Arcane Fauna Guide

Created: 21 May 2023, 22:29:33 CDT
Last updated: 6 April 2024, 18:28:04 CDT



Arcane Fauna are once normal creatures from the continent of Arcanis that have been effected by the magic of the world and have been altered, either in thier own lifetime, or through previous generations passing down the effects of magic. As such, Arcane Fauna can be wildly varied, even those that are related to each other! Since thier discovery, Arcane Fauna have integrated themselves into the greater society of the continent, and can now be found anywhere Puppillars and Snailcats can be found!

Arcane Magic

Arcane Fauna have been deepy effected by the magic of the world, though this only manifests in thier unique features, Arcane Faunas do not naturally have any magical abilities (though like the other species, they can use magic potions to obtain magical abilities). They have a deep connection to the magic of Arcanis, and can often sense or detect magic thanks to this connection. Because magic is a part of what they are, Arcane Fauna also have the unique ability to shed motes of magic, which certain folks around the continent collect or reseach. 

How to obtain an Arcane Fauna

As with our other species, Arcane Fauna can be purchased via adoptables and artist customs, but MYOs are mainly aviailable from Petey's Arcane Emporium, which only accepts the Arcane Mote currency. Arcane Motes can be obtained from currently exisiting Arcane Fauna once per month. If you don't have any Arcane Fauna yet, don't fret, you may find other users trading Arcane Fauna MYOs or donating them to the Donation Shop!


Arcane Fauna only have two traits: Animal Type and Arcane Magic! Animal Type is what kind of animal the Fauna is, and this can include any real creature as well as extinct ones, like Dinosaurs, and mythical creatures like unicorns. Arcane Magic is the type of magic they have been influenced by, which come from the Puppillars special trait families: Aquatic, Elemental, Extras, and Reptile! All of these traits have the same rarity, using the Special Rarity.

A quick summary of the Arcane Magic Traits:

  • Aquatic: Features from any aquatic animal, such as fish fins, shark tails, axolotl gills, etc
  • Elemental: Features from the elements, Water, Fire, Earth (such as crystals/stone), Plants, Light, or Shadow
  • Extras: Features that include extra features that either the animal already has, or added extra features
  • Reptile: Features from any reptillian animal, such as scales, dragon wings, snake tongues, etc.
Designing Your Arcane Fauna

Have fun with designing your Arcane Fauna, this species is very flexible, but here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Arcane Fauna can have multiple features from thier Arcane Magic's special trait family, and can have applicable traits from multiple sources such as multiple elemental traits (ex: fire and plant traits) or multiple extras, but cannot have more than one type of Arcane Magic
  2. Aquatic/Reptillian animals can still have aquatic and reptile traits, they can just have a trait from another type of creature within that family, for example you could have an Axolotl Arcane Fauna with a shark tail, or a lizard with a chameleon tail!
  3. Extras Arcane Faunas must have extra features in multiples if they aren't present in the original animal, for example to have horns as an extras feature on a frog, they must have two sets of horns!

For a complete guide to submitting your MYO, check out our MYO Tutorial!