, and reminder that there's no time limit on the plot main activities, only the mini activities! So if you'd like to snag a mini magic potion, make sure to complete the mini activity by January 31st!


Hello everyone, and welcome to the Daily Bark, with me, Jake Barker, your daily news source for the goings on in New Barkston and beyond! Happy New Year everybody! I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Years, I'm sure everyone is also looking forward to the Festival of the New Moon, and I'm happy to report we won't be waiting very long, as the first Full Moon of this year falls on the sixth of this month! So get ready to party and howl! At least there's some time for everyone to get prepared for thier Festival of the New Moon parties, even if New Year's and New Moon are close together this year.

Now, onto some more serious news, I know we have a lot of fun here, and its a fun time of year, but here at the Daily Bark, we have been getting scattered reports of puppillars having issues with magical abilities lately. Now, I don't want to alarm anyone, especially since these reports just started, and there's only been a few reports so far, but anyone who has a magic ability or interacts with magic regularly should be careful! And of course, if you have any reports of your own regarding this phenomenon, please let us know!

As I mentioned, there have only been scattered reports so far, and they have only been coming out in the last twenty four hours or so, so we can only really speculate as to what could be going on. Maybe its just a fluke, a weird coincidence that a few pupps have had issues with thier abilities, but here at the Daily Bark, we will be following this story closely in case something bigger is happening! So make sure you tune in tomorrow, at the same time for any developments, as you'll hear them here first!

Welcome to part one of our first ever puppillars plot!

We have lots of fun in store this year with our first ever plot, plan on monthly stories and activities (both big and small), as well as new lore info, and other fun surprises along the way! I hope that this plot will provide a lot of fun and round out the puppillars world for everyone!

Here's how the plot will work:

  • Each month a plot step will be posted in the news, and added to the Plot: The Source of Magic prompt, with instructions on how to complete this step of the plot
    • Each step will be different, so please read the steps thoroughly!
    • Plots will function mostly like quests, they will always be available after they launch and they can only be completed once per member! However, unlike quests, plot steps can be completed in any order
  • Plot participation will be tracked, and extra lore and/or journal entries by Rover Wagstaff will be unlocked each month once a participation threshold is met
    • If the participation threshold isn't met, never fear, the lore will be revealed once the next plot step is posted
  • Each plot step will have a Main Activity and a Mini Activity
    • The Main Activity will be submitted to the Prompt for individual member's advancement in the plot journey, and count towards general plot participation. Each Main Activity will also have a prize for each step
    • The Mini Activity will be an optional bonus activity which will also count towards plot participation, and may have small prizes depending on the activity

Plot step one: Magic Malfunctions?

As reported by Jake Barker,  something is amiss with magic in the puppillars world! Magic is a part of daily life in this world, but magic seems to be on the fritz, causing issues for puppillars and snailcats throughout the land. Though we're not sure of a cause yet, maybe collecting more firsthand data will help us figure out what to do...

Main Activity:  Depict your character having issues with magic, or coming across another puppillar/snailcat having issues with magic

Mini Activity: Reply to the comment below with a short, firsthand account of witnessing an incident with magic, in the perspective of your character!

Activity Guidelines:
  1. Members do not need to own a Puppillar or Snailcat in order to participate, members are free to use any of our NPCs, or draw other member's characters (with their permission!)
    1. In the case of these activities, members may invent a "fake" character with Magic they can discuss in their activities
  2. Main Activities must be submitted to the Source of Magic Plot Gallery, and must be submitted to the Plot: Source of Magic Prompt to receive the designated rewards and count for plot participation
  3. Art/writing submissions must be worth at least 20 treats to be valid for plot participation and individual advancement
    1. Details on Treat values for art/writing can be found at our Currencies, Items, and Awards Page
  4. Members can complete the activities once per member
Plot Step Prize(s)

For completing the Main Activity, members will be rewarded with a Major Magic Potion


For completing the Mini Activity, members will be rewarded with a Mini Magic Potion

<a href=

If the plot participation threshold is met, a Journal Entry by Rover Wagstaff, an interview with Jake Barker and Rover Wagstaff, and msterlist entries for Jake and Rover's NPCs will be unlocked!

What a week... January Roundup!

