October News Roundup!!

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Happy October everyone! We hope everyone is staying safe and staying warm as Fall approaches (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway), we have a bunch of updates, both big and small, so figured it was about time for a roundup! 


Garden event coming to a close soon!

We hope you all have been enjoying the Gardening Event! The event will be ending on October 15th, so get those entries in. I know I've said it over and over, but the bonus prize for completing all three prompts is gonna be really fun! The Garden Shop will continue to accept Garden Points until November 1st, and afterwards it will re-open as a permanent shop where the items will be available for treats, and more items will be added as time goes on!

After the event we will be releasing a significant feature, related to the bonus prize, so keep an eye out for an announcement after the event ends!


Site updates

First all, I would like to give a huge shoutout to andie and tgi both of them have been very amazing when it comes to bringing updates to the site, Andie is our main website person, but TGI's help has also been very important as more extensions have been added to the site! Thank you SO MUCH to the both of you, from the bottom of my (Provie's) heart.

Here are some great updates that have been added to the site:

  • Members can now edit their profile to add an Avatar and links to Discord, Instagram, Archive of Our Own, and Toyhouse!
  • Masterlist character pages have gotten a lot of improvements:
    • Trade Offer Status and Gift Art Status are now represented with Icons on the character page
    • Gift Art Status can now have "Ask First" selected
    • You can now add a Profile Link to your character, which will appear as an icon on their page
  • MYO Slots are now Useable from your inventory, and will automatically convert to a MYO slot of the correct rarity!
  • The News Link on the layout, now highlight and displays a little bell icon when there is a new news post!
  • On the back end, Auto Watermarking is now helping the admins process stuff with less steps, sometimes we get tiiiny watermarks which is funny and fine
  • Trait Search is fixed, as well as being able to view the Masterlist as a guest/without being logged in
  • We have made some changes to the Navigation Layout, the Info Tab now has some quick links to All Items, All Traits, and All Info Pages


New Lore Page organization

Partially related to site updates, but big enough that I'll give it its own section since theres some additions to the entries as well! We now have an amazing landing page for all of our Info Pages, right now there are three categories, Basics, Tutorials, and Lore! It is reccomended that you read these tutorials and lore, as they will benefit your Puppillars exerience, and expand our world for you!

Here are some new and updated things for everyone to poke around in on our info pages:

  • About Us has added sections for Staff Roles and an Affiliate section, which we will be adding onto soon! If you have a closed species and would like to be added as an affilliate, message Provie !
  • The Start Guide and FAQs have been expanded a bit to add first steps for new or returning members, as well as the start of adding some FAQs! If you have any ideas of things that should be added to the FAQs, please let us know!
  • A Puppillars Species Guide have been added with some basics about long dogs! 
  • The MYO Tutorial has been updated with some clarifications (Masterlist images should be Transparent, credit is by dA name) and edited to reflect that MYOs are useable!


Item art stream soon!

To start out spooky season/fall, Provie will be doing an item art Stream on 10/3 at 3pm site time (CST), through Discord! She will be drawing new items and companions, and taking suggestions for them, all new stuff will have a Fall or Spooky theme! Come and hang for a chill time and enjoy some art and hangs! Make sure you join Our Discord if  you haven't already!


200 puppillar raffle!

WOW! Time flies, we already have 200+ amazing Puppillars on our site! Thank you all so much for supporting us as we have grown over the year or so we have been open! To celebrate this milestone, we will be raffling off some pre-made Pupps, and Auctioning off TWO Legendary Puppilar Customs, for uppillar #150 and Puppillar # 200 respectively! 

The Pupps up for raffle are:


To enter the raffle, simply submit a claim requesting a ticket! One ticket will be available per member!
The raffle will close for entries on October 15th at Midnight Site Time!

The Auctions will be posted soon, and artists for the Auctions are TBD, so keep an eye out!


What we're working on next!

A New Event!
We are working on a new event we are hoping to launch at the end of October! Since we are coming off the Gardening Event, this one will be small as well, but we have a few new fun things planned. We will also be releasing a smal site feature to go along with the conclusion, so be ready!

Chance's Gacha Shop!
Are Gacha tokens burning a hole in your pocket? We are working on opening Chance's Gacha Shop, will have Capsules for sale at different rarities, with varying prizes. Our current push here is adding items to the site so theres a lot of fun stuff to round out the capsules, so they can truly be a surprise each time! There will be a few items exclusive to Chance's Gachas as well!

We will be adding an extension to our site soon that will allow members to comment on news posts, trading post listings, certain pages, and on user profiles! This will be a great step forward to our site, and both expand what we can do with events and make it easier to host adopt auctions right on site, rather than on Deviantart! We will be making an announcement when this is live!

Thank you all so much for your support and participation! Puppillars would not be as awesome as it is without our amazing members, and we strive to bring more fun content for you guys!

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