Magic Research Excerpt 01

Created: 14 June 2020, 15:13:38 CDT
Last updated: 9 July 2021, 19:39:14 CDT

Excerpt from "The world's Magic: Volume 1" by Rover Wagstaff

The Puppillar, both domestic and wild, seem to be a perfect conduit for the magical energy of our world. Though many of the most common puppillars, of which domesticated puppillars mainly belong, only possess faint traces of magic, but many more elaborate, and more magical, puppillars have been well documented. "Legendary" Puppillars have been well documented to be able to use fantastical abilities. Fortunately for the denizens of our world, many of these Puppillars are benevolent, and will often use their abilities to benefit local animals or humans.

As noted by many researchers, puppillar morphology can be highly varied, even something as fundamental as number of limbs can be vastly different between individuals. Though some have suggested that Puppillars with more limbs are a different species completely, it is clear that regardless of the variation, Puppillars have enough in common to be a unified species. It has been speculated that one of the reasons for this variation is the influence of magic, and the fact that the more elaborate the puppillar the more likely it is to have magic, seems to line up with this theory.

Most notably, Puppillars with twelve or more legs, or those possessing fantastical elements such as horns, and features not typically occurring in nature, have higher levels of magic than puppillars with less legs or more average features. Legendary Puppillars, classified by being highly elaborate or with many fantastical features, have a very high concentration of magic, and can often call upon multiple magical abilities.

More common puppillars aren't left out of magical abilities however, it seems that all puppillars have the ability to tap into magical energy, though sometimes they need outside help. Occasionally, magic can help to create more magic, and its been observed that the magic that some individuals possess gives them the ability to instill magical effects in other puppillars.

Magical Effects can be just as varied as puppillar features themselves, Magic is not one size fits all, and from observation it seems that anything is possible, even if it has not yet been observed. As such, for ease of classification, many have relegated Magical abilities into two categories: Mini Magic and Major Magic, a somewhat imperfect system, but one that suits classification for the time being.

Mini Magic includes smaller or simpler magical abilities, including but not limited to, things such as minor changes in a puppillar's appearance (color shifting, glowing body fluids, or limited invisibility), or other abilities that don't drastically affect the world around them (creating/summoning small objects or a small amount of something, affecting the emotions of others, or being able to communicate telepathically). 

Major Magic includes more powerful abilities, or abilities that can potentially be dangerous or greatly affect the world around them. Appearance based abilities include Shapeshifting (which has been well documented with Legendary Puppillars being able to utilize an Illusory form),  but can include other things as well. Powerful abilities such as manipulating weather, controlling elements, or even things such as bending time and space have been observed to be possible. We are very lucky that many puppillars with such abilities have used them for good, rather than harm.