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Introducing Magic!

Posted 14 June 2020, 16:07:17 CDT by Provie

"The Puppillar, both domestic and wild, seem to be a perfect conduit for the magical energy of our world. Though many of the most common puppillars, of which domesticated puppillars mainly belong, only possess faint traces of magic, but many more elaborate, and more magical, puppillars have been well documented. "Legendary" Puppillars have been well documented to be able to use fantastical abilities. Fortunately for the denizens of our world, many of these Puppillars are benevolent, and will often use their abilities to benefit local animals or humans."
- From "The World's Magic: Volume 1" by Rover Wagstaff
To read more, check out the Lore Entry Here


Magic is here!

Well, its here in a more official capacity! As you may have noticed, hints of magic have been slowly trickling into the ARPG, including the distribution of some magic potions, and magical abilities showing up on some existing puppillars, and a slew of new Pride Pupps, all with some magical abilities, but now the time of magic is finally here!


Magical Changes

This new update comes with some changes to existing puppillars, how certain MYOs work, and the use of some items:

All Super Rare Puppillars, existing and new, now come with One Mini Magic Trait. All Legendary Puppillars, existing and new, now come with One Major Magic Trait (not counting illusory form Shapeshifting).

  1. To apply this new trait to existing Puppillars, please submit a claim with the link to your Puppillar's Masterlist entry, and include what you would like thier ability to be in the comments. You cannot change the ability once its been selected, so choose wisely. There is NO deadline to claim your magic ability.
  2. The MYO Guide has been updated to reflect this new information!

New Magical Abilities can be added onto any Puppillar using a Mini Magic Potion or a Major Magic Potion item

  1. To use a potion to add a Magical ability to an existing puppillar, if this is the only change being made to your puppillar, submit a claim including a link to your inventory, a link to the Puppillar's masterlist entry, and you would like thier ability to be in the comments.
    1. Magical abilities can also be added on during the Design Changes process, if other things are being changed about the design.
  2. There is no limit on the amount of magical abilities you can add to a Puppillar, and no rarity restrictions for potion added abilities.
  3. More Magic Potions will be available soon as we expand the ARPG!


What kind of abilities can Puppillars have?

Magical traits are meant to be very open ended, in short anything is possible, though depending on the idea, we may not allow something if it doesn't line up with the standards of our group. The distinction between Mini Magic and Major Magic is sort of wiggly, but here are the general guidelines to follow:

Mini Magic: Smaller and simpler magic abilities that don't drastically affect the world around a puppillar

Examples: Minor appearance changes (changing colors, colored body fluids such as tears or spit), creating or summoning minor things or small amount of things, random niche abilities (such as can fix electronics by touch, can predict the weather, or can detect pizza).

Major Magic: More powerful abilities that can have the potential to affect the world around a puppillar

Examples: Healing, controlling elements, shapeshifting, controlling the weather, or other typical "superpowers"

If you are unsure which category your desired ability lies under, please ask staff! We will be available via discord, or via note on Deviantart. Provie has the final say on all magical abilities!

Only Magical Abilities that have been officially appplied can be depiceted being used in official prompts and art, though members are still allowed to "headcanon" unofficial abilities on thier character, though having abilities be official is highly encouraged!

We hope you enhoy this exciting new update!

Happy Pride Month!

Posted 31 May 2020, 23:59:59 CDT by Provie

Happy Pride Month Everyone!

We have a few awesome things going on this month for Pride, check them all out below!


New Pride Shop

As of today, we have launched our brand new, permanent Pride Shop on site! All Pride Items are available for 10 treats, including old favorites and some new Pride Items, such as Bandanas and Bows! Grab as many as you'd like!

Click here to visit the Pride Shop!


Pride art Bonus

To help celebrate time, and give people some treats to spend in the new Pride Shop, we have created a prompt for people to earn some extra treats. Any Pride themed art submitted to the Pride Month 2020 prompt will earn a bonus 10 treats! 

Click here to visit the Prompts Page!


Pride Adopt Raffle Coming soon

As another way to celebrate, we are putting together some pride theme adopts.... with a magical twist! Keep an eye out for the raffle to be posted in the next few days. It will be posted on Deviantart, but also in a new News Post here! Launch!

Posted 30 May 2020, 14:26:19 CDT by Provie

Welcome to the new!

We did it folks! After some hard work, we are ready to launch to our members! There will be a number of changes to group functions, but all the changes will be for the better!


Registering on

In order to participate in the ARPG going forward,  all members must be registered on! The site has easy to learn functions for managing caches, managing the masterlist, and performing ARPG functions such as shops, prompts, and more! Your site username does not have to match your Deviantart username! Once you have registered on the site and connected your deviantart account, you're good to go!


Transferring Your Currency/Items to the site

All items/currency from Caches on deviantart will have to be manually transferred to the site! In order to transfer your items and currency, please make sure your Cache is up to date, which means logging any purchases/trades in your transaction log! All MYO items will be automatically converted into the new MYO masterlist system unless requested! In addition, Gacha Pup tokens are now a currency, and will be added as such!

To start the process of moving your items/currency, please reply to this deviantart comment! 


Masterlist Transfer

The masterlist transfer will be starting soon! Members do not need to do anything in order to have thier puppillars transferred to the new site! Please be patient as we get the pupps up on the site! The masterlist also has some great features, such as owners being able to edit a Puppillar's profile right on the masterlist!


Submitting ARt to the new site

Going forward, in order to earn rewards for art or prompt/event submissions, they must be submitted to our site, where Staff can automatically dispense rewards to your account! All art must still be submitted to the group on Deviantart, in order to preserve a nice gallery for everyone to look through! All prompts can be found here, with more to come soon!


Coming soon...

There are still a few things for us to get up and running on the site, so look forward to some new Mementos soon (which will use the Claims fucntion to claim), and our Adventuring System, which we have been trying to get off the ground for some time now. Looking forward, we will also be premiering our Magic system very soon!


Welcome Gift

As a celebration of our new site, Apollo is stocking a new item in his shop, don't forget to grab your Welcome Gift and see what you get!

If you have any questions/comments please feel welcome to reach out via our Discord Channel or via Group Note on Deviantart!