Adventuring is Here

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Adventuring is here!

The time is finally here, after a long time of mentioning it was coming, Adventuring (and Questing!) is finally here! Adventuring is an always going on activity, where members can complete explorations of some fun areas at their own pace, working up to fully exploring an area to get a special Achievment! We have worked diligently on this feature for a while, and I would like to give a special thank you to crow and Phoenix who helped come up with amazing concepts and ideas for this feature!


Adventuring areas

With Adenturing's Launch, there are two areas for your character to explore, the mysterious Glowshroom Forest, and the peaceful Patchwork Meadow! Each location has its own selection of exclusive items, and a list of events to complete! 

Quests to complete 

Along with Adventuring, we have a Quest system that follows the same basic formula, but with a few twists! Quests are multi-step challenges that each member can complete only once for some exclusive prizes! To start us out, we have one open quest, the familliar Dungeon Quest: Beast!

Visit the Adventurer's Guild today to get your ADventuring Liscence and start going on adventures!

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