March Updates

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Hi everyone! We have some new updates for everyone that we have been working on this past month!


Behind the scenes updates and bug fixes

This month andie has been hard at work installing some new tools for the admins, most notably some fun tools that we can use for upcoming events!  There have also been some bug fixes, including the "Gift Writing" not showing up on Masterlist, profiles displaying a bit oddly, and other small things across the site. 


Some new features

Along with the behind the scenes updates, there have also been some shiny new features added to the site, incuding addtions to the homepage and a more official affiliates section!

If you take a look at our homepage, you'll notice some new stuff there for easy access, including the most recently added (or updated) characters, and the newest gallery entries! There's also a link to our Starting Guide, and our new Things to Do page, which lays out all the activities members can participate in, including any details and deadlines! Now it's easier to keep track of when events end, and what activities arealways going on!

The updated homepage also inlcudes the new Affiliates section! This includes links to some amazing other Closed Species sites, so plese check them out if you are looking for some new stuff! Out of the current affiliates, I (Provie) am a member of all of them, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask me! If you have a Closed Species , you can apply to be an affiliate of our website via the link on the homepage.


Welcoming the seasonal trader

To start out the new season, we are welcoming a brand new NPC and shop with the Seasonal Trader's Shop! Marcus, the seasonal trader will have different goods depending on the season , including new items, and old favorites. Currently he has his Spring Stock, so check it out when you get a chance!

You may notice some items removed from the main shops, some items have been sorted into Marcus' seasonal stock, where it works thematicly. If you missed out on any of the items, don't worry, they'll be back when the time is right!

Adventuring incoming!

We've been teasing adventuring for what seems like forever, but I'm happy to announce that our Adventuring System will be launching on March 15th! The adventuring system will be a fun permanent activity, so get excited! You may have already spotted some unreleased items  in the item database, so there are some cool things to look forward to!


event reminder!

The Dungeon Doggos News Post has been updated with details on the event ending, but i will also reiterate the info here as a reminder! All chapters of Advanced Dungeon Doggos have now been posted! The event will remain open until March 14th, 2021, so get those replies in! Anyone who reaches the end of the story (posts at least once on each chapter) will recieve a bonus of Two Raffle Tickets for the adopt raffle, which will be rolled on March 15th!

I've been blown away by all the participation in the event, everyone's replies have been so fun and creative, and its been really fun seeing some amazing new members, and old members around the group and discord server! Love you all! - Provie 


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