Posted 8 January 2023, 11:29:55 CST by Provie

Hello everyone! I know that this first week of January has been kinda hectic with a lot of posts, but it just so happened that we had some stuff that I wanted to start this year being at the same time as the plot, so time for a roundup of the stuff going on right now as a reminder and to have it all in one place!

Our first step of our first plot

The biggest thing going on right now is the first step for our plot, The Source of Magic! There is a main activity to complete, that functions like a quest and will always be able to completed at your own pace, and a mini activity that will close at the end of the month! Members can earn a Major Magic potion for completing the main activity and a Mini Magic Potion for completing the mini activity!

<a href=" Magic Potion" class="display-item">Major Magic Potion</a><a href=" Magic Potion" class="display-item">Mini Magic Potion</a>
Click here to go to the plot news post!

New Year's Raffle!

To celebrate the new year,  we are having a raffle for some Special Occasion Presents (which have a random myo and a bonus trait changing item)! Every 10 tickets in the raffle will unlock another present being raffled off! The raffle will close on January 20th, so get those tickets in!

<a href=" Occasion Present" class="display-item">Special Occasion Present</a><a href=" Occasion Present" class="display-item">Special Occasion Present</a><a href=" Occasion Present" class="display-item">Special Occasion Present</a>

Click here to go to the raffle post!

Festival of the New Moon

The first of our annual holidays is happening now! The Fetsival of the New Moon has a simple prompt to complete, and each time the prompt is completed members will recieve a Festival of the New Moon Goodie Bag, which has two fun holiday items and 50 bonus treats! The holiday will end on January 20th, so get those prompts in! To celebrate, we also have some lovely adopts by Howee

<a href=" of the New Moon Goodie Bag" class="display-item">Festival of the New Moon Goodie Bag</a><a href=" of the New Moon Goodie Bag" class="display-item">Festival of the New Moon Goodie Bag</a><a href=" of the New Moon Goodie Bag" class="display-item">Festival of the New Moon Goodie Bag</a>
Click here to view the Holiday Prompt!
Click here to see the Holiday Adopts!


Whew, that's everything! I hope you guys enjoy the various stuff going on right now, we really kinda ramped up the new year, but things like the holidays will be spread out this year so it won't always be as crazy. Grab all that fun stuff while you can :D

New Premium Currency and Ko-fi Membership!

Posted 3 January 2023, 12:40:21 CST by Provie

Premium currency and ko-fi memberships are here!

As mentioned in the previous news post, I have been working on some updates to how MYOs can be purchased, after hammering out the details I am happy to announce that the changes are now live!

New premium currency: Nuggies!

What could be more luxurious than delicious dog treats? Chicken Nuggies of course! Our new premium currency, Nuggies, can be purchased for USD and used in the new shop, The Nuggie Shack, to purchase things like MYOs! This will streamline the MYO process a bit for everyone. Nuggies can be purchased via our Purchase Nuggies Prompt (essentially the same as it works now) or through our shop on our new Ko-fi page!


Ko-fi Memberships now available!

Along with the ability to purchase Nuggies on our Ko-fi, I have also opened up Ko-fi memberships for anyone who wants to support puppillars and get some nice perks while doing so! Full details are listed on our Ko-fi Membership page, but here's a screencap of the ranks and perks!


As always, I appriciate any sort of support people provide for Puppillars, including even just being an active member!
To see a list of the ways to support Puppillars, check out our How to Support Us page!

Happy New Year's!

Posted 2 January 2023, 12:27:05 CST by Provie


Happy new year's everyone!!

While our main event, the first ever Puppillars Plot, has already been posted, I wanted to post a roundup of other stuff and updates to start out the new year! There's a lot of fun stuff going on this year, so let's all get hyped! 


