Continent of Arcanis Map

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Last updated: 4 February 2024, 16:07:49 CST

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The continent of Arcanis is vast and varied, surrounded by a mysterious sea that as of now, there's no record of anyone successfully finding anything beyond the sea.


(all listed in Alphabetical Order)

  • Arcane Cave: After much searching, this cave was discovered with a source pool of magic that fuels Arcanis! While much is still unknown about the cave and its magic, the cave has become a popular spot for researchers and magic users alike.
  • Arcane Cave Town: One of the newest settlements, after the course of the Source of Magic Plot, a town naturally sprung up outside of Arcane Cave, partially because many were interested in studying the cave's magic, and many were interested in making sure the cave and its guardian were well taken care of. The town is rustic, but progess is slowly being made. The population is diverse, though there are many Arcane Fauna who have made thier home there.
  • Arcane Jungle: A large, thick jungle rich with vegetation and exotic plants. There are still some places inside that have not been fully explored
  • Aquantis: A large city that occupies both the land and the waters nearby, home to a lot of aquatic puppillars and snailcats, Aquantis is the largest city among the islands, great for a vacation or if you want to live by the sea.
  • Bay City: Sister city to Swell City, these two cities are very interconnected in the land and sea of Swell Bay.  There's a large population of Aquatics here, both pupps/snails and Arcane Fauna. There's a lot of boating in the bay, and many boats often anchor above the city in order for non-aquatics to visit and trade with the city
  • Center Glade: The most populous secret glade in central Arcanis, its very busy and well travelled, especially with how close it is to other important landmarks
  • Center Plains: A wide open plain in central Arcanis, a lot of farms and small farming communities dot this plain
  • Fisher Village: The western islands are filled with smaller fishing communities which provide a lot of the seafood thats imported to the nearby cities
  • Glowshroom Forest: A mysterious but well traversed section of dense forest filled with beautiful glowing mushrooms.
  • Heart Lake: A large lake that one of the major rivers in West Arcanis, Heart Lake is a lovely lake in the waterway area where there's good swimming and good fishing
  • Lionheart Town: An enclave of Arcane Fauna in the jungle, only recently has its King, King Lionheart, come forward to let the wider world learn about his small kingdom of arcane fauna. Now they trade regularly with the outside and are great allies, especially when it comes to caring for Arcane Cave
  • New Barkston: One of the largest cities on the continent, New Barkston is the central hub of West Arcanis. A big, bustling city with anything you'd ever need. Home to the University of New Barkston, the biggest university on Arcanis, as well as Bark Park, the beautiful jewel of the city!
  • North Farms and Flatlands: The region north of New Barkston is home to a rural community among the farms and flatlands, which produces a lot of the fruits and veggies for the region.
  • Marshlands: An expansive marshland in central Arcanis, there are many small settlements throughout
  • Patchwork Meadow: Just outside of New Barkston, this flower field stretched quite far and is filled with almost any typre of flower you can think of!
  • Pawburgh: A small town north of New Barkston, right on the river. Pawburgh is quaint but a nice trading hub along the river.
  • Plateau Lake: A Large lake that occupies a large plateau amid the mountains, its a great swimming spot with a wonderful view, and its river feeds into the valley below
  • Plateau Valley: A small city amid the mountains, Plateau valley is surrounded by the natural beauty of both mountains and the beach
  • River Glade: A secret glade off the beaten path, River Glade has a decent population but is small and quiet thanks to its location. Many who love the sea and the river live here, fishing and living on the coast
  • Seaside Shoals: The seas around the western islands are somewhat calm and shallow, and are home to some smaller communities of aquatic puppillars and snailcats
  • Shellstown: A cute seaside town with a large snailcat population, Shellstown gets a lot of travelers visiting the region on thier way to the islands nearby
  • Spots Glade: The most prominent secret glade settlement in West Arcanis, a large woodland town populated by only puppillars and snailcats.
  • Starfall Mountains/Starfall Valley: A beautiful mountain range connected to the mountain where Arcane Cave. The mountains, and valley, are named for thier beautiful view of the stars and the annual meteor shower that can be seen there
  • Starfall Village: A picturesque village nestled in the Starfall valley. The village is small and rustic, and many of its residents are quite traditional. The village is home to a well known shrine dedicated to wishes, so there are often many vistors, especially during the Starfall Festival.
  • Swell Bay: A large bay at the center of Arcanis, the waters here are quite gentle, and even though its partially surrounded on the land by marshland, its a popular destination. 
  • Swell City: Sister city to Bay City, these two cities are very interconnected in the land and sea of Swell Bay. The city and the entire island its on is a big tourism destination.
  • Wanderer's Glade: A welcoming secret glade right along Heart Lake, The Wanderer's Glade is a special glade where any puppillar or snailcat is welcome to settle if they need a home, or just somewhere to stay on thier travels
  • Witch Villages: The marshlands are home to many small communities of witches and other magic users, a lot of these villages are quite mysterious, as not many outsiders visit.
  • Westhill: One of the bigger settlements in central Arcanis, Westhill is surrounded on most sides by hills with beautiful hiking.