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Update 8/31 - I goofed and set the gallery close time wrong, so the event has been extended until the day tomorrow! This means you can play ONE extra game tomorrow as well! Enjoy!

Update 8/11 - Some event reminders:
- Remember in order to earn the event currency for art/writing entries, you must submit the gallery entry link to the Bark Park Music Fest 2022 Prompt!
- Reminder that you can claim the Event Awards at any time via claims, they won't be automatically awarded!
Enjoy the rest of the event!! 


Flyers started going up a few weeks before August, declaring that everyone should get ready for the Bark Park Music Festival, an entire month of music, food, and fun in the popular Bark Park! In the coming weeks, Pupps and Snailcats alike were abuzz with excitement and started putting together musical acts, preparing their best recipes, or even just getting hyped to lay around in the park enjoying games and the fruits of everyone else's creations! All eyes were on the park as the weeks passed, and those who lived nearby or took walks often through the park watched as stages went up, food trucks started arriving, and games started being set up. 

When the opening day of the festival came around, the park was packed with excited critters, all ready to celebrate and have some fun! Bands of all genres started playing the various stages, talented cooks began slinging food from their trucks, and the fun lawn games opened up to everyone to play. The month ahead was gonna be filled with a ton of fun, and this was just the start....


  1. Only registered members of www.puppillars.com may participate, by registering on our website you automatically agree to our Terms of Service
  2. Members do not need to own a Puppillar or Snailcat in order to participate, members are free to use any of our NPCs, or draw other member's characters (with their permission!)
  3. Both admins and members can participate in the event
  4. All art/writing prompts (including the template prompts) must be submitted to the Bark Park Music Festival 2022 Gallery Folder and to the Bark Park Music Festival 2022 Prompt in order to receive the designated rewards for the event
  5. For the main art/writing prompts the minimum for art is one fullbody (that depicts the prompt well enough to be understood) and the minimum for art is 300 words (that depict the prompt well enough to be understood). For the template prompts, the minimum is more flexible, but must have an art component, for example drawing a band logo on the poster template or coloring the food truck template!
    1. Collaborations are allowed for this event, but please note that each participants will have to submit the piece to the prompt in order to get their rewards
    2. Staff reserves the right to reject submissions that don't show sufficient effort or accurately reflect the designated prompt
  6. Event points for art/writing  prompts will be awarded at the same rate as treats for each completed piece. 
  7. The event will end at the end of the day (site time) on August 31st, 2022


For this event, we have a few fun activities for everyone to participate in! There are multiple prompts with different themes to pursue, daily games that members can participate in via claims,  some special awards to collect over the course of the event, and some fun brand new items in the event shop! 

Event Prompts
We have a few different fun prompts for everyone to complete in the different themes of the event: Bands, Food Trucks, and Enjoying the Festival!

The prompts are:

  • Create a Band Poster for your character's Band/musical act, using this provided template
  • Draw or write about your character's band getting ready for or playing at the music fest! Practicing, recruiting band members, writing music, etc
  • Create the look for a Food Truck and create its Menu, using this provided template
  • Draw or write about your character getting ready for or serving from their food truck at the music fest! Cooking, serving food, attracting customers in a creative way, etc!
  • Draw or write about your character enjoying the festival! Chilling on the lawn, playing some lawn games, listening to music, eating snacks, etc!

Bark Park Lawn Games!
Members can participate in one of of the lawn games listed below once per day to win some extra event points by making a submission to the Bark Park Lawn Music Festival Prompt and commenting which game they wish to play that day in the comments.  The submission should be separate from any art/writing prompts, which also use the same submission form. Each game is a roll on its own loot table, with different odds:

  • Beanbag Toss - An even chance of winning 5, 7, or 10 Event Points
  • Giant Tumble Tower - 25% chance to win 15 Event Points or 75% chance to win 3 Event Points
  • Ducky Pond - Always win 5 Event Points and a Random Non-Pride Duck Item (there are even some new ducks available!)

Bear in mind, even though this is a daily activity, prompts may take some time to process! Even if your previous prompt isn't processed, you may still keep submitting daily!

Event Awards!
For this event, we have multiple fun awards to earn for your collection! As usual, all awards can be claimed via claims, just provide proof you are eligible for the award! The awards are as follows:


  • Bark Park Music Fest Sticker - Participate in any aspect of the event at least once
  • Bark Park Music Fest Compilation CD - Complete at least one Band related prompt (band poster or general prompt)
  • Bark Park Music Fest Cookbook - Complete at least one Food Truck related Prompt (food truck template or general prompt)
  • Bark Park Music Fest Games Medal - Do each game type (beanbag toss, giant tumble tower, ducky pond) at least once during the event
  • Bark Park Music Fesr VIP Set - Earn all four of the above awards

Event Shop!
For this event, we have  shop packed full of themed items, including musical instruments, food truck snacks, music fest merch,  fun summer stuff, and MYO Puppillar and Snailcat slots for anyone looking to grab some!! You can spend all the points you've accumulated there, the shop will stay open until the end of September so there's plenty of time to grab whatever you want!


Click here to see the Event Gallery

Click here to see the Prompt

Click here to view the Event Shop

Event Resources: 
Music Fest Logo | Bark Park Logo | Band Poster Template | Food Truck Template

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on this news post, or ask in our #ask-staff channel on our Discord Server



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Ooooh this is so cute!!!!!! I have so many musical pupps excited for this

2022-08-01 01:11:48

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I’m so excited for this event!! Let me actually read the rules hehe

2022-07-31 20:32:24 (Edited 2022-07-31 20:32:51)

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