2023 news and updates

Thanks to everyone for taking the 2022 Puppillars Survey in November! The feedback was really helpful and there are a few things I wanna note from the survey

  • Snailcat MYOs will remain ARPG exclusive, meaning they will only be available in Apollo's General store for Treats. This may change in the future (will have future surveys) but for now they will stay where they are!
  • A much loved option from the survey, we will be adding a Premium Currency and Premium Currency Shop to the site, names are TBD but this will give more flexible options for purchasing MYOs and other items for USD
    • The "Purchase MYOs" prompt will be updated to the "Buy (Name of Premium Currency" prompt, which will function the same but grant premium currency, which can be spent in the shop
  • I am opening a Ko-Fi page for Puppillars! The new Ko-fi page will have some great new features
    • Members can also purchase premium currency through the Ko-fi shop (one less step than submitting the prompt on site, but currency will still be granted manually)
    • Ko-fi Memberships will also be opening, with lots of fun perks for those who wish to contribue monthly! More details will be revealed in the next few days!
New Year's Raffle

To celebrate the new year, we will be holding a raffle to raffle off some Special Occasion Presents! Members can earn tickets by doing the following:

  • Commenting on this news post to claim one free ticket
  • Advertise the site for up to three tickets (one per ad on a unique site/social media)
  • Include something you are looking forward to in 2023, whether it be Puppillars related or not, in your comment

The amount of presents raffled will be determind by the amount of tickets, with 1 for every 10 tickets!
The raffle will be open until January 20th, 2023 at Midnight Site time!
The raffle can be viewed here!

The Year to come

The "main event" this year will be our plot, which will have activities once a month that members will be able to participate in! With this going on, there will be no major events this year (think Dungeon Doggos or Bark Park Music Fest), but we will be having small Mini-events throughout the year to highlight the various holidays in the Puppillars world, the first of which will be the Festival of the New Moon, which will feature a prompt and possibly some adopts, which will start January 6th!

Of course, we will also still be having our usual festivities for the Puppillars Anniversary (in February), Pride Month (in June), and Art Fight (in July)!


thank you

I wanna finish up this news post with a big THANK YOU to everyone for making our Winter Advent such a success! I was kinda nervous about having such a big undertaking but seeing everyone's excitement and support of the advent every day made it well worth it! It was so excited to see everyone posting in the discord, and even seeing a few new members join up, and I hope we can carry on some of that energy into this year!

While the majority of the adopts have been claimed, we still have some open adopts from the advent:

"First Snow" by andie | "Snow Day" by Nhrive | "Santa Claws" by Hawkins

"Snowman" by RexAraneo | "Tropical Winter" by andie | "Christmas Ornament" by Howee

"Fireplace Stories" by RexAraneo | "Snowglobe" by Nhrive

If you wanna snag any of these lovelies, check out the Sales Post here!

Wishing everyone an amazing 2023!!!

Happy December!!

Posted 30 November 2022, 22:37:34 CST by Provie

❄️❄️ Happy december! ❄️❄️

It's the month of Holidays, and we have a lot of fun stuff going on here at Puppillars! Visiting our site this month will be full of fun stuff, with adoptables from our Winted Adoptable Advent being posted daily, as well as our Winter Item Advent where members can claim an item once per day!

Winter Adoptable Advent

Our Winter Adoptable Advent opened for pre-claims last month, and this month all the adoptables will be posted, once per day! All adoptables will be added to the site and added to the sales post so people can see them all together, and we can keep track of which have sold!

For adoptables that haven't been claimed yet (or are OTA) they will still be able to claimed/offered on before they are posted, once they are posted artists will be choosing offers for the OTA adoptables when they are ready to, so if you like one of the adoptables, make sure to get your offers in!

Now that December is here, the results for the Winter Advent Raffle are here! Congrats to Pooka and Oboe ! I will reach out to you for details! Once themes are chosen, they will be added to the Adopt Advent page!

Click here to go to the adoptable advent page!

winter item advent

Starting December 1st, make sure to log on once per day, not only to see the lovely adopts, members will be able to claim a new item each day for our Winter Item Advent! The items are themed around the holidays, winter in general, and being cozy! Some of the items line up with the themes of the adopts from the adoptable advent too, so enjoy the fun random theme days!

Members who claim every day of the advent will also be eligible for a bonus at the end,  a Special Occasion Present (which can be opened to recieve a MYO item and an extra bonus item!)

Click here to go to the item advent! 
(you will have to use this link each day to collect your item!)

New misc items!

When making items for the advent, I made some general colors for some of the items too, so the following items have been added to the site!

