Coloring Contest!

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Companion coloring contest!

Time to dust off those crayons! By popular demand, we are launching our first Companion Coloring Contest, giving everyone a chance to participate in creating a color for a companion that will be used on site!

Contest rules
  1. Only registered members of may participate
  2. Staff members may not participate in this contest
  3. All entries must use one of the provided images as lineart
    1. Minor lineart changes are allowed, such as adding small things like horns or sunglasses
  4. All entries must have black lineart, be unshaded (like the other companions of the species provided), and be a transparent image, preferably in .PNG format
  5. All entries must be submitted at their 200 by 200 dimensions, if your entry is chosen the staff will resize it for the site
  6. Members may submit a maximum of five entries
  7. Members may share their entries on our Discord server or personal galleries with credit to
  8. All entries must be submitted via the Companion Coloring Contest Prompt
  9. All entries must be submitted by April 30th, 2021 at midnight site time
  10. Winners will be decided by staff vote, and the amount of winners will be based on how many entries are submitted.

All winners will have their re-colored companion added to the site, with credit given to them in the item description.
The recolored items will be added to the Companion Shop for a price of 20 treats, and the person who created it will get a copy for free!

Winners will also receive a Custom Item Ticket, which can be used in our forthcoming custom items system!

In addition, all participants will get 10 treats per submission, awarded at time of submission, and a special Award for participating!

Click here for the Lineart for Coloring

Click Here to See the Prompt


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