Dungeon Doggos Chapter 5

Created: 26 February 2021, 16:15:09 CST
Last updated: 28 February 2021, 15:03:13 CST

As the players make thier way through the castle, everyone gets more and more excited about their finds and their character's exploits. Alabaster cheers on the players as they go, and as they start to reach the center of  the castle, he pulls out something shrouded under some fabric, building up the environment before revealing a large statuette of the beast, a multi headed puppilllar with scales, fearsome claws, and fire breath, all hand painted by Alabaster himself!

Chapter 5 - The Beast

As you step into the center of the castle, you enter a dark vast open space, its hard to tell exactlyhow vast it is because of how dark it is. At your feet lays a scattering on golden coins, its quiet in this chamber, but soon enough, it isn't. The room lights up with flames, emitting from the fearsome beast itself, sitting in the center of the massive room atop a glimmering pile of treasures.  Around the outskirts of the room, flames light in the wall sconces, giving everyone a view of the fearsome three-headed beast.

This is it, the final battle! Use all  your experience to best the beast, by however means possible!



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uzkost Avatar


Oh boy... uh...
Ryu is awful thinking on their feet (they sadly don't have any ._.) so the big beast gets a good swipe in before they can even process what's going on!

After getting back up though, they pick a nice strong dagger from earlier, left in that big heap of armor and weapons, and gets a few jabs in.
"OW!" A big yelp is heard, and Ryu quickly realizes their mistake. This isn't actually a beast, just a very angry creature. They can somehow talk just like them, and didn't exactly seem more than just territorial at first. Of course now they are mad, even if they're limping a little...

A shine comes under from one of the creature's paws. After running around to check, Ryu notices it's a small dagger stuck in the paw, just like a thorn would.

Ryu would like to roll for Teeth (+0) to yoink the dagger out real quick, and solve this creature's ache!

2021-03-15 01:23:55

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member

The beast watches Ryu carefully, roaring at them...

Ryu rolls an 11 +0, for a total of 11, succeeding!

Its a dangerous move, and the beast even gets in another swipe at Ryu as they approach its paw to try and help. Ryu's determination keeps them going, even with the angry beast trying to keep them away. The beast growls a bit as Ryu approaches its paw, and looks like its about to take a big bite of Ryu, but before it can, Ryu manages to yank the dagger out of its paw!

The beast yelps a bit, but then looks at its paw and looks down at Ryu. The beasts demeanor changes immediately, and it calms down! It looks at the adventurers for a moment, then turns around and starts to walk off, leaving the treasure unguarded!

You have earned 15 event points for this reply, plus a one time bonus of two raffle tickets!

2021-03-15 09:57:17

Inkcess Avatar


Exhausted, Lisanne hides behind a heap of treasure as her party fights - tossing them slices of Pizza when it seems to her that they need help, and tossing some to the beast to distract it. Despite their valiant efforts her team seems to be losing. Running out of patience, Lisanne climbs onto the heap of treasure and asks the beast 'Hey aren't you lonely here all by yourself? I mean - being a shut in is fun but you need friends - at least to play multiplayer games and PvP! Why don't we stop fighting, take a nap and exchange friend codes? I'm sure you're competent enough to hold your own against me in an online match!'

Lisanne would like to roll with tail to get the beast to concede

2021-03-14 22:56:56

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member

The room is chaotic with fists, spells, and pizza flying everywhere...

Lisanne rolls an 11 +0, for a total of 11, succeeding!

As Lisanne shouts, the room screeches to a halt. Her companions look tired, but also very surprised at this tactic. They wait, frozen in place, to see what happens.

The beast is taken by surprise as well, and turns to face Lisanne, peering at her with its huge eyes. After a suspense filled moment, the beast looks like its considering what she is saying. It brings one of its heads down to where one of the pizza slices lays on the floor, sniffing it carefully. After assessing the cheesy goodness, all of the beast's heads nod in unison.

A cheer goes up in the room, and soon enough the beast and all the adventurers are all bonding over pizza!

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2021-03-14 23:10:45

SmellyMouse Avatar


After getting past the booby traps in the hallway seamlessly, Bijou was feeling cocky. She dusted off her shoulder and smirked at the three heads, “You’re pathetic.”

The beast let out a deafening sound and she jumped past him, taunting him the whole way, “Oh you call that a roar? How cute.” Hoping she’s frustrating the thing into making a mistake, she darts back and forth, attempting to get past him and to his treasure.

