Happy Pride! Fundraiser and more!!

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Update 7/15: Thanks to everyone who participated in our fundraiser!! With the adopts, YCHs, Nuggies Sale, and the Draw the Character above game, we raised at total of $374 (which I rounded up to $375) meaning that each of our charities has recieved a $125 USD donation! Below are proof of our donations (thanks to andie and Howee for handling donation for their country's charities!)

National Center for Transgender Equality | Casa Transformar | Light
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Happy June Everyone!!!

Progress LGBT Pride PennantProgress LGBT Pride PennantProgress LGBT Pride Pennant

Welcome to June everyone, always a fun month, and we have a few fun things going on this month for everyone, as well as a few smaller announcements, so read on for all that good stuff!

Trans Pride PennantTrans Pride PennantTrans Pride Pennant

Protect trans kits fundraiser!

The world of puppillars is filled with love and joy and acceptance, and we strive to also do so within our ARPG. We are happy to have an amazing and diverse community, and this year we have decided to dedicate our pride month to a fundraiser to raise some money for organizations that support LGBT causes, especially trans rights, in the countries of our staff members, The United States, Brazil, and Slovakia! All money we raise via the fundraisers below will be divided in three and sent to charities: The National Center for Transgender Equality (United States), Casa Transformar (Brazil), and Light* (Slovakia).

Puppillars staff have created a set of 10 pride themed adoptable set that will be auctioned off, each with a starting bid of $15, with all proceeds going to the fundraiser. The auction also has some bonus incentives, so check it out!

Click here to view the auctions!

If none of the adopts strike your fancy, there are other ways to contribute to the fundraiser:

Firstly, we will be having a Nuggies sale for the duration of June through out Ko-fi Shop! Members can purchase 15 Nuggies for $10, with all proceeds going to the fundraiser! Members may buy nuggies via this deal multiple times and buy nuggies from this sale on behalf of others, just specify who the Nuggies will go to!

Secondly, Provie has a special Pride YCH which will be $10, all proceeds going to the fundraiser, which can also be ordered through the Puppillars Ko-fi page! This YCH can be any species, and have any pride flags! You do not need to be a member to purchase this YCH! You may purchase as many times as they want, or purhase on behalf of other members, as long as its specified upon purchase!


And last but not least, you can also contribute by participating in our traditional Draw the Character Above game on our Discord! Provie had pledged to donate $3 to our fundraiser for each completed claim! So even if you can't afford to contribute, you are still able to help out! And as a reminder, all art from the game can be used for our Pride Month Prompt AND the Chance's Gacha Generosity prompt to earn some treats and gacha tokens!

All fundraisers will be going on through July 7th, to make up for some lost time!
We hope you all are excited for this fundraiser, we are super excited to support a great cause!

Other goings on!
  • As discussed on our Discord Server, a new type of magical ability will be added to the ARPG, Transfiguration magic! This will allow characters to have the ability to transform themselves into materials such as living plushies, food, etc. Characters with this ability will be able to switch up these forms "at will" but it won't be required to have both forms as images on the masterlist! More info on this once the item is ready to be released!
  • The Arcane Fauna Guide has been completed! Take a look for some more info on our newest species! The MYO Guide and Artist customs pages have also been updated to reflect the new species!
  • There will be no plot step this month, since we want to focus on the Pride Fundraiser, but Rover's Journal and the Plot Step Stories have been updated! The next plot step will be posted in July!
  • I was super busy towards the end of May, but Ducky Days won't be forgotten! Next year we will have a more robust event for this holiday, but for now members can submit a claim for a free Ducky Days Goodie Bag, which you can open for a random Ducky, including some new Big Headed Duckies!

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