MYO Tutorial

Created: 12 June 2020, 20:03:21 CDT
Last updated: 6 April 2024, 22:18:01 CDT

Welcome to the MYO SLot Guide!


what is a MYO slot?

Make your own slots (abbreviated as MYO) provide the opportunity to design your own Puppillars character to use within the group. All MYO slots must be obtained officially through the group in order to be used and must be approved by staff before they are accepted, following the trait guidelines depending on the rarity level of the slot and any add-ons.


How do I obtain a MYO slot?

All MYO slots must be obtained officially through the group, either via a MYO sale, a MYO event, or through the ARPG. Whenever MYO slots are available via a sale or ARPG activity, it will be clearly stated in a News Post or available in a shop for purchase, in addition,  some MYOs are available for purchase for Real Life Currency through The Nuggie Shack, using our premium currency, Nuggies. 

Some MYOs are also available for our group currency (treats), and can be purchased at Apollo's General Store, including First Time Owner Puppillar MYOs, which are a Common MYO with a special discount that each account can buy once, and the Free Snailcat MYO, which each account can get once for free! Arcane Fauna MYOs can be purchased from Petey's Arcane Emporium using Arcane Motes.


what kind of MYO slots are there?

All MYO slots are by trait rarity. As traits get rarer, the availability of the associated MYO slot will be slightly rarer to keep things balanced. The types are as follows:

  • Puppillar MYO Slots
    • Common MYO - Can use only Common Traits
    • Rare MYO - Can use Common and Rare Traits
    • Super Rare MYO - Can use Common, Rare, and Super Rare Traits. Super Rare MYOs also inlcude one Mini Magic abaility
    • Legendary MYO - A very rare and special MYO, can use Common, Rare, Super Rare, and Legendary traits. All Legendary MYOs include one Major Magic ability (not counting illusory form shapeshifting for Legendary Puppillars). Legendary Puppillar MYOs also include an alternate form for your Legendary MYO, an Illusory Form, along with the accompanying Major Magic for shapeshifting between the forms.
  • Snailcat MYO Slots
    • Common MYO - Can use only the common shell traits
    • Rare MYO - Can use rare shell traits
    • Super Rare MYO - Can use super rare shell traits
    • Legendary MYO - Can use legendary shell traits
  • Arcane Fauna MYO Slots
    • Aquatic Arcane MYO - Can use Aquatic Arcane features
    • Elemental Arcane MYO - Can use Elemental Arcane features
    • Extras Arcane MYO - Can use Extras Arcane Features
    • Reptile Arcane MYO - Can use Reptile Arcane Features
  • All MYOs also come with one free Accessory which can be added to your MYO Design

For MYO submissions, you can also add-on certain items to change or upgrade traits:

  • Aquatic Special Potion - Puppillars Only, Allows the use of Aquatic Special Traits
  • Elemental Special Potion - Puppillars Only, Allows the use of Elemental Special Traits
  • Extras Special Potion - Puppillars Only,  Allows the use of Extras Special Traits
  • Reptile Special Potion - Puppillars Only,  Allows the use of Reptile Special Traits
  • Upgrade Ticket - Puppillars Only, Allows the use of One Higher Level trait on a MYO (example: used with a Common MYO, will allow you to use one Rare trait)
  • Accessory Slot - Allows additional accessories beyond the first
  • Mini Magic Potion - Allows one Mini Magic Ability
  • Major Magic Potion - Allows one Major Magic Ability
  • Transfiguration Magic Potion - Allows one Transfiguration Magic Ability


How much do MYO slots cost?

MYO slots can be earned without real money through our ARPG, but are also available buy purchasing our premium currency Nuggies and spending them at The Nuggie Shack, pricing is as follows:

  • Common Puppillar MYO - $5
  • Rare Puppillar MYO - $10
  • Super Puppillar Rare MYO - $15
  • Legendary Puppillar MYO - $25
  • Common Snailcat MYO - $5
  • Rare Snailcat MYO - $10
  • Super Rare Snailcat MYO - $15
  • Legendary Snailcat MYO - $20
  • Arcane Fauna MYO (all types) - $10


Do I need to design/draw my own MYO?

If you do not want to design your MYO, or want help, you may have another user design your MYO, or purchase an unofficial design, or obtain a design and convert it into a Puppillar (as long as you have permission for the artist to do so). Members may sell, trade, or gift unofficial Puppillar designs, as long as it it clearly stated that the design is unofficial and that it does not come with a MYO slot. If you use a MYO on a design you did not create, you must credit the user who created the design for you, even if it is re-drawn. If you made tweaks/changes you may indicate so, for example by saying "Original design by USERNAME, edits by me".

If you would like official MYO help from a Puppillars staff artist, consider an Official Custom, official customs don't need a MYO slot, but artists may give a discount if you wish to use a MYO slot for a custom, at the artist's discretion.

If you do not want to make art completely from scatch for your MYO, we also have some free to use bases for our members. Any of these bases can be used for masterlist art!


How do I submit my myo?
  1. Start by obtaining your MYO, either via a sale or through the ARPG
    1. If you have a MYO Coin item in your inventory, you must first convert it into a MYO slot, to do so, simply click it in yor inventory and select the use function!
  2. Once you have your MYO slot, go to My MYO Slots (under My Stuff), select the MYO slot you would like to work on, and then click "Submit MYO Slot" on the left menu, click "Start Request" to begin. Once you have started your request, it stays as a draft until you submit it, so you may take all the time you need to work on it.
  3. Work on your draft! There are Four Sections for you to complete, each section must be saved before you can submit your request, even if there is nothing for the section, you must still save it so you can submit. You don't have to finish it all at once, and progress will be saved as long as you hit save on the section!
    1. Comments - These are optional, but if there is anything you think the staff should know, it goes here. You can use this section to write out what you are using your add-ons for, if applicable
      1. Comments are also where you can add extra images, such as Alternate Forms for Legendary Puppillars, or Images with/without accessories. For these, please clearly state what the image is and link to the image in the comment area!
      2. If you purchased your MYO for Nuggies/USD please note so in the comments so we can give your character the appropriate resale price!
    2. Masterlist Image - Upload the main image for your MYO here, and fill in designer and artist credit. 
      1. All images must have a transparent background. If you are unable to create a transparent image, please contact staff and we can make it transparent for you
      2. For on-site artists, simply select the name from the drop down boxes, for offsite artists please add the artist's preferred credit URL to the  Designer/Artist URL boxes!
      3. If you need to update your image, reminder that ou may need to do a "hard refresh" on your device to see the updated image
    3. Add-ons -  Select any add-on items for your design from your inventory or bank
    4. Traits - Select the Species type and Rarity, and then add in your Puppillar's traits
  4. Once you have completed the draft, submit it and it will join the MYO Queue, staff members will review it, if there are any issues they will cancel the submission and include why, any errors can be fixed and the MYO can be resubmitted
  5. After your design is approved you can submit it to the Approved Designs Gallery so you can earn treats for the art!