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Welcome to Milton's crafting corner!

The room before you is a mess, with all sorts of materials piled in both neatly stacked bins and willy nilly all around, but the mess is a happy mess. There's plenty of natural materials like rocks and sticks, as well as plenty of craft supplies such as pipe cleaners, fabric, and of course plenty of glitter, some of which has probably been embedded in the carpeting of the floor for a long, long time, and will remain there until the end of time.  Atop a sturdy looking workbench are a few half finished projects of a few different types, and with a quick glance around the room you can easily spot a number of projects also in various stages of completion. Among the piles and the projects is a fluffy puppillar with a huge floppy hat, who greets you enthusiastically. "Oh hey there!!!! Welcome to my crafting corner, how can I help you today!!"



Puppillars Custom item system

Looking for a unique item for a puppillars character, or perhaps wanting to get an item added to the site that you don't mind being available for everyone else? The crafting wizard Milton can hook you up with whatever you have in mind, and has a vartiety of packages available to suit every need!

Custom item Rules
  1. All members are welcome to participate in our custom item system, including staff members
  2. All custom items must follow our Terms of Service, and in addition, Custom Items must not be subject to copyright
    1. Tribute or reference items may be conisdered if they aren't too close to the source, but will be at staff discretion
  3. All custom item ideas must be approved by a staff member before final art request or submission. 
  4. All custom items must be 100 by 100 pixels, and submitted as a transparent .PNG file
  5. Custom items may be private (with one copy for the creator/requester only) or public (available via the custom item shop)
The Custom item process
  1. Select the Custom Item Package (all packages are detailed below) that best suits your desired custom item
  2. Get your custom item idea approved by staff by replying to this comment on this page and using the form provided
  3. Once approved, either create the item art or have the art done by a staff member, depending on the package you choose
    1. For item art done by staff members, requests must go through our Request Custom Item Art Prompt, once the item art is completed, the image will be sent to the commissioner to submit
  4. Finalize the item by submitting to the Submit a Custom Item Prompt, using the form provided
  5. Once the item is accepted, it will be added to our site and you will receive a copy of the item. If the item is public, it will be added to the Custom Item Shop for any member to purchase


Custom item packages

Pride Recolors
Cost: 1 "Blank Pride" item
Staff Artist Option?: No
Public or Private?: Public Only
Details: "Blank Pride" items may be recolored and submitted with a cost of 1 Blank Pride item of the recolor desired from the Pride Shop! This method is only for pride flag recolors, if you want a new bandana recolor that's not pride themed, please use the Item Recolor Package. By default, all Pride Recolor custom items will be public, rather than personal use.

Existing Item Recolors
Cost: 50 treats for self service, varies for staff artist option, will be discussed upon item approval
Staff Artist Option: Depends on the artist of the original item
Public or Private: Either
Details: Existing items on site can be recolored, depending on the item and the original artist's preferences, after an idea is posted for approval, staff will look into if a recolor is possible, depending on if the files are on hand, and provide the files for member doing a self service recolor

New Lineart Items
Cost: 100 treats for self service, varies for staff artist option, will be discussed upon item approval OR One Custom Item Token
Staff Artist Option: Yes!
Public or Private: Either
Details: This package is for a brand new item with brand new  lineart!
New Lineart Items Available Artists and pricing
Provie - 150 treats or $6 per item - Accepts custom item token requests
@andie - 100 treats - Accepts custom item token requests


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(i accidentally posted wrong, pls delete this!)

2024-07-06 05:34:20 (Edited 2024-07-06 05:36:59)

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Provie Staff Member she/her
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Reply here to get approval for a custom item, using the following form:

Description of Item Requested:
Self Service or Staff Artist?:
Private or Public:

Please be patient, allow 72 hours for a response, if no response after 72 hours please remind us politely on our discord server!

2022-05-15 21:38:32 (Edited 2022-05-15 21:38:36)

bunnyyteeth Avatar

Description of Item Requested: Round Glasses
Self Service or Staff Artist?: Self Service
Private or Public: Public!

2024-07-06 05:37:05

ChanteRyuutai Avatar
ChanteRyuutai they/them he/him she/her ze/zir

Description of Item Requested: Recolor of Blank Pride Cap item with Diabetes Mellitus pride flag (it's white with a blue circle) + 2 variants (1 saying T1 in the middle of the circle as to represent type 1 Diabetes Mellitus and one with a simple emoji-like blood drop inside the circle)
Self Service or Staff Artist?: Self Service
Private or Public: Public

2024-02-22 11:20:38

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