Pride Month!!!

Pride Month!!!

Category: General Prompts
Ends: 15 July 2024, 23:59:59 CDT (2 days ago)

Earn some bonus treats or pride items during the month of June by drawing some Pride Themed art!


Happy Pride Month! As a special celebration, any Pride themed art created this month will earn a bonus 10 treats, or your choice of item from either Pride Shop (Accessories here / Collectibles here)

Prompt Guidelines
  1. You do not need to own a Puppillars Character to participate, you may draw gift art for other members to earn rewards
    • To see a list of characters who allow gift art, you can search the Masterlist, or click here. Please ask or double check what pride flags apply to characters you draw!
    • If you are drawing gift art, you can also submit it to Chance's Gacha Generosity!
  2. For this prompt, the minimum is one fullbody art peice or 500 words for writing
  3. All art must be submitted to the Pride Art Gallery folder for the year, and submitted to this prompt!
  4. When submitting to this prompt, please add the pride item you want or 10 treats as a reward!


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