Spooky Time is Upon us! Happy October!

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Happy october one and all!!


There's a chill in the air, leaves are staring to turn and fall, and of course, everything is flavored with Pumpkin Spice... it can only mean one thing! Fall is here, and along with that, Spooky Season! To celebrate the season, we have a few fun activities, some new items, and are also looking forward to the next holiday....


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Mini-event: Trick or Treat Trail 2022

It's time for some trick or treating! Everyone loves candy, right? And its so easy to go door to door and get some free candy, especially using Pembroke's Trick or Treat Trail Map he provides to the young and young at heart this time of year.

Except... we have a problem this year... it looks like Orange got into the trick or treat trail maps and used them for some arts and crafts, cutting them all up. Luckily, Pembroke was able to salvage some of the photos of the Trick or Treat Trail participants, so you should be able to hit them up for candy.... if you can figure out who's who in the photos!

Mini-Event Rules:
  1. Only registered members of www.puppillars.com may participate, by registering on our website you automatically agree to our Terms of Service
  2. Both admins and members can participate in the event (Provie is the sole hider of the scavenger hunt targets!)
  3. Do not share the locations or links to any of the orbs with others, or give hints to others. This is considered cheating, anyone found doing so will receive a warning or possibly a ban depending on account standing
  4. Please be respectful of other people's experiences when discussing the scavenger hunt, including discussing how "hard" or "easy" a location may be, since everyone will have a different experience!
  5. The event will end at the end of the day (site time) on October 31st, 2022
Mini-event Summary:

This event is a Scavenger Hunt, with a bit of a twist! Below are cropped images of some Puppillars characters, members must match the image clues to characters on the masterlist to find their treats! As with all scavenger hunts, simply click the image when you find it to recieve the item! Some things to note:

  • All of the hunt targets will be on our Character Masterlist, under the "Notes" tab on the main right hand side box
  • NPCs, Puppillars, Snailcats, and Puppypillars are all eligible to have a hunt target
  • The images have not been edited besides being cropped and in some cases zoomed in
  • The scavenger hunt is technically split into two due to technical constraints, so you can check your progress using these the following two links
The Clues


Goof luck and happy hunting!




Haunted Server 2022

Our Haunted Server activity is back in our Discord Server! Keep an eye on the server to claim this year's spooky Companions, the Skellies! Make sure to add the Server Events ping role to yourself before it starts if you want notifications when a companion is available!

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Get the skellies while you can!!



Some spooky New Fall items and new General Items

Tis the season for some new fall items! We have a set of Witch Hats, Spooky Fancy Bows, More Pumpkins, and some Fall Hedgehogs, which can all be found in the Seasonal Trader's Shop! These will be on sale until the shop rotates for the season on November 30th, 2022!

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We also have some new year round companions which are now stocking in the Companion Shop! More Worm on a String, and the Hedgehog!

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Enjoy this pile of new fun stuff!!!



Winter Advent Guest Artist Applications

In preparation for our Winter Advent in December, we are doing a huge guest artist opportunity! Since this is for a specific adoptable set, the process will be a little different than normal, and will be using a Google Form to take applications we plan on making this a somewhat large advent. so the more the merrier! All are welcome to apply, regardless of how recently they have been a guest artist. As with our last recent Guest Artist opportunity, non-members may apply, though members will have priority, so feel free to spread the news to friends who would be interested! Some extra things to note:

  • As with all Guest Artist Opportunities, Guest Artists will receive all proceeds for their adoptable
  • For this Opportunity, we will be asking each guest artist to do one adoptable
  • Staff members are also participating in the advent
  • Pricing is still TBD, and will be discussed/voted on once applications are processed, but OTA will also be an option for those interested

Advent Schedule (subject to slight changes)

Oct 1st - 15th - Applications Open
Oct 16th - Oct 31st - Participants and staff decide pricing, themes, and posting date assignments in Discord
Nov 1st - Nov 30th - Participants work on their adoptables, checking in with Provie via DMs
(Around) November 15th - Nov 30th - Themes will be posted and can be claimed by members
Dec 1st - However many days worth we get - Adoptables revealed daily!

To apply, please click here to fill out the Google Form!

Applications will close at the end of the day, site time, October 15th, 2022

Happy Spooky Season one and all!!!


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