<a href=736-image.png
Cable Knit Sweaters are available at the Seasonal Trader's Shop in his Winter Stock!

The Pembroke Squashy Plush is available at Apollo's General Store!

The Chance Squashy Plush is available as a random chance from Chance's Gacha!


Have a happy and fun December everyone! Next month we can look forward to the start of our upcoming plot!

Winter Advent and Survey!!!

Posted 13 November 2022, 15:36:55 CST by Provie
update 11/15: its OPEN! Head on over to check it out!!

Hi everyone!!! As promised, the Winter Advent has been posted!! The advent will have a 24 hour preview period, and will open for claims/offers on November 15th, 2022! The advent also has a raffle, I will be raffling off two semi-customs as part of the advent, so even if you might not be interested in grabbing a slot, check out the advent page for all the details!

Click here to go to the Advent Post!


As the end of the year approaches, I have created a survey to get some opinions on what members would like to see going forward! All opinions are appricated as I strive to make puppillars the best it can be!! Members can get three bonus tickets for the Winter Advent by completing the survey!

Click here to take the survey!

OTA Kiosk Open!!!

Posted 1 November 2022, 09:38:29 CDT by Provie


Happy november everyone!!! The OTA KIosk is now open!

The OTA Kiosk is where you can offer stuff like art for customs, myos, and even puppypillar breedings! The Kiosk will be open from November 1st to November 14th, so get those offers in! Some things have also changed slightly, so please read through the page and make sure to post using the posted form in the comment!

Click here to go to the OTA Kiosk!
  • The Winter Advent is being worked on behid the scenes, so get hyped! Themes and dates will be revealed on November 15th, when slots for the Advent go on sale! Adopts will be posted starting on December 1st, and go through the entire month, with some fun surprises along the way!!
  • December will also have another reason to check the site daily, along side the reveals of the advent adopts, there will also be a daily item advent!
  • Our first Puppillars plot/storyline will be starting up in January! Its being worked on behind the scenes now, but will have some fun surprises and things like lore added to the site!!

Spooky Time is Upon us! Happy October!

Posted 28 September 2022, 14:48:57 CDT by Provie

Happy october one and all!!


There's a chill in the air, leaves are staring to turn and fall, and of course, everything is flavored with Pumpkin Spice... it can only mean one thing! Fall is here, and along with that, Spooky Season! To celebrate the season, we have a few fun activities, some new items, and are also looking forward to the next holiday....


<a href=<a href=<a href=


Mini-event: Trick or Treat Trail 2022

It's time for some trick or treating! Everyone loves candy, right? And its so easy to go door to door and get some free candy, especially using Pembroke's Trick or Treat Trail Map he provides to the young and young at heart this time of year.

Except... we have a problem this year... it looks like Orange got into the trick or treat trail maps and used them for some arts and crafts, cutting them all up. Luckily, Pembroke was able to salvage some of the photos of the Trick or Treat Trail participants, so you should be able to hit them up for candy.... if you can figure out who's who in the photos!

Mini-Event Rules:
  1. Only registered members of may participate, by registering on our website you automatically agree to our Terms of Service
  2. Both admins and members can participate in the event (Provie is the sole hider of the scavenger hunt targets!)
  3. Do not share the locations or links to any of the orbs with others, or give hints to others. This is considered cheating, anyone found doing so will receive a warning or possibly a ban depending on account standing
  4. Please be respectful of other people's experiences when discussing the scavenger hunt, including discussing how "hard" or "easy" a location may be, since everyone will have a different experience!
  5. The event will end at the end of the day (site time) on October 31st, 2022
Mini-event Summary:

This event is a Scavenger Hunt, with a bit of a twist! Below are cropped images of some Puppillars characters, members must match the image clues to characters on the masterlist to find their treats! As with all scavenger hunts, simply click the image when you find it to recieve the item! Some things to note:

  • All of the hunt targets will be on our Character Masterlist, under the "Notes" tab on the main right hand side box
  • NPCs, Puppillars, Snailcats, and Puppypillars are all eligible to have a hunt target
  • The images have not been edited besides being cropped and in some cases zoomed in
  • The scavenger hunt is technically split into two due to technical constraints, so you can check your progress using these the following two links
The Clues


Goof luck and happy hunting!




