How to Use Our Site

Created: 12 June 2020, 21:06:22 CDT
Last updated: 20 October 2020, 18:10:14 CDT

A quick guide to Navigating and Lorekeeper


Navigating the site

In general, the main Orange Navigation bar will have all the links you need, and as you explore each area, there will be additiona options on the lefthand side for each section. The best way to start getting a feel for the site is just clicking around and exploring the various links!

  • News - Access all the site News Posts, these posts will detail events, new features, and other info
  • My Stuff - Access all your stuff here, Chracters, MYO Slots, Inventory, Currencies
  • Submissions - Access all the submissions you have pending, including design approvals, claims, and trades!
  • ARPG - Access our ARPG functions, including viewing all open prompts, shops, and more!
  • Browse - Access list of users, characters, and view open raffles!
  • Info - Access our encyclopedia, where you can look at items, traits, and more, as well as our lore
  • Submit - Start a new prompt submission or claim
  • (Your Username) - Access settings, your profile, notifications and more!


Submitting prompts and claims

The main methods of participating in the ARPG are submitting prompts and claims to the website, the main difference being that prompts are submitted under a specific prompt, which are created for this purpose, and claims are for a more generalized submission. Anything requiring a submission will always specify which to do.

Examples of Prompt Submissions:  Treats Queue (which is always there), Event Prompts, Adventuring, and anything with specific art requirements
Examples of Claim Submissions:  Getting a Memento, using an item, requesting an item (with proof of where you earned it)