Puppillar Guide

Created: 17 September 2020, 17:22:16 CDT
Last updated: 2 January 2023, 22:08:48 CST



Puppillars are long dogs, with many legs, who bring a magical flair to their world. While Puppillars aren't the only source of magic in the world, they're plentiful and friendly, living in their own societies and easily integrating into human society as well. Puppillars come in many shapes and sizes, and take on many different roles within the world, from gigantic legendary puppillars whom humans worship as gods, to simple six legged Pupps who are happy to live as household pets.


Lots of legs, lots of magic

While many Puppillars are capable of magic, the average Puppillar is the size of a medium dog and has only faint traces of magic. The longer a Puppillar is, the higher chance that it will have a more fantastical appearance and magical abilities, though no one is really sure how the magic works, and even some of the most average looking Puppillars have been known to possess magic.  

Legendary Puppillars are known to have the most fantastic abilities, including the ability to shapeshift in order to blend in better with other Puppillars. Puppillar magical abilities can vary greatly, and are a great way to customize your Pupp!


How to obtain a puppillar

There are numerous ways to obtain your first Puppillar! Adoptables are posted for sale or Offer to Adopt periodically, and MYOs are frequently available for purchase with USD via our Purchase Nuggies Prompt or through our Ko-fi Page. If using real money isn't feasible for you, don't worry, there are always opportunities to buy MYOs using our group currency (treats), or earn adoptables or MYOs by participating in events, raffles, and other activities! Common and Rare MYO coins, as well as a discounted First Time Owner MYO coin, are always available in Apollo's Shop! Custom Puppillars are also available to purchase from staff members at any time, details can be found at our Artist Custom Tutorial.


Trait rarities

Puppillars were created with flexibility in mind! Many of our traits are trait "families" which can include a lot of variation,  meaning that even Common Puppillars have a lot of room for creativity within their design! In general, the rarities are as follows:

  • Common: Dog Traits, any trait that can be found on a real life dog!
  • Rare: Non-Dog Animal Traits,  any trait found in real life animals (excluding reptiles and aquatic animals)
  • Super Rare: Fantasy Traits, any traits that aren't found in the real world! Can be something from fantasy or something made up!
  • Legendary: Go wild! Legendary is a catch all for anything you can imagine, including different legs, tons of legs and/or wings, or whatever is a lil wild for a normal Puppillar!

Puppillars also has a few Special Trait families,  which require special potions. These traits are:

  • Aquatic Traits: Any traits found in aquatic creatures!
  • Elemental Traits: Any traits that use the elements, with the core elements being Air, Earth, Fire, and Water!
  • Extras Traits: Any traits that add extra non-leg features! 
  • Reptile Traits: Any traits found in reptiles!


designing your puppillar

Have fun when designing your Puppillar, we love seeing the levels of creativity in everyone's designs! Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Most trait images have examples, as the traits say on the trait list, anything that falls within that category is fair game!
  2. Each Puppillar MYO comes with one free accessory, additional Accessories can be added using Accessory Slots
  3. Things like colors/patterns, aren't restricted in any way! Have fun!
  4. If you have any specific questions about traits, please ask staff!

For a complete guide to submitting your MYO, check out our MYO Tutorial!