[Closed] Uzkost Guest Adopts!

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Hello all, we have some lovely new adopts from one of our guest artists, uzkost !!!

Both of these adopts are OTA, with a $15 buyout
Uzkost will consider offers of the following: USD, dA Points, OCs, Currency/MYOs from Pacapillars/Mothcats/Puppillars, but is also open to other offers!

Please comment below, or comment on Uzkost's post on dA to offer!
Click here to see the dA post

Click on the Masterlist Number for full traits list!


Pupp-206 - Snow Day Outfit - Common Puppillar - New Owner AcuteExposure


SNIL-012 - Snowglobe Ornament - Rare Catsnail - New Owner AcuteExposure

Please follow common courtesy! 
When offering, please be as specific as possible! | Only offer what you can actually afford/reasonably deliver! | Do not edit offer comments!


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