Companions and QoL!

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Hi everyone! Some small updates for everyone today!

New companions!

There are some new companions in The Companion Shop! Make some friends with some Capybaras, Shrimp, and Ducks today!





Quality of life improvements

With the upgrades and fixes to the site, there have also been some great Quality of Life updates added to lorekeeper!

  • You can now see your currencies on the Shops page, and in each shop!
  • When creating MYO slots, you now select the artist/designer's On-site username from a drop down list, rather than having to use dA name. For non-members, you can still use the Designer URL and Artist URL boxes!
  • You can now set a Gift Writing Status, just like with Gift Art, that will display on your character's masterlist page and can be utilized in the search. Just like Gift Art, you can select Yes, No, or Ask First!
  • You can now add a Content Warning to Gallery entries, please utilize it if needed!
  • The Auto-watermarking system allows the Owner of a charcater to view the unwatermarked version, so no more waiting on someone to send the separate files, though artists may still send bonus images/larger images, etc, at thier discretion!
    • Please note, that older masterlist entries have been manually watermarked, so the feature doesn't work on these images currently.
    • Provie is currently currently working on slowly re-uploading all the masterlist images she can find. If you are interested in having an older pup re-uploaded, please feel free to DM her on discord and provide the un-watermarked images. These re-uploads will also include uploading acessory/non-accessory version, if those can be found as well!
Open adopts roundup!

Here are the currently open adopts we have! Please read the individual sales posts for full details!

259_TbxgauELZb.pngSNIL-007 - Currently OTA - Sales Post Here


SNIL-008 - Currently OTA - Sales Post Here


Pupp-206 and SNIL-012 - Currently OTA with $15 buyout - Sales Post Here


SNIL-013 - $20 - Sale Post Here


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