How to Use Our Site

Created: 12 June 2020, 21:06:22 CDT
Last updated: 25 April 2021, 10:06:10 CDT

A quick guide to Navigating


Navigating the site

In general, the main Orange Navigation bar will have all the links you need, and as you explore each area, there will be additional options on the lefthand side for each section. The best way to start getting a feel for the site is just clicking around and exploring the various links!

  • News - Access all the site News Posts, these posts will detail events, new features, and other info
  • Sales - Access all the current and past adoptable sales here! 
  • Gallery - Browse (and submit to) our art gallery!
  • My Stuff - Access all your stuff here!
    • My Characters - Shows all your characters
    • My Myo Slots - Shows all your MYO slots, you can select MYO slots from here to start the MYO process!
    • Inventory - Shows all your items
    • Bank - Shows all your currencies, you can transfer currencies from this page as well
    • Awards - Shows all your awards
  • Submissions - Access all the submissions you have pending!
    • Prompts - Shows all your pending prompt submissions
    • Claims - Shows all your pending claim submissions
    • My Reports - Shows all your pending bug reports
    • Bug Reports - Shows all currently open bug reports
    • Design Approvals - Shows all your pending designs, both MYOs and Design Updates
    • Character Transfers - Shows any pending character transfers, from here you can accept transfers as well
  • ARPG - Access our ARPG functions!
    • All Prompts - Shows a list of all currently open prompts to participate in
    • Shops - Shows all shops
    • Adventuring - Shows the Adveneturing page with all information on Adventuring and Questing
  • Browse - Access list of users, characters, MYO slots, and view open raffles!
    • Users - Shows a list of all site users
    • Character Masterlist - Shows the Masterlist of all characters
    • MYO Slot Masterlist - Shows all MYO slots
    • Raffles - Shows all current and past raffles
  • Info - Access our encyclopedia, where you can look at items, traits, and more, as well as our lore!
    • Encyclopedia - View the entire Encyclopedia, which has lots of info
    • All Items - View the list of all items
    • All Traits - View the list of all traits
    • All Awards - View the list of all awards
    • Puppillar Basics - View out basic info lore pages, including species guides, and starter guides!
    • ARPG Tutorials - View all our tutorials and step by step guides
    • Lore Entries - View all our lore entries!
  • Submit - Start a new prompt submission or claim!
    • Submit Prompt - Start a new prompt, selecting from a dropdown list
    • Submit Claim - Start a new claim
    • Submit Bug Report - Start a new bug report if you come across any bugs
  • (Your Username) - Access settings, your profile, notifications and more!
    • Profile - View your profile
    • Notifications - View all currently open notofications (useful if you click your notifs but forget to clear them)
    • Bookmarks - View your bookmarks, characters can be bookmarked from the masterlist
    • Settings - View your settings, including updating your profile, change your password and more
    • Logout - Log out of your account


Earning treats and participating in the arpg

Puppillars is an ARPG (Art Roleplaying Game), where members can participate in prompts, activities, and events in order to earn group currencies and items! All art you draw  of your Puppillars characters is eligible to earn treats, and by submitting it to our gallery, you will be given treats depending on the type of art. At various times, there will be activities or events going on that might award bonus treats or special items!

Treats can be used to purchase various items, such as accessories or companions, from our shops, and can even be used to buy rarer items like MYO slots and trait changing items! There are many items on our site, some which have a function, or some that are just fun to collect!

By creating work of your puppillars characters and participating in events and prompts, you can earn fun items!


submitting to the gallery

All art for our ARPG can be submitted to our gallery to be directly displayed on our site! Treat distribution  goes through this as well, so submitting your puppillars art of any kind is highly encouraged so you can get more treats! 

To submit to the Gallery, follow these steps:

  1. Click Gallery on the top bar
  2. Select the gallery you would like to submit to (whichever fits your piece the most!) and click the + sign button to start your submission
  3. Fill out the form, sections detailed below:
    1. Image - Select an image from your computer
    2. Text - This section is for any info you want to pass along to staff, and won't be displayed on the submission once its accepted
    3. Title - Enter a Title for your piece
    4. Description - Enter a description, can be a small story to accompany the piece, or just a small description.
    5. Collaborators - All collabs only need to be submitted once, please add any collaborators in this section so they can get credit as well. There is also a section to fill out who did what part!
    6. Other Participants - Add in any other participants, such as who it is a gift for, or who it was commissioned for. There is also a section for what the participation was!
    7. Character - Add any characters featured in the piece, using the character code from the Masterlist. This will also add the image to the character's on site gallery page!
    8. Hit Submit and then it will be added to the queue for staff to approve!


Submitting prompts and claims

The main methods of participating in activities are submitting prompts and claims to the website, the main difference being that prompts are submitted under a specific prompt, which are created for this purpose, and claims are for a more generalized submission. Anything requiring a submission will always specify which to do.

Examples of Prompt Submissions:  Treats Queue (which is always there), Event Prompts, Adventuring, and anything with specific art requirements
Examples of Claim Submissions:  Getting a Award, using an item, requesting an item (with proof of where you earned it)


The masterlist menu

Each character and MYO Slot has its own entry on our Masterlist, which is displayed as tabs on the left side of the page. Here are what each of these tabs are for!

For Character Masterlist

  • Information - The main page of the masterlist where you can see the character's traits, resale info, and other vital stats
  • Profile - A built in on-site profile, where you can add your character's name, give them a basic or detailed profile, link to an off-site profile, and update the Gift Art/Writing or Trade preferences, which are displayed on the masterlist and are searchable
  • Gallery - View all the art on the site that features this character
  • Inventory - View or make changes to your character's inventory. You can add names to companions here or remove items
  • Bank - View currencies connected to your character (we don't have any features that use this yet)
  • Images - View other Masterlist images, this can include alternate views or old designs
  • Change Log - View any and all changes that the character has gone through, such as changes in traits
  • Ownership History - View any changes in ownership
  • Item Logs - View the history of adding/removing itens from your characters inventory
  • Currency Logs - View the history of currencies (we don't have any features that use this yet)
  • Submissions - View all the submissions that feature this character
  • Edit Profile - Click here to edit your character's profile (can also hit edit from the profile page to reach the edit page)
  • Transfer - If you are trading or giftng your character, click here to start the process. All transfers need staff approval. 
  • Update Design - Click here to start a design update for your character, full tutorial can be found at our Design Update Guide

For MYO Masterlist

  • Profile - MYO slots also have a profile, which you an use for character notes or brainstorming. The notes stay with the character upon MYO subission and approval
  • Change Log - View any and all changes that the MYO slot has gone through, such as changes in traits
  • Ownership History - View any changes in ownership
  • Edit Profile - Click here to edit your MYO slot's profile (can also hit edit from the profile page to reach the edit page)
  • Transfer - If you are trading or giftng your MYO slot, click here to start the process. All transfers need staff approval. 
  • Submit MYO Design - Click here to start the MYO submission process, full tutorial can be found at our MYO Guide