Happy 4th Anniversary Puppillars!!

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Happy fourth anniversary puppillars!!!

Wow, four whole years of Puppillars! Whether you have been with us for four days or all four years, its time to celebrate another milestone! 2022 was a fun year with a lot of fun stuff and great updates to our ARPG!


Milestones from the past year

Some of our biggest milestones this year were getting a few major projects and updates going on our site, such as finishing the Masterlist Project (re-uploading all older images so the auto watermark feature can be used),  Catching up on Awards and Prizes for features like challenges, and various updates and improvements to our guide pages!

We added some awesome new features to the site this year, starting with our Custom Items System! We also added Wishlists to the site and started the process of adding more options for Aliases! Free to use Bases were also added for members to use, and we also added a new Adventuring area, Bark Park!

We had mostly smaller and recurring events last year, including our Flutterbat Takeover, Pride, and Art Fight, but the latter half of the year had our bigger events, Bark Park Music Fest, Trick or Treat Trail, and our epic Winter Advents, with items and adoptables!

Last, but not least, from the bigger milestones, we introduced the premium currency Nuggies, and our Ko-fi memberships this year! And this year of course, we started up our ongoing plot, The Source of Magic, which will continue this year!

There are now 86 members on our site! Hello one and all, we're glad to have you!

There are now 329 Puppillars and 70 Snailcats on our masterlist! Lots of adorable new friends!

We have 738 items on ours site to collect, and 54 Awards to work towards!


Phew, now onto the celebration!

To celebrate our anniversary, we have some gifts, one Special Occasion Present, and a new Award, the 4th Birthday Cake Slice!

<a href= 57-image.png

To claim these gifts, simply submit a claim and add them as rewards to the claim!
You have until the end of the month (Feb 28th at Midnight site time) to claim these gifts!


wanderer's glade now open!

But wait, there's more! This month we are also launching our new feature, the Wanderer's Glade! The glade is a place where members may sell puppillars characters (or MYO slots) and recieve treats in return. The characters are then added to the glade, for other members to purchase for treats! Lore wise, the Wanderer's Glade is a place where any travelling puppillar or snailcat can stay while they wait on thier next adventure!

To celebrate our anniversary, we will be placing some adopts directly into the Wanderer's Glade with special pricing! These drops will be happening throughout the month, so keep an eye on the glade!


and as always... More to come!

This year will be just as exciting as the last! We will of course be continuing along with our first ever plot (which will have plot steps going through September), which will have more lore drops, and other fun new things launching in line with the plot!

We will also be introducing and adding more info about the Puppillars Holidays, with our next holiday being Snailcat Racing season in March!


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