Chance's Gacha Generosity

Chance's Gacha Generosity

Category: General Prompts

Submit Gift Art here and earn some bonus Treats, or even Gacha-Pup tokens!


Any and all puppillar gift art for others is eligible for a bonus from Chance himself, to reward you for your kindness! Gift art gets a flat bonus of one roll on our Gift Art Prompt Loot table per Puppillar in the piece, the table has a chance of a prize of 25 Treats, or 1 Gacha Token!

Art Fight Bonus!! For the duration of Art Fight, all Gift Art earns DOUBLE rolls on Chance's Chance! All submssions of giftart made for Puppillar Members will be allowed, even art of non-puppillar characters! When submitting this art, you can use the Art Fight link or another platform, and please include the member's site name! 

Prompt art by Provie


Reward Amount
Chance's Chance! 1