Puppillars Holidays

Created: 4 May 2021, 22:52:16 CDT
Last updated: 9 July 2021, 19:41:03 CDT
Festival of the New Moon - Early January

The first Full Moon of the year is a big holiday for Puppillars, where they ring in the new year with a big celebration! During the day of the first Full Moon, Puppillars have big parades and marches throughout their secret glades, making as much noise as possible to chase away any bad energy trying to take root in the new year. The motto of the holiday is "Howl, Bark, and Dance" and Puppillars certainly try to live up to it every year, making lots of noise and having big parties!

Holiday Traditions: Parades, outdoor parties, howling competitions, banging on pots and pans, singing and dancing  in the streets, block parties, live music


Ducky Days - April

What better way to show your love or admiration for someone than a rubber ducky? Puppillars absoluetly love rubber duckies (especially ones that squeak), so over the years a tradition developed to give rubber duckies to friends and loved ones during the springtime. Many varieties of ducky are been produced throughout the year, and often puppillars will buy them throughout the year in order to pick out the perfect one to gift to someone. Rubber Duck vendors often visit larger Secret Glades during the holiday, giving away, selling, and trading rubber ducks.

Holiday Traditions: Gifting duckies, grabbing ducks for your own collection, showing your appriciation for those you care about (even if it doesn't involve gifts),  spending quality time with loved ones


Feast of the Beast - Late October/Early November

Coming soon!



Cozytide - December

Wintertime is all about getting cozy for Puppillars! Cozytide is a time where Puppillars like to settle in and re-focus for the end of the year, spending time with friends and family, and aiming to be as comfy as possible. During Cozytide, many Puppillars have get togethers with friends and family, sharing food, stories, and giving gifts. Puppillars try to make Cozytide a relaxing and happy time, and often commit to acts of charity over the course of the month. A Cozytide gathering often has everyone bringing food, even if it wasn't asked for, and often bringing along "strays" who don't have family around. Many new friends are made during Cozytide.

The tradition of Cozytide stems from the puppillars of years past banding together to survive a cold winter. Puppillars have a very strong pack instinct, and typically strive to help others get through what can sometimes be a harsh season. Puppillars often opened up their home to the less fortunate, and this tradition continues on today.

Holiday Traditions: get togethers with friends and family, giving gifts, campfires, spending time by the fireplace, meals with family, cooking for others and giving food gifts, quiet indoor activities, charity, making sure everyone is included