Journal of Rover Wagstaff

Created: 12 January 2023, 11:10:19 CST
Last updated: 22 January 2023, 11:57:30 CST
Journal Entry 1: January 21st 2023
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I am glad that I have started journaling this year, who would have thought that I would be in the midst of such an interesting time in our history! As an academic and a historian focused in magic, the historical record will certainly be improved by the fact that I am able to be a primary source during this time. Even though I do not possess any magical abilities myself, I have studied the history and workings of magic throughout my life, and consider myself to be an expert (well, not to brag, but many others would consider me an expert as well, I assure you). So here I am, even though this is a strange and dangerous time, I am excited to be able to record this time, and potentially be part of the solution in order to get the magic of our world working once again!

This is indeed a strange time, and a dangerous time as well. Magic is so integral to our society, so its no surprise that things have been chaotic, even here in New Barkston where I live near the university. We have made do of course, many puppillars (and snailcats as well) rely on magic for little things, and have had to do things the "hard" way so to speak, but there are also many things that cannot be done without magic. There are a lot of parts of our infrastructure that work with magic, but to thier credit the local government here in New Barkston has really stepped up to make sure everyone stays safe, and many creatures have volunteered to help out with things such as deliveries, directing traffic, or maintaining electricity the non-magic way. Though this is a scary time, it is heartening to see everyone work together!

Now, back onto the matter at hand. Though others at the university have been trying thier best to figure out what is going on with magic, all our experimenting and research has yet to make any progress. I have been helping on the research side, without much to show for it. The archives at the university are vast, perhaps with more time and help we can see if anything from our past can help us with our present situation. 

The university and local government have been doing thier best to keep people calm during this time, though it has been difficult. The issues we are facing are scary indeed, and the university having no answers hasn't helped. The media has been trying to keep everyone informed as well, though some outlets have not been helping the situation by speculating on what the causes could be without any foundation... that Jake Barker has been talking on his broadcasts about the moon of all things, and I'm not sure how well he is vetting all those callers, or if he even is vetting them at all! He has asked me to come on his show, so hopefully that is a silver lining and I can dish out some information that will help people...


More entries coming soon!