Created: 25 May 2020, 21:41:38 CDT
Last updated: 22 October 2020, 18:15:35 CDT

Puppillars Award Guide


What are Awards?

Awards are special "items" that serve as Mementos of your achievments and time with Puppillars! Some may be for small things, some for large things, but they offer a fun thing to collect and look back upon! Below you can learn some more about how to get them, and the requirements for the currently available awards!


How do I claim an award?

In order to claim an award, once you've qualified for it, use Submit Claim! For the URL, please put the name of the Award, and the proof in the comments, including any links etc. You may claim multiple awardss in one claim, as long as its clear which ones you are claiming!


What awards are available?

3-image.pngKing for A Day Sticker - Awarded for having your Puppillar Spotlighted (formerly Monthly Spotlights, now TBA)

5-image.pngKey to the City - Awarded for being a Spotlight Member (formerly Monthly Spotlights, now TBA)

7-image.pngPuppillar First Draft - Awarded for being a Guest Artist

4-image.pngReplica Gacha Pup Token - Awarded for buying five Gacha Capsules from Chance's Store


WHat awards are retired?

Grand Opening Flyer - Awarded for participating in the Puppillars Grand Opening Event in February 2019

1-image.pngCarnival Ticket - Awarded for participating in The Howling Fun Carnival Event on August 2019

2-image.pngDog Days Calender - Awarded for participating in the Puppillars First Anniversary Event in Feburary 2020