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Update 1/15/2021

More Fixes!

  • Awards can now be attached as rewards for Prompts and Claims, and many other small things have been fixed!
  • The only thing thats still being worked on is updating Social Media on user profiles, and some minor things on the Masterlist (that we have a workaround for now anyway)
  • HUGE praise to andie for rolling out the bug fixes!!

Other Updates!

  • There are only three days left to enter the Discord New Year's Raffle, so get those entries in!
  • Now that we are back in working order, we are in a good place where we will be able to launch a big event we have been working on soon! Keep an eye out for an event to start Early February!
  • More Awards coming soon! I have a list of ideas to work on, so hopefully will be bringing more on site soon!

Update: 1/11/2021

A few small updates!
  • The Gallery is back! Any recent art may now be submitted to the gallery! With the gallery back, the Treats Queue Prompt will be retired, all treat rewards for art will be distributed through the Gallery itself!
  • We are able to add characters to the Masterlist again, so new friends will be here soon!
  • Adding Awards as rewards on Prompts/Claims is currently not working, so there will be a delay in processing claims for rewards, but feel free to get them in and they will be processed as soon as we can!
  • We will keep everyone posted on more fixes are they come!
New Year's Raffle!

Happy New Year everyone! To celebrate,  we are raffling off a Puppillar and Snailcat on our Discord Server! For full details, please check out our #discord-giveaways channel on the Discord!


Puppillar #209 by Remy

Snailcat #014 by Provie

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! To start out 2021 we have some exciting new announcements for everyone!


Our gallery and other features are back!

In case you haven't noticed, most the features that were temporarily suspended have returned, including our Sales posts, Mementos, Lore/Guide page organization, and comments have all returned! We are glad to be able to get the ball rolling again! 

There are still a few things that are a bit buggy, including adding images to the gallery, adding new characters to out masterlist, viewing the list of users,  and updating social media links, so bear with us for a bit! We will update everyone when those have been fixed! If you come across any other issues, please let us know i the comments below, or in the  #website-issues channel in our Discord!

Staff changes

As we head into 2021, we are sad to announce that Phoenix has stepped down from the admin team. We are so so happy to have worked with them, and wish them good luck with thier studies, and will be glad to see them around the group in the future! We love you Pheo, thank you SO MUCH for all your hard work! 

At the current time, we are not looking to add any more staff, but if there is an opening in the future, there will be announcement!

Guest Adopt Sets

As you may have seen, we have some amazing guest adopts available from PromptoBeans and uzkost! Three Adopts are still available, so grab them while you still can!

Click here to see PromptoBeans' Guest Set

Click here to see Uzkost's Guest Set

In additon, the two OTA snailcat adopts (by Remy and Provie) are available to be offered on again!
Click here to see the Punk Snailcat | Click here to see the Yarn and Spots Snailcat

New awards

Need a new Year's Resolution? Well, we have you covered with some brand new Awards to collect, including an Award for everyone who participated in the Garden Event! For full details on all the new Awards and how to claim them, please refer to the Awards Guide!





Chance's Gacha Generosity Extension

As announced previously, the bonus for Chance's Gacha Generosity has been extended, and the new deadline for the extension will be January 31st 2020! Get that art in for the bonus before then, and enjoy the bonus!

new events coming soon

We have a few fun events coming down the pipeline! There will be small event sometime soon, a New Year's Raffle on discord, and a bigger event sometime after that which will involve a fun adventure! We are super excited to bring both to you soon!

Once again, thank you so much to everyone who continues to support Puppillars! 2020 was a crazy year for everyone, and the craziness doesn't seem to be over, but we are holding on and that's what matters! Though there have been some bumps in the road, we are excited to bring you content in 2021! Love you all, and hope this turns out to be a good year for everyone! - Provie


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