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update 5/23: Results!

Hi everyone! We had 6 amazing entries for our emoji contest, so I went on ahead and decided all the entries are winners!! All the entries can be viewed in the Emoji Contest 2022 Gallery, and they have all been added to our Discord Server! Prizes for the winners will be distribued shortly!

Update 5/23: The Emoji Contest has been extended until June 15th, 2022!


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Time for our first discord emoji contest!

Everyone loves emojis! They are super fun as reactions around the internet, a great way to express yourself, and use for things like drawing prompts. So its about time we get some custom emojis for the Puppillars Discord Server

contest rules
  1. Only registered members of www.puppillars.com may participate, and by registering on our site you automatically agree to our Terms of Service
  2. Both members and staff members may participate in this contest
  3. All entries must meet the following requirements:
    1. All emojis must feature a puppillars character (puppillar or snailcat) or something from the puppillars world (such as specific companions or things from the lore/world)
      1. Participants may depict any of our NPCs, or one of thier puppillars characters or another member's character (with permission from the character's owners)
    2. All emojis must be easily resizeable to discord emoji size (which displays at 32 by 32 pixels) and display clearly at that size. 128 by 128 pixels is reccomended by discord!
    3. All emojis must be static, animated emojis will not be accepted at this time
    4. Emojis may be based off an existing emoji (as the emoji ghosts are for example) but must be 100% your own work
  4. Participants may submit a maximum of five entries, and entries must be submitted through the Discord Emoji Contest Gallery
    1. Entries must not be shared until the end of the contest, for uploads you can use something like Sta.sh or Imgur
  5. All entries must be submitted by June 15th 2022 at the end of the day, site time
  6. Winners will be determind twofold:  Member's Choice and Provie's Choice
    1. After entries closed, all entries will be posted for member voting, and the top entries will be chosen as winners and added to our Discord Server
    2. After the vote, Provie may also choose a few emojis that didn't win the popular vote but still would be nice for the server
    3. The amount of entries chosen for each Choice will be depending on the amount of total entries!
    4. Members may have multiple emojis win
  • All winning entries will be added to the Puppillars Discord server and can be used by any member in the server (and in other servers for those with Discord Nitro!)
  • All winning entries will recieve a 100 Treats and a Custom Item Token (which will be used in our upcoming custom items feature!)
  • Every entry will recive a 10 treats award for participation, awarded at the end of the entry period (when gallery entries are processed)

Click here to view the Gallery

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or post in our #ask-staff channel in our Discord Server


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