More Updates for March!

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Here's a little roundup of some smaller pieces of news!!


Quality of Life Updates

There are a few small updates we have that will make everyone's life just a little bit easier! We are always keeping an eye out for Lorekeeper updates and working on implementing them in order to make the site better and better!

Account Search! You may have noticed a new button at the top of the inventory page, this is a useful tool so you can find any items on your account, whether they be in your inventory, your character's inventory, or held in a design update/prompt/claim etc. Account search is a really useful tool if there's something you could have sworn you had, but can't find!

Click here to try account search!

Updates to the Item Database! There have been some updates on the back end which have made some improvements to the Item DB, but these updates have cleared some old info out, so we recently went through the process of re-adding and updating info on all of our items. This will make things like how to obtain the item and if there is a specific use for it! 

Click here to browse the Item DB!

Masterlist Image Updates! Re-uploading Masterlist images has been on hold for a bit while Provie was working on Dungeon Doggos, but re-uploading the Masterlist images will be resuming soon, which will update older Masterlist images to the new system where the owner of a character will be able to see the unwatermarked version of the image! We will be reaching out to members if we can't track down original files for things such as MYOs, but if you have a Puppillar that you'd like us to update as soon as possible, please reach out to Provie and we will get that updated!

Click here to browse the Masterlist!

Support Puppillars

We are so grateful for every member of Puppillars,  and wanted to open up some more official channels for members to support us! We have created an official info page on the ways you can support Puppillars, some of which are old, and some of which are new!

As always you can support us by purchasing adoptables or customs, or just spreading the word about our site! New to the ways to support is Provie's new Ko-Fi Tip Jar,  where anyone who wants to can contribute a tip! Tips aren't an obligation, but are a great way to show appriciation and encouragement, and are very much appriciated!

While we sell adopts and customs at Puppillars, we always strive to be flexible with how people can obtain characters so they can have fun with our site! A lot of hard work behind the scenes goes on to create features and events for members, we volunteer our time to create a fun place where people can find community and entertainment, so any sort of contribution is greatly appriciated.

Click here to Check out the How to Support Us Page

Reminders and misc

Super Rare MYO coins have been added to Apollo's General Store! Previously, these stocked in limited quantities, but now they will be available more readily, at the price of 1000 Treats!

Click here to go to Apollo's General Store!

Open Adoptables! There are currently 3 Snailcat adopts open! We have an amazing Guest Adopt from PromptoBeans, as well as two new Common Snailcats by Provie, open for OTA! We may have some more soon, so keep an eye out! If you run your own species, we are also always open for Guest Artist swaps with other species!

Click here to view the open adopts!

Dungeon Doggos Prize Shop Closes on April 15th! As a reminder, the Dungeon Doggos Prize shop will remain open for a month, so use those points while you can!

Thanks for tuning into these lil updates! Hope everyone is having a safe and happy day!!


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