Finally, she spots an opening and runs for it. The treasure is moments from being in her teeth.

[Bijou would like to roll paws for dexterity and speed!]

2021-03-11 15:05:53

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member

The beast roars loudly, doing its best to grab Bijou...

Bijou rolls a 20 +5, for a total of 25, succeeding!

But Bijou is too quick for it! She dodges and weaves around the room, making fun of the beast the whole way. Bijou easily ducks under the beast's massive paw as it tries to grab at her, and the beast is clearly frustrated with how easily she dances around it.

The thought of riches keeps Bijou going, and soon enough she is close enough to the treasure to start grabbing as much as she can!

You have earned 15 event points for this reply, as well as a one time bonus of two raffle tickets!

2021-03-11 16:34:31

SmellyMouse Avatar

Bijou’s arms quickly grab and swipe at the treasure, her eyes sparkling with giddy glee. She scoops up as much as she can before turning around and looking for an exit.

She sees the way she came and thinks it might be the best since she’s already triggered or deactivated most of the traps. She takes a deep breath, sneers at the beast and charges.

[Bijou would like to roll Paws for an escape with her treasure!]

2021-03-11 23:44:13

Oboe Avatar


Jasper carefully inserts the key into the lock on the door... and it opens into a huge chamber, filled with hushed voices and the smell of something strange! Off to his left are the rest of the adventurers, having just arrived from their respective adventures, but off to the right...

If dollar signs could have physically appeared in his eyes, they certainly would have at the sight of all that gold!

How exciting!! They had finally found the chamber with the treasure! All that hard work had finally paid off, and they would finally reap their rewards!--

Ah. Except there was the massive, three-headed beast, sitting atop its "throne" of ill-gotten gains!

Jasper waited by the secret door, awaiting the beasts first move. It seemed to focus on each adventurer singly, even with its three heads. Perhaps he could make a dash for some of the treasure while it was distracted by the other pupps?

Even as he watched, Gasha yelled threats at the beast that seemed to put fear into its heart - and stupidity into its scales! It had moved its haunches off of some of the treasure, leaving a mighty chunk of it exposed!

Jasper carefully crept towards the pile of treasure...

[Jasper would like to roll Paws for stealth in getting to the pile of treasure!]

2021-03-06 16:23:34

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member

After all the chaos, the room is quiet...

Jasper rolls an 18 +5, for a total of 23, succeeding!

Jasper creeps out of his hiding spot, approaching some of the treasure carefully. He tries his best to keep an eye on the beast as he starts to grab some of the treasure. This pile was one of the one the beast backed off from, so hopefully if the beast spotted them there wouldn't be much of an issue.

The beast seemed intent on focusing on the other adventurers, but Jasper noticed one of the beast's heads sniffing the air, maybe in attempt to sniff out any more intruders...

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2021-03-06 21:31:54

bonnbonn Avatar

As Maddie watches the fearsome beast get lit up by the flames still emitting from it's multiple maws, they decide that ,actually, they'd quite like to be friends with this thing! Sure, treasure would be nice, but just imagining all the chaos they could cause with this pupp at their side...
Chucking all common sense aside, Maddie hastily directs some magic in the general direction of their balloons and proceeds to float their way over to the beast. Picking out a head that is not currently spewing flames or trying to bite anyone's head off, Maddie attempts to start a casual conversation. "Hello! Nice, uh, chamber you got here, I love all the..." They vaguely wave their paws around. "Y'know. Anyway, wanna be friends??"

(Maddie rolls tail to try and convince the beast to be friends!)

2021-03-05 18:45:17 (Edited 2021-03-05 18:45:31)

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member

The room is filled with chaos...

Maddie rolls an 18 -3, for a total of 15, succeeding!

But Maddie thrives in chaos and shouts above it to address the beast itself. All three of the beast's heads turn to look at them, watching them carefully. The beast glances around at its lair, and one of the heads nods along as Maddie starts to compliment the messy lair. One of the other heads glares at the nodding head, and they start to bicker a bit.

The heads circle around each other, discussing something in hushed voices in a language made up of mainly growls and grunts, that Maddie can't understand. After what seems like an eternity, the heads wheel around, now grinning at Maddie. It seems the beast recognizes that Maddie is also an agent of chaos, and that's something it can appreciate!

You have earned 15 event points for this reply, as well as a one time bonus of two raffle tickets!

2021-03-06 12:48:42

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