Continent of Arcanis Map

Created: 5 August 2021, 20:09:56 CDT
Last updated: 7 June 2023, 18:43:26 CDT

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The continent of Arcanis is vast and varied, surrounded by a mysterious sea that as of now, there's no record of anyone successfully finding anything beyond the sea.

  • Aquantis: A large city that occupies both the land and the waters nearby, home to a lot of aquatic puppillars and snailcats, Aquantis is the largest city among the islands, great for a vacation or if ou want to live by the sea.
  • Fisher Village: The western islands are filled with smaller fishing communities which provide a lot of the seafood thats imported to the nearby cities
  • Glowshroom Forest: A mysterious but well traversed section of dense forest filled with beautiful glowing mushrooms.
  • Heart Lake: A large lake that one of the major rivers in West Arcanis, Heart Lake is a lovely lake in the waterway area where there's good swimming and good fishing
  • New Barkston: One of the largest cities on the continent, New Barkston is the central hub of West Arcanis. A big, bustling city with anything you'd ever need. Home to the University of New Barkston, the biggest university on Arcanis, as well as Bark Park, the beautiful jewel of the city!
  • North Farms and Flatlands: The region north of New Barkston is home to a rural community among the farms and flatlands, which produces a lot of the fruits and veggies for the region.
  • Patchwork Meadow: Just outside of New Barkston, this flower field stretched quite far and is filled with almost any typre of flower you can think of!
  • Pawburgh: A small town north of New Barkston, right on the river. Pawburgh is quaint but a nice trading hub along the river.
  • Plateau Lake: A Large lake that occupies a large plateau amid the mountains, its a great swimming spot with a wonderful view, and its river feeds into the valley below
  • Plateau Valley: A small city amid the mountains, Plateau valley is surrounded by the natural beauty of both mountains and the beach
  • Seaside Shoals: The seas around the western islands are somewhat calm and shallow, and are home to some smaller communities of aquatic puppillars and snailcats
  • Shellstown: A cute seaside town with a large snailcat population, Shellstown gets a lot of travelers visiting the region on thier way to the islands nearby
  • Spots Glade: The most prominent secret glade settlement in West Arcanis, a large woodland town populated by only puppillars and snailcats.
  • Wanderer's Glade: A welcoming secret glade right along Heart Lake, The Wanderer's Glade is a special glade where any puppillar or snailcat is welcome to settle if they need a home, or just somewhere to stay on thier travels