Haunted Server 2022

Our Haunted Server activity is back in our Discord Server! Keep an eye on the server to claim this year's spooky Companions, the Skellies! Make sure to add the Server Events ping role to yourself before it starts if you want notifications when a companion is available!

<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=

Get the skellies while you can!!



Some spooky New Fall items and new General Items

Tis the season for some new fall items! We have a set of Witch Hats, Spooky Fancy Bows, More Pumpkins, and some Fall Hedgehogs, which can all be found in the Seasonal Trader's Shop! These will be on sale until the shop rotates for the season on November 30th, 2022!

<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=

<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=

<a href=<a href=<a href=

<a href=<a href=

We also have some new year round companions which are now stocking in the Companion Shop! More Worm on a String, and the Hedgehog!

<a href=<a href=<a href=

<a href=

Enjoy this pile of new fun stuff!!!



Winter Advent Guest Artist Applications

In preparation for our Winter Advent in December, we are doing a huge guest artist opportunity! Since this is for a specific adoptable set, the process will be a little different than normal, and will be using a Google Form to take applications we plan on making this a somewhat large advent. so the more the merrier! All are welcome to apply, regardless of how recently they have been a guest artist. As with our last recent Guest Artist opportunity, non-members may apply, though members will have priority, so feel free to spread the news to friends who would be interested! Some extra things to note:

  • As with all Guest Artist Opportunities, Guest Artists will receive all proceeds for their adoptable
  • For this Opportunity, we will be asking each guest artist to do one adoptable
  • Staff members are also participating in the advent
  • Pricing is still TBD, and will be discussed/voted on once applications are processed, but OTA will also be an option for those interested

Advent Schedule (subject to slight changes)

Oct 1st - 15th - Applications Open
Oct 16th - Oct 31st - Participants and staff decide pricing, themes, and posting date assignments in Discord
Nov 1st - Nov 30th - Participants work on their adoptables, checking in with Provie via DMs
(Around) November 15th - Nov 30th - Themes will be posted and can be claimed by members
Dec 1st - However many days worth we get - Adoptables revealed daily!

To apply, please click here to fill out the Google Form!

Applications will close at the end of the day, site time, October 15th, 2022

Happy Spooky Season one and all!!!

Bark Park, New Staff and Bases!!

Posted 11 September 2022, 14:56:56 CDT by Provie

Hi everyone! Got a few lil announcements for you all today!!

<a href=<a href=<a href=

Bark park adventure area is live!

As promised, we have a new adventuring area, Bark Park! The park is a Level 1 Adventuring area, so anyone with their adventuring liscence can jump in right away to hunt some of the new items only found in the park! We hope you enjoy this new area!


new staff members!

We are happy to announce that we have added three new staff members to our ranks! A big puppillars welcome to wanderandfriend our new Admin Assistant and to Hawkins and Howee our new Official Artists!


Free to use bases now available!

I am also happy to announce I have launched our new Free to use Bases page! These bases may be used by members to create MYOs, for all the details check out the page linked above! We are still deciding some of the details, so the rules may be tweaked a bit, especially in regards to how the base can be used!

That's all for now!!! Soon Halloween will be upon us, so be ready for some tricks and treats this year!

Staff Applications Open! (+ holiday updates!)

Posted 30 August 2022, 13:03:45 CDT by Provie


Puppillars staff applications are open!

With an uptick in members and lots of exciting stuff planned for the future, we have some openings for new staff members to help keep us going! We are currently looking to add at least one Official Artist and one Admin Assistant to our ranks, each role is as follows:

  • Official Artists are responsible for helping to create new art assets for the site, such as item art and art for events and features. Official Artists may be called on to design NPC characters, and take on Custom/Redesign orders through our Artist Customs feature! While all staff members get the opportunity to create adopts for group sets, Official Artists are also allowed to do a set of adoptables whenever they wish! Depending on need, and if they so choose, Official Artists may also help out with non-art tasks.
  • Admin Assistants are responsible for the processing and development side of things. Admin Assistants help by processing the various prompts/claims/etc on our site, as well as helping to develop new features and events. While we take input from all staff members for new events and features, Admin Assistants have the opportunity to take the reigns on things to a higher degree, such as conceptualizing and running an event from start to finish, or suggesting a new feature to work on with the rest of the staff.

