Past Event Listing

Created: 21 April 2022, 22:14:31 CDT
Last updated: 6 November 2023, 10:51:31 CST

Past event listing

Below you will find a list of all of our past events and contests, all with a link to the news post with all the details, and a brief summary of the details of the event! This page is a fun historical record, and also a useful place to verify what events are eligible for the various awards we have on site! We have had many fun events over the years, and will have many more to come!

Main events

The events below are considered the main events for our group, participation in any of these events is eligible for our Event Pass Awards! Main events are categorized by being themed events with activities such as prompts, item hunts, advents, etc!

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Puppillars Welcome Week - Feb 2019
Our grand opening was our first ever event!! Members could buy guest adopts, make suggestions, participate in the Gacha-Pup, and participate in the adopts raffle!

Pride Flag Hunt - June 2019
For pride, members were tasked with finding hidden pride flags throughout the old Deviantart Group!

Art Fight Party - July 2019
For Art Fight, members were able to claim treats for doing Art Fight attacks for other Puppillars Members, whether the art was of a puppillar or not! Since then, this has become a bonus the reoccurs every year (but has since moved to Chance's Gacha generosity, and only this first iteration is considered an Event).

Howling Fun Carnival - August 2019
A summer carnival where members could participate in a few different mini games, Cat-snail racing, pick a duck, dunk tank, and test your strength! There were some great new items, as well as a raffle for adopts!

Trick or Treating - October 2019
Halloween event with 5 doors, each with a prompt that members could participate in to receive  some exclusive new items!!

Holiday Advent - December 2019
Our first ever item advent, with members being able to claim a new item every day of the month of December!

First Anniversary - February 2020
Our first anniversary was a big event and had an art exchange, some gacha fun, and a map hunt event which introduced some items as a teaser for adventuring!

Empty Lot Cleanup  - September 2020
Our first event on our new site, the Empty Lot cleanup was an event with a few progressive prompts, and introduced Aspen and Ashes' Gardening Shop!

Advanced Dungeon Doggos - October 2020
An epic quest hosted by Alabaster, where puppillars of all kinds joined in on a fun Advanced Dungeon Doggos campaign, roleplaying and rolling dice through six different chapters!

Second Anniversary - February 2021
Our Second Anniversary was a more simple event, members could comment with some looking back and looking forward questions to earn tickets for the custom puppillar raffle!

Mysterious Orbs - May 2021
Mysterious orbs appear across the secret glades, and members are tasked with hunting them down to solve the mystery. This event introduced our Puppypillars subspecies!

Trick or Treating - October 2021
Trick or treating returned again, with five prompts and some new items and raffle tickets for a special advent slot. There was also Ghost Hunting on Discord, and a spooky fall advent with some lovely adopts!

12 Days of Cozytide - December 2021
A holiday item advent with daily items for 12 days in a row, and a special bonus for those who claimed all 12 days!

(Late) Third Anniversary - March 2022
Even though it may have been slightly late, we had a fun anniversary with a special gift for all, and a raffle for a pile of customs!

Flutterbat Takeover - April 2022
Flutterbats took over for a day, posting some of their own adoptables and popping up in our Discord server, encouraging puppilars to be drawn as flutterbats!

Bark Park Music Festival - August 2022
A fun festival with music, food trucks, and lawn games!

Trick or Treat Trail - October 2022
A scavenger hunt on the masterlist, using swatches from various puppillars, as well as our Discord Haunted Server event making its return once again!

Winter Advents - December 2022
Daily adoptables and daily new items to collect!

Fourth Anniversary - February 2023
Happy Fourth Anniversary! We had some goodies and the opening of the Wanderer's Glade this year!

Snailcat Racing Season - March 2023
Our first ever Snailcat race! Members could enter a Snailcat and cheer on the entrants! Our first ever Race Winner was Morpheus, congrats!!

Pride Fundraiser - June 2023
We had a big fundraiser this year, with Adopts, a YCH, and a Nuggie Sale for caharity, and of course we also had our Draw the Character Above game!

World of Lingua Crossover MYO Event - November 2023
A fun MYO event for both new friends and old! Members could claim free MYOs for any species they didn't own yet, there was a MYO submission bonus, and a cross species art bonus!

Art exchanges

Art exchanges do not count for the Event Pass awards, and instead have their own award for participating in any art exchange, the Gift Art Sketches Award!

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Anniversary Art Exchange - February 2020

Winter Art Exchange - January 2022

Coloring Contests

Coloring Contests do not count for the Event Pass awards, and instead have their own award for participating in any coloring contest, the Coloring Contest Crayons!

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Raffles are typically a component of a larger event, but are collected here posterity (and may have thier own award one day). Tickets for completed raffles that were on our website can also be view here: Completed Raffles

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Welcome Week Raffle - February 2019

Howling Fun Carnival Raffle - August 2019

First Anniversary Raffle - February 2020

Magic and Pride Raffle - June 2020

200 Puppillars Raffle - October 2020

Dungeon Doggos Raffle - October 2020

New Year's Raffle (Discord) - January 2021

Second Anniversary Raffle - February 2021

Welcoming Puppypillars Raffle - May 2021

July Puppypillar Raffle  (Part 1) (Part 2) - July 2021

Trick or Treat Raffle - October 2021

New Year's Giveaway - January 2022

Very Merry Unbirthday Raffle - March 2022

Custom Item Token Giveaway (Discord) - May 2022

Puppypillar Custom Raffle - July 2022

Wally's Birthday 2022 - August 2022

Winter Advent Raffle - November 2022

New Years Raffle 2023 - January 2023

Provie's Birthday Raffle - March 2023

Thank you Puppy/Kitten Raffle (Part 1) (Part 2) - May 2023

June 2023 Giveaway (Discord) - June 2023

Transfiguartion Potion Giveaway - Oct 2023

Fall XTA Raffle - Oct 2023

Other Contests

Any other type of contests go here, these also do not count for the Event Pass awards, but do not have their own type of award!

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Special Traits XTA - March 2019

Discord Emoji Contest - May 2022

Fall DTA/WTA - October 2023