Happy August!!

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Happy August Everyone!

Once again I'm here with a nice update roundup for this month! I hope everyone had fun with Art Fight last month, it was super fun to see everyone's art and people participating in Chance's Gacha Generosity! Can't wait to see what people get from Gacha, good luck to anyone who opens some capsules! I opened a few myself and added some nice stuff to the Donation Shop :3c always good to keep an eye on the shop, you never know what you might find there!


Puppypillar Raffle!

The winner of the July Puppypillar raffle has been drawn! The result can be seen on the Raffle Page, congrats to Oboe ! I will reach out to you shortly with details! After the puppypillars have been created, the unclaimed ones will be raffled off as well, so keep an eye out for updates!


Spotlight character

One of our new features is a Featured Character on our Homepage! We will periodically be switching out the character to be spotlighted, and may have nominations and/or voting in the future for what character is the spotlight, but for this round, staff has selected Taro, owned by Hawkins ! Taro has had some lovely art made lately, and is the parent to one of our first Puppypillars, we can't wait to see more from them! As the owner of the Spotlight Character, Hawkins will be awarded the King for a Day Sticker award! Congrats!



Project Updates

Lore and Guide Updates are ongoing! Art Fight took up a decent amount of my time in July, but there has been some stuff that has been updated so far!

  • Staff Documentation and Guest Artist Documentation has been updated and moved from Google Drive onto our site! This is mainly not visible to members, but has been helpful for staff, and our current round of Guest Artists have been able to benefit from the update!
  • The item DB has been updated with new Item Rarities and fixing up some useful information!
  • To go along with the previous point, new guide has been added! All about Currencies, Items, and Awards has been created for a reference to all of these lovely things we have on site! This guide has added graphics and some cool new line dividers, and is a nice example of the improvements I plan on making to the other guides!
  • Mini-Lore update! The Puppillar Holidays page has been launched, which is still a major WIP! This entry outlines some holidays in the Puppillar society, and you can look forward to these being expanded on and having a presence in the ARPG as well!

The Masterlist Project is currently on hold! One of my big projects is to update Masterlist art for every character so that the "new" watermarking system is present for each entry, where owners and staff can see the unwatermarked image and everyone else see the watermarked version, however I have decided to put this on hold because we need to make some updates/fixes to the masterlist in order to add extra images. Another component of this project was to add all the alternate view images of Puppillars I have access to (mainly images without accessories), so this will be on hold for a little bit while that gets sorted out!

Some New items

A few new items have been added to the Clothing Shop! The Cowboy Hat and Pansy Flower Crown were requested by members and are now available!


In addition, we have been working on creating the Exclusive Prizes for the Dungeon Quest: Beast Quest!


Thats all we got for now, hope everyone has a great day/night/whatever! :D


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