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Conclusion 11/5

Hi everyone! Thanks to everyone for participating in our DTA/WTA contest, without futhur ado, time for the winners!

PUP-370: Spellbook Wizard - BBungle - We loved the stylization of your piece!

PUP-367: Cookie Weenie: pronounwizard - We loved the pose and energy of your piece!

SNIL-099: Little Imp - mewhaku - We loved the pose and theming of the background of your piece!

SNIL-101: Full Moon Black Cat - andie - We loved the level of detail in your piece!

AF-027: Flame Raven - Shrike - We loved the character interaction in your piece!

AF-030: Flame Witch - Pooka - We loved the details in the backstory of your piece!


Everyone's entries were really amazing, so we would like to award consolation prizes to all the other participants:

tgi will recieve a Common Puppillar MYO - We loved the fall touches in your piece!

Hawkins will reciece a Common Puppillar MYO - We loved the level of detail in your peice!

cobain will recieve an Arcane Fauna MYO Choice Ticket - We loved the rendering of flames in your piece!

All characters and MYOs will be sent out shortly!


Hi everyone, happy spooky season! We are pleased to bring you an XTA Contest (combining Draw To Adopt and Write To Adopt), as well as a raffle for some fall and halloween adopts! All the information for this contest and raffle will be listed below, please read carefully, as we are doing things a little bit differently than you may have seen from other DTA/WTA events!

DTA/WTA Contest

Thumbnail for PUP-370: Spellbook WizardThumbnail for PUP-367: Cookie Weenie
PUP-370 Spellbook Wizard | PUP-367 Cookie Weenie

Thumbnail for SNIL-099: Little ImpThumbnail for SNIL-101: Full Moon Black Cat
SNIL-099 Little Imp | SNIL-101 Full Moon Black Cat

Thumbnail for AF-027: Flame RavenThumbnail for AF-030: Flame Witch
AF-027 Flame Raven | AF-030 Flame Witch

For our DTA/WTA contest, we are doing something a little bit more flexible for folks, for each of the characters above members may choose to draw, write, or a mix of both for the adoptables! So members are welcome to use the medium they are more comfortable with, or whatever they're just feeling at the time! 

General Contest Rules
  • All members may participate, including staff members
    • Any staff member entering in the contest will be removed from judging for the character they are entering for
  • Members can enter for multiple characters, but each member can only win one character
  • All entries must be submitted to the Fall XTA 2023 Gallery Folder
    • Please be clear about your entry in the description, especially for writing, so staff knows what character the entry is for. Please use the "Theme Name" on the image above/character's masterlist entry to make it clear what character the entry is for
    • For art entries, please specify in the description whether or not the winner may use the art you made for your entry (saying no is totally fine, do not feel obligated to let the new owner use the art)
      • All art entries that will allow the new owner to use them will be added to the adopt's Toyhouse paga as we go!
  • Due to the nature of this contest, collaborations are not allowed
  • Please do not make any comments that may discourage others to participate, such as "X person will win for sure", or disparaging your or anyone else's entries
  • Entries will close at the end of the day on October 31st, 2023 at site time
Entry Limit Guidelines
  • Members may create up to five entries for each character, and entries can be a mix of art and writing if you so choose
  • For Art
    • Entries may be of any medium, with the exception of physical crafts or interactive mediums such as games
    • The "maximum" for an art entry is a single illustration with a scenic background, but this is somewhat flexible with the following types of entries for example:
      • Comics are allowed, with a maximum of three panels per entry
      • Things like sketch pages are allowed, or multiple simple scenes in one entry (such as plain fullbodies, or a scene with a simple background/absctatct background)
      • Since art can be so varied, feel free to ask a staff member about a particular style of entry
  • For Writing
    • Entries may be prose or poetry
    • Each entry may be a maximum of 2000 words
    • Please include a wordcount in the description of your entry
  • For Mixed Art and Writing Entries
    • A single entry may include both art and writing with the following limits
      • One single illustration with a secenic background or three smaller simple scenes
      • 1000 maximum word count
Judging Criteria

For this contest, we will not be judging the art/writing quality/style etc of the entries, instead we will be be judging on the following criteria:

  • Character Development
  • Effort Shown
  • Creativity
  • Sincerity

Raffle to adopt Contest!

Thumbnail for PUP-366: Candycorn FrankenpupThumbnail for PUP-368: Jack-o-huahua
PUP-366 Candycorn Frankenpup | PUP-368 Jack-o-Huahua

Thumbnail for SNIL-098: Ghost with the MostThumbnail for SNIL-102
SNIL-098 Ghost with the Most | SNIL-102 Striped Jack-o-Lantern

Thumbnail for AF-028: Snake BunnyThumbnail for AF-029: Winged Toad
AF-028 Snake Bunny | AF-029 Winged Toad

General Guidelines
  • All members may participate, including staff members
  • There will be six winners drawn, and the winners will select one of the adopts in the order they were drawn
  • All entries must go through our claims system, you may submit as many claims as you need
    • On each claim, please be clear about how you are claiming tickets, including any links to ads or gift art
    • On each claim, pease click "Add Reward", select Raffle Ticket, and then add "Fall XTA Raffle 2023" and add the quantity you are claiming
  • Entries will close at the end of the day on October 31st, 2023 at site time

For our raffle adopts, members can earn tickets by doing the following:

  • All members can claim one free ticket!
  • Draw giftart of one of the DTA/WTA adopts or one of the raffle adopts to earn Five tickets (up to five times)
    • All giftart must be submitted to our gallery, though it should be added to the main galleries
    • Giftart made for this raffle is eligible for Chance's Gacha Generosity!
  • Draw art of one of your charcters celebrating Fall, Halloween, or The Feast of the Beast to earn Five Tickets (up to five times)
    • All art must be submitted to our gallery, though it should be added to the main galleries
  • Advertise Puppillars and the XTA contest on any socual media for two tickets for each (up to three times)
  • Make a comment on our Toyhouse Thread about something you like about our ARPG for two tickets!

If you have any questions, please ask in the comment section below, or ask on our Discord Server!
Good luck to all the entrants!



onlineghosts Avatar

Congrats everyone! Lots of fun to see :D

2023-11-05 20:41:57

tgi Avatar

YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!! Congrats to all the winners!!! This was so much fun!

2023-11-05 18:53:54

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