Happy June! Pride & More!!!

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Welcome to juNe!


Pride Month updates

Happy Pride Month everyone! This year Winston has curated some awesome new Pride Gear in the Pride Shop! There are three new flags represented, Polyamorus,  Xenogender, and the Progress LBGT Pride Flag! There are also two new Pride items, Collars and Blankets, for every pride flag, old and new! As Always, each item is for sale for just 10 Treats, so grab the ones you want!


To celebrate Pride Month, we have re-activated our Pride Month Prompt, Members can draw some Pride themed art to earn bonus treats, or a pride item of their choice! In addition, the Chance's Gacha Generosity bonus for gift art has been doubled for the duration of June! So if you draw gifts for others you can get some nice stuff!


To add some fun to the mix, we will be hosting a game of Draw the Character Above over at our Discord server, with a Pride theme! So join in the fun, get and recieve some gifart!


Guest Artist Applications Open!

All our Puppillar and Snailcat adopts have found their way into good homes... so sounds like its time to open up Guest Artist Applications again!  To apply for a Guest Artist position, please submit to the Guest Artist Applications prompt! Guest artists will be responsible for Two Adoptables, and each adoptable from the set can be either a Puppillar or Snailcat! For full details, you can also see our Guest Artist Info page! As always, Guest Artist swaps are always open if you have a Species and would like to do a guest artist swap with Provie


The seasonal shop has rotated!

Summer has now officially started! Marcus has rotated his stock and has some old and new summery goods for everyone to browse! The Summer rotation will stay until August 31st! Check out the shop here!!


Coming soon...

After the big Dungeon Doggos event, Adventuring Launch, and Puppypillars launch, Provie 's focus will be shifting slightly to working on some lore updates and improvements to the site's tutorials (cute graphics and general improvements). In the meantime, we have our Pride stuff this month, as well as Adventuring and Questing for everyone to participate in! The Dungeon Quest: Beast quest has recently been updated with some new exclusive prizes as well!

Over the next month or so,  we will also be adding more Awards for people to collect (including adding the award for the Mysterious Orbs event and adventuring)!

Our next feature will be the Custom Items system, where members can commission custom items to have on the site, either via artist custom or ARPG currency! 


Have a happy and safe Pride Month everyone! We hope you will enjoy these updates! As always, we are so happy to have your support!


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