Temporary Changes!

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Hey everyone! Posted a short announcement in discord, but will post here as well:

You may have noticed that a few site features have been temporarily removed, such as the Gallery and the Sales page! The amazing Andie is hard at work upgrading our site's PHP so they can return. Because its a big upgrade, and due to the holidays, these might be down for a little bit. In the meantime....

  •  The open Sales (Two cute snailcats!!) will be reposted at a later date
  •  Any art that needs to be submitted to a prompt, you can submit using a dA link, imgur link, or discord link
  •  We have some Guest Artist adopts coming out shortly, which will be posted as a news post!
  •  The lore and tutorial pages are all consolidated on the same page for the time being
  • Mementos will be MIA temporarily, but will be restored when the fixes are made
  • Comments are temporarily disabled

Depending how quick this can be figured out, we will extend the bonus for Chance's Gacha Generosity, and may have to postpone some stuff, but will try to do some more fun stuff like Streams and maybe a discord event in the meantime.

Thank you all so much for your support!!! Hope everyone is having a safe and pleasant holiday season!


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