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Created: 27 October 2020, 21:00:50 CDT
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Let's make an Advanced Dungeon doggos character!

Alabaster grins at you as you approach the table. "To join the game, you'll need a character! I'll walk you through how to make your very own Advanced Dungeon Doggos character!!" He hands you a sheet of paper and a pencil, "Now there's a few things you'll need to know, but don't worry!"

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Puppillar name

Your Pupp's name! For this event, you may use an exisiting Puppillar or Snailcat, or you may use one of the NPCs to base a character on, or the Event Raffle Puppillars (as seen on the news post!).  You may change the name slightly to fit the fantasy theme, such as "Pembroke the Wise".


There are four classes you can choose for Advanced Dungeon Doggos:

  • Fighter - A powerful and tough character who loves to fight!
  • Theif - A quick and sneaky character who loves treasures!
  • Mage - A clever magic user who loves learning new things!
  • Healer - A caring character who loves to help their friends!

The class you choose won't effect too much in the game, but replying to the story and/or prompts with your character choices in mind will get you bonus event points at staff's discretion! Pick a class that suits your character, or one they will have fun playing!

Teeth, Paws, nose, and Tail

These are your characters stats! There will be some dice rolls done by staff during the story, and the values on your stats will be added to the role, either helping or hindering and bringing some randomness into the story. Here's what they each represent:

  • Teeth represents strength and tenacity
  • Paws represents dexterity and speed
  • Nose represents perception and investigation
  • Tail represents charisma and friendliness

For the stats, you must choose from a "standard array", which means you must assign one of each of the following numbers to your stats: +5, +3, +0, -3. This way, every character will have some strengths and flaws, but there won't be anything that puts anyone at a huge advantage or disadvantage. Think about what stat(s) your character would excel in, and what they might not be the best at.

weapon of choice

Dungeon crawlers always need a trusty weapon! You may choose any sort of weapon for your character, and it will have no bearing on the story, but once again will give you a character choice to use and utilize for bonus event points!


Is your character good or evil? Chaotic or Lawful? Choose an alignment for your character that will give you oppurtunity to roleplay within the story. If your replies align with your character choices, you'll get bonus points!


Draw a picture of your Puppillar in character here! And yes, you can submit this character sheet for Treats as well! 

Ideal and Flaw

More character info, these are pretty open ended, but can help nail down a character for you to use during the story! Having one "positive" trait in the form of an ideal and one "negative" trait in the form of a flaw can help build a balanced character!

example Character sheets

(click for full size!)

Character sheets can be submited to the Advanced Dungeon Doggos Art prompt to recieve a flat 10 Event points
If you have any questions about how to create your character sheet, please comment below!

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