Besides those more specific responsibilities, shared responsibilities include:

  • "Pinch Hitting" for any art or development tasks as needed, if able. Though we have more specific roles, the roles are also fairly flexible! If there's something you want to help out with or try something new, that's more than welcome!
  • Participating in staff discussions to make overall decisions on group policy and ideas for events and features. While Provie has final say in policy, opinions are always necessary so we can get different perspectives!
  • Moderating the Puppillars site/discord. As a staff member, you are responsible to keep an eye on things while you can, if something happens, bring it up to the rest of the staff!

Of course, being a staff member comes with some perks, which include the following:

  • All staff members will receive the appropriate rank/role on the site and the discord server
  • All staff members have the opportunity to create adoptables for the site, through special sets/advents/or by requesting to for staff rewards
    • Official Artists have the ability to create a guest set whenever they wish, and are also take on custom design/redesign work via artist customs
  • All staff members are eligible to request Staff Rewards for their work, which can include the following:
    • Treats or other ARPG items, including MYO and Trait Changing Items
    • Custom characters or puppypillar breedings from Provie
    • General Art from Provie (non-puppillar art/designs is ok)
    • The ability to create an adoptable set for the group
    • Any currently open adoptables (or puppillars that are for resale/trade) paid for by Provie

How to Apply

To apply, you must fit the following requirements:

  • Must be a member of the site (you will need to to apply anyway!)
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must have Discord for communication
  • Must love dogs (ok this one is a joke but you know... dogs! :3)

All applications must be submitted to our Staff Applications Prompt, submitting the following form:

Name: (if different from site username)
Age: (doesn't need to be specific, can be general such as "Early 20s" or just confirm you are over 18)
Location/Time Zone: (once again, doesn't need to be specific! Time zone or continent will suffice)
Position Applying for: (Official Artist or Admin Assistant - you can also specify either if you would like to apply for both)
Relevant Experience: (doesn't have to be specifically working with an ARPG, can be anything you think demonstrates your experience and why you'd make a good staff member. For Official Artist applicants, please include links to art such as designs/stuff that can be relevant to item or event art)
Why are You Interested in Being on Staff?:
What is one thing you would love to add, change, or improve in the ARPG?:

Application will be open for one week, until September 7th, 2022 at the end of the day, site time!
If you have any questions, please comment below, post in the #ask-staff channel on our discord server, or DM Provie!



The holidays are soon upon us!

With summer coming to a close, and our last big event wrapped up, I wanted to post an update and a bit of a timeline for what the rest of the year will look like for Puppillars! We have some big plans for next year that we will be gearing up for over the next few months, but in the meantime we will also have some smaller fun activities for the fall and winter!

In September we will be rolling out a new adenture area, Bark Park! This will be an adventure area with a more urban flair, if you enjoyed the music fest, feel free to stop on by the park throughout the year and see what you find!

In October we will be hosting a Scavenger Hunt event, with a bit of a twist! The theming for our Halloween Event will be Halloween Candy, so if you have any favorite candies, let us know in the comments below or in the #suggestions channel on discord! We will also have the return of our Haunted Server discord activity, with fun new companions to collect!

In November, we will be opening the OTA Kiosk once again for Black Friday! This will be the time to offer art and other things for stuff like customs, MYO items, and puppypillar breedings! The OTA Kiosk will be open November 25th through November 30th, and as with last year completion of customs may take some time.

In December we will be having a double advent calendar, with both an Adopt Advent and Item Advent Colander running a TBD amount of days! Festive goodies will be able to be claimed, and wintery adopts will be available (with slots going on sale sometime before the advent starts). For the adoptable advent, we are also planning on including Guest Artists for the first time, to bring forth a very merry bunch of adopts. Keep an eye out for a call for Guest Artists in late October/early November!

In January and beyond...
As mentioned above, we have some big plans for next year, details are still being worked on, but next year we will be having Puppillars' first big overarching plot with a story everyone can participate in! This will include new NPCs, new stories and lore to read, activities to participate in, and some fun surprises along the way! Member participation will be a factor that influences the event, so be ready to join in